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Dec 2, 2019

A quantum state changes not by being observed by humans, but by quantum’s recognition of being observed – Substance such as particle has mind and consciousness

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A quantum state changes not by being observed by humans, but by quantum’s recognition of being observed – Substance such as particle has mind and consciousness
According to the TOCANA article below, the quantum experiment showed that “objective reality does not exist.” Even after reading the reference source of the article, I don’t understand what the experiments talks about.

Quantum mechanics considers that “before quantum is observed, …  in the state of superposition” and the state is determined by observation by humans. It seems to me that this is a ridiculous idea.

Physicians overlook the fact that substances such as particles have mind and consciousness. In my view, a quantum state changes not by being observed but it changes by quantum’s recognition of being observed.

For example, human attitudes will change while being shot. This is because the person is conscious about “being seen.” When a person is being shot, the person behaves naturally if he/she is unaware of being shot but changes the attitude at the moment when recognizing of being seen. This can be easily imagined. 

In short, the person who shoots and observes the other party does not cause the change in his/her attitude or consciousness but the person seen changes the attitude by recognizing of being seen. This is natural. My idea is that this happens at the quantum level.

In this sense, we cannot say yes or no about the question of “the world exists without humans?” That’s because beings with consciousness are not limited to humans and furthermore, every being is inseparably connected to the world and there are no individual that can be separated from the world. .

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 24, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: TOCANA– November 19, 2019 –

[Serious story] “As expected, objective reality does not exist” “Multiple realities exist” – The latest study posted in a leading science magazine “Science” is interesting!

It has been scientifically proved that objective reality does not exist.

“Does the world exist without humans?” “Realism” answers YES to this question, while “idealism” denies the question and answers NO. Realism fits more in with commonsense. Even if humanity should perish at this moment, the movement of the sun and the moon unchangeably continues. However, quantum mechanics appeared in the 20th century and it drastically reversed this simple trust to objectivity. And this year an experiment based on quantum mechanics was conducted to prove that “objective reality does not exist.” 
In 1961, Eugene Wigner, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, conducted a strange thought experiment related to quantum theory called “Wigner’s friend.” It is as follows:
Wigner’s friend measures the spin direction of quantum in the laboratory; whether rotation axis is vertical or horizontal. Before quantum is observed, it is in superposition state, which means that it is likely to rotate vertically or horizontally. Therefore, for Wigner who is at home away from the laboratory, it is possible that the quantum in the laboratory will rotate vertically or horizontally. Let’s say that Wigner’s friend who finished the experiment told Wigner over the phone: “the experiment was over.” At this time, the quantum spin direction is determined for Wigner’s friend, but for Wigner, quantum superposition is the fact and no measurement is made (unless the friend reports the result). So, Wigner experiences the paradox that this quantum has two realities. 
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