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Apr 27, 2020

The “outside-the-body” dosha of all seven celebrities who died by new coronavirus infection has been found to be “kapha dosha”! – The new coronavirus disease is caused by an increase in kapha dosha

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The “outside-the-body” dosha of all seven celebrities who died by new coronavirus infection has been found to be “kapha dosha”! – The new coronavirus disease is caused by an increase in kapha dosha
I have found something interesting about “the new coronavirus.” Ayurveda has the Tridosha theory. According to it, all living beings have three elements of Vata (wind, motion energy), Pitta (bile or heat, conversion energy) and Kapha (mucus or sputum, binding energy) and they control all physiological functions of the body.”

Humans have different strength in each dosha, which is revealed as difference in character or constitution. There are three types of constitution: “Vata type”, “Pitta type” and “Kapha type.” Difference depends on which dosha stands out most. You can find your dosha type on this site* where “diagnosis of dosha types” is available.

(*Editor has replaced author's original link with the equivalent in English.)

As a matter of fact, there are four types of dosha that correspond to the four chakra systems of outside the body, body surface, nerve plexus and spinal cord. Dosha of outside the body and body surface is related to physical body, while dosha of nerve plexus and spinal cord is related to emotion and mind.

Each check item in constitution check written in the above-mentioned “diagnosis of dosha types” corresponds to “outside the body” dosha. On this website, “psychological characteristics” of each physical type are also written, which correspond to the “body surface” dosha.

Imbalance in the “outside the body” dosha is often seen in acute disease while that in the “body surface” dosha is often seen in chronicle disease. Psychological or mental disease is caused by disorder in “nerve plexus” and “spinal cord” dosha. You will be able to easily check out these “four dosha types” by studying the Oriental Medicine Seminar.

Well, I’d like to talk about the main theme here. The “new coronavirus disease” seems to be caused by an increase in Kapha dosha. After examining the people who died as a result of the new coronavirus infection, who are introduced in the article of “New coronavirus infected VIPs and celebrities” below, I have found that all of the seven people were “Kapha type” for the “outside the body” dosha .

As for the “body surface” dosha, however, all of them are not of “Kapha type.” For example, the “body surface” dosha of Mr. Donato Sabia is “Pitta.” However, Ken Shimura’s “body surface” dosha is “Vata.”

The dosha of most of the VIPs described in the original source of the article were “Kapha” type for the “body surface” dosha. Judging from these facts, it seems to me that“Kapha type” people tend to develop severe symptoms. Judging from this, it is likely that people who are not “Kapha type” for the “outside the body” and “body surface” will have no symptoms.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 17, 2020
Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type ore in red letters.
English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: JIJI.COM– April 17, 2020
VIPs and celebrities who died of the new coronavirus infection


Former Italian Olympic athlete dies of new coronavirus infection (April 8 at 22:27)
The Italian Athletic Association (FIDAL, Federazione Italiana Atletica Leggera) announce on 8 that Mr. Donato Sabia) announced on 8 that Mr. Donato Sabia, who had participated in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 and Soul Olympics in 1988. He was 56. Mr. Sabia moved into final in both Games; finishing 5th and 7th, respectively.

Mr. John Brian Harley, an American singer, dies of new coronavirus infection(April 8 14:17) 
Mr. John Brian, an American folk singer, died on 7 from complications for the coronavirus at a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 73. He was hospitalized on March 26 with coronavirus symptoms.


Mr. Tom Dempsey, former NFL player born with no toes, dies of new coronavirus infection(April 6 11:36)
The National Football League (NFL) for the New Orleans Saints announced on 5 that Mr. Tom Dempsey, former NFL placekicker, who was born with no toes on his right foot and no fingers on his right hand, died on April 4. He was 73.

Mr. Sergio Rossi, globally famous shoe designer, dies from Covid-19 (April 3 23:00)
Mr. Sergio Rossi, globally famous Italian shoe designer, died at a hospital in Cesena, northern Italy at the age of 85. The French newspaper Parisian reported on 3 that he had been hospitalized for a few days after being infected with the new coronavirus.


Mr. Ken Shimura dies aged 70 from Covid-19; He worked in good health before being hospitalized – Member of the Drifters, Famous for the comedy character Baka Tonosama (stupid lord) (March 30 17:19)
Mr. Ken Shimura (real name: Yasunori Shimura) who was a member of popular comedy group The Drifters, and had been active as a national comedian and talent, died at a hospital in Tokyo on 29 at 11:10 p.m. He was 70.

Former president of Real Madrid dies after being hospitalized for contracting Covid-19 – Football (March22 10:02)
Real Madrid, a Spanish professional football club, announced on 21 that former president Lorenzo Sang had died. He was 76. According to AFP, Mr. Sang had been hospitalized for contracting the new coronavirus.


Famous architect dies of new coronavirus pneumonia in Italy (March 15 23:22)
According to Italian media, Mr. Vittorio Gregotti, an Italian architect, who designed the 1992 Barcherona Olympic stadium, died of the new coronavirus pneumonia on 15, at the age of 92.
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