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Nov 30, 2019

Cabinet Secretariat/Cabinet Office never makes final approval on “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” and guests are invited unchecked – Even former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi is invited

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Cabinet Secretariat/Cabinet Office never makes final approval on “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” and guests are invited unchecked – Even former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi is invited
The “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” has too many problems and no article has caught up with it. At first, we felt that it is the event to see (Shinzo Abe’s) shills, but another problem of “*Cherry Blossoms Blizzard Viewing Party” has also come out.

According to Shimbun Akahata, it has been revealed that Cabinet Secretary/Cabinet Office has not made final approval and “guests were invited unchecked.”

According to FRIDAY, Mr. Yoshifumi, Shinzawa, former yakuza gangster and currently a town councillor of Takatori Town, Nara Prefecture, gives an interview for the magazine. We can see a picture of Mr. Shinzawa and Abepyon together in the article of Ashura

I was surprised at the part of red bold-faced type in the second article. According to Mr. Shinzawa, he went to the party reception desk without an invitation letter but “he was able to participate to the party unchecked. And he received an invitation letter this year.” I wonder if it means that there was a list of guests who participated to the party on that day. It seems to me that the truth is that Communist Party member Toru Miyamoto requested Cabinet Office to provide documents and the Office shredded them in a hurry.

I have already introduced the first tweet below. But to be honest, when I saw the tweet, I had doubt about the picture. Because as shown in the second picture, I thought the person in problem was a man in the center of the picture, who was put a yellow ring around. However, as the leftmost man was cut out and the two men resembled a lot, I introduced the man as mentioned in the first tweet. I think that there are some people who share the same opinion.

I don’t know who is shaking hands with Chief Cabinet Secretariat Kan because I’m not a Facebook user. If he is an entertainer, he would see the end of his life just  
If he were an entertainer, the mere leakage of the picture of Chief Cabinet Secretariat together would be the end of him.

The fact that there exists such a picture proves that the government has loose security check. This situation makes us think whether they can protect prime minister’s life. However, as we can see in “**Kechitte Kaenbin”, Abepyon would be always all right because he is in a position to ask them to do anything. 

*It alludes the fact that a yakuza, who is supposed to have a tattoo of flowering sakura on his shoulder” participated in the party.
** This hashtag indicates that Mr. Shinzo Abe has had a close connection to Yakuza organized crime group.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 23, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-typed face or in red letters

English translation of a Japanese article: The AKAHATA −November 23, 2019 –

Allegations over “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party”   No “final approval” of the list of guests allotted to Prime Minister 
Guests invited practically unchecked
Cabinet Secretariat admits in hearing jointly participated by opposition parties

It has been found that Cabinet Secretariat and Cabinet Office never gave “final approval” when finalizing the “list of guests”based on the “list of recommenders” sent by the Abe office and the LDP.
An opposition lawmaker asked a question “Did Cabinet Secretariat/Cabinet Office get involved in make judgement or decision to finalize the list?” the person in charge of Cabinet Secretariat repeated “We check and finalize it. We never make final approval of it.” Although name, address and job title are supposed to be checked, the person in charge clearly stated: “it is likely that some guests never write job title (in the list of recommendations.”
In the Upper House Cabinet Committee on 21, Tomoko Tamura, a member of Japanese Communist Party, revealed that the Shinzo Abe Supporters Association had sent confirmation letters to the participants before Cabinet Office sent invitation cards to them. This supports the fact that there was no “final approval” and that guests were invited unchecked. 
<The rest is omitted>

English translation of a Japanese article: YAHOO JAPAN News– November 22, 2019 FRIDAY digital

Even former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi was invited to “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by Prime Minister Abe

Even the person who was unlikely to be invited was among 18,000 participants in this year’sCherry Blossom Viewing Party.” 

“It is a man named Yoshifumi Shinzawa (52). He is a town council of Takatori Town, Nara Prefecture but he is originally a member of the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza organization-affiliated group. He has a criminal record. Such a person blatantly participated in the party and took the picture of PM Abe and his wife together. He posts the picture on his Facebook and boats of it. I’m surprised at it.” (A person involved in Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi)
Town councillor Shinzawa got interview for our site and simply admitted that he was a former yakuza member.

“I was enrolled in the Yakuza organization from around 1986.  <snip>  Now I have made a honest living since I left the group    <snip> .I participated in the party not only this year but last year. When I attended a study meeting where LDP-affiliated Diet members participated, a member invited me to participate in the cherry blossom viewing party. Although I had no invitation letter last year, I was able to attend to the reception without any check. And this year I got an invitation letter. That’s the whole story.”
<The rest is omitted>

Distributed by Twitter

To the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by PM Abe, even a former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi was invited (FRIDAY)

What is anti-Yamaguchi-gumi “#Kudou-kai”?

To the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by PM Abe, even a former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi was invited
“Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” has become a problem in that PM Abe’s local support group members were invited to the party, which is use of tax for personal gain. …
The following testimony is more important than whether he is a former anti-social element.

“I participated in the party not only this year but also last year. I participated in a study session where representatives from LDP got together. And I was invited by one of the members to participate in the party. Although I had no invitation letter, I was allowed to join the party without any check. This year, I received an invitation letter.

Kotatsuneko @sangituyama
To the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by PM Abe, even a former gangster of Yamaguchi-gumi was invited
Danshiro Tatekawa
Half a year ago, a number of entertainers were practically expelled from the entertainment world for the reason that they participated in a party organized by anti-social forces. It has been revealed this time again that a member of anti-social forces participated in “cherry blossom viewing party” hosted by Prime Minister and provided with free food and drink. But Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga insists “I don’t know.” That’s right. He said: “We have destroyed the list of participants.” But is it acceptable?
Utsumi Shihimbun
I am Sugaemon. PM Abe and I invited a gangster to Cherry Blossom Viewing party
The original tweet seems to have been cut out of leftmost of the picture.
This is it?
They are alike.
We can see him tattooed.
This is it!
Everybody else is just a shit.

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