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Mar 4, 2020

Video inferring what is happening in Wuhan – The reason why Xi Jinping marshalled large forces of seven military units in Wuhan

image: Author:Narendra_Modi [CC BY-SA] & Pexels
Video inferring what is happening in Wuhan – The reason why Xi Jinping marshalled large forces of seven military units in Wuhan

How about delivering the “Mantra of Love” to Wuhan?

May God bless Wuhan!
May justice be done!

Anonymous reader
A terrifying video was introduced on this blog dated February 24, about which Mr. Takeshita made a comment: “The last video is so terrifying that I think it is one of things the Chinese central government does not want to be known to the world the most. I only knew that Wuhan is in an unusual situation.

Yesterday a reader sent a video below to us. We introduce the video here because we judge that it can explain the situation. If it is the fact, the situation in Wuhan is pretty gruesome.

It is said that Mr. Kenryo Rin, a physician from Taiwan, explains about the situation.
A brief summary of what he says in the video is as follows:

Following Wuhan, lockdowns on Shanghai and Beijing have been imposed.
According to the latest information, an army was equipped in Wuhan.
Not just military medical units.
On February 13, according to the instruction of Xi Jinping, seven forces of ground force,
Air force, navy, rocket force, strategic support force, security assistance force, strategic support force and armed policewere dispatched.
According to the site, strategic support force is medical experts. But they are actually cyber unit.
Rocket force and cyber force basically never go to the war fronts. These forces do not have big medical organizations like ground force. Why were they dispatched? Overall, it was not only medical staff but others who were dispatched.If medical staff is needed, it is enough to dispatch only ground force with the biggest hospital and strategic support force.Nevertheless, almost all Chinese forces have been mobilized.Wuhan is just a city, but why do they need seven military branches?(Incidentally, rocket force is strategic missile force.)The purpose is to put 11 million people in Wuhan under military control and contain all.
Since they can’t afford to treat people infected with coronavirus, they are going to abandon 11 million people and control riots.
Cyber unit aims to interrupt information.
Rocket unit, cyber unit and logistics support troops have been newly created and we can say that they are Xi Jinping’s private army or bodyguards. They are troops monitored by military (barrier troops).
Recently the leader of Hubei Province and three leaders of Wuhan City have been replaced with Xi Jinping’s aides. It is said that elected people are so cruel. It seems that he dispatched them to contain Wuhan.

Judging from the composition and personnel of seven forces as well as the selection of the leader of Hubei Province and three leaders of Wuhan City, the army is supposed to engage in the following three jobs.

*military control so that people cannot go out
*transportation and incineration of dead bodies
*control of people who resist or give out information outside

At the end of the video, Mr. Kenryo Rin talked about the situation where Xi Jinping’s power base is shaking.
After knowing all of these things, I was deeply moved by the comment of the reader who is kind enough to have provided the information.

Manoji, chief-in-editor
February 27, 2020

Distributed by YouTube – February 17, 2020 –

[Breaking news on New Coronavirus 2] Why were rocket units and cyber units dispatched to lockdown cities? Why did he replace the mayor? (The truth of new coronavirus never reported by TV) * photographed on February 16

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