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Mar 30, 2020

[Emergency Situation Caused by New Coronavirus] Prime Minister Frederiksen answers questions from children in Denmark – Even children are treated as individual citizens

image: Author:Rune Johansen [CC BY-SA] & Wikipedia [Public Domain] & Pixabay
[Emergency Situation Caused by New Coronavirus] Prime Minister Frederiksen answers questions from children in Denmark – Even children are treated as individual citizens
Danish female prime minister, 41, personally gives an explanation for answers in a children’s program.
She says that she has been interested in politics since she was seven years old.   
How wonderful it is to be interested in politics since childhood!
It is unimaginable in one country.

DFR, reader
It became a topic of conversation that a 41-year-old woman, Ms. Mette Frederiksen, became a prime minister in Denmark last year. She seems to have quickly made a decision and moved into action in the event of emergency situations of the new coronavirus outbreak. At the time when 800 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Denmark on March 13, the Frederiksen administration took measures to close schools and public facilities for two weeks, restrict logistics and put a restriction to get into and out of the country.

Even in these circumstances, she had an opportunity to answer directly the questions about the coronavirus from children in a video form. Their honest questions were not childish but rather shared by adults. Prime Minister Frederiksen’s answers were easily understood by children but also important, which were very helpful to adults, too. It seems that each child was allowed only 2 minutes for question, but when just reading Q and A shown below, I feel that her answer helped reduce the anxiety of each child who was forced to stay at home. I also understand that even children are treated as the people of the country. From her way of answering, it seems safe to spend some time outside in sunny weather or the government seems to definitely answer the facts though there is something they don’t know. I feel as if I can hear a child joyfully say that the prime minister celebrates her birthday though it’s not fun to be unable to celebrate her birthday together with her friends.

According to the original article, Denmark is characterized as a country where “children are never made fool of or ignored solely because of kids and they are accepted as individuals and treated seriously. Perhaps “every children is also respected as a citizen making a country” in daily life. It seems that the basics of childrearing, which we can learn in a series of lectures streamed on the Internet, are practiced in Denmark.

On the other hand, our country was an absolutely underdeveloped country where even adults are not treated as citizens and handled as test samples to collect data without gaining correct information.

Manoji, chief-in-editor
March 23, 2020

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Distributed by Twitter
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: HYGERRIG-NEWS!–March 14, 2020 –
“Press Conference” by Danish Prime Minister for children on coronavirus 

Ema (12 years old)
Can I go out even during coronavirus quarantine?

PM Frederiksen
You can go out, but rather please go out. For example, it is very good to take a walk in the forest or in nature. However, remember to keep away from each other.

Mary (13 years old)
Is it likely that the quarantine period (currently set for two weeks) will be longer?

PM Frederiksen
We cannot give a definite answer now, but we will tell you, your children and your school teachers as soon as we know.

Yury (11)
If my grandma gets infected, will she die?

PM Frederiksen
You don’t need to be afraid, but please take care of people around you, especially the elderly and help each other.

Paura (13)
Next Wednesday I’m going to have a birthday party outdoors together with my four friends (whose birthdays are close to mine) by inviting 22 other friends. Can I do that? Or should I cancel it?

PM Frederiksen
First of all, Happy Birthday! You are planning to invite 22 people. Sorry to say, but 22 people are too many to get together at once. I recommend that you put off a birthday party.

Andreas (reporter of children’s news program)
If you get infected, what would you do?

PM Frederiksen
It is possible that I will get infected. In that case, I’m going to do my job as prime minister while I self-quarantine. (while staying at home)

<The rest is omitted>

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