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Oct 30, 2019

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanisih 51 - Name changes of Harukana-uchuno-hikarino-mikoto and Harukana-uchuno-hikarino-himemiko

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanisih 51 - Name changes of Harukana-uchuno-hikarino-mikoto and Harukana-uchuno-hikarino-himemiko
I received a fax from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. She told me that my name has changed again. I just want to let you know about it.

My name and Asako’s name has changed to “Takaki-mikurano-mikoto” and “Takaki-mikurano-himemiko,” respectively. After checking out these new names, I realized it is exactly true.

As a matter of fact, on this day I was extremely tired though I didn’t know why.  I thought it was probably because I had been busy preparing for making a recording of a lecture on video. After reading the fax from Mrs. Nakanishi, I realized the reason. As a matter of the fact, I have felt some physical changes since the enthronement ceremony day. I feel different energy I have never felt before.

A full-scale “Reformation of Heavenly World” started in 2007. At that time my name was “正真真神.” According to a psychic who let me know this name, the name was read as “Shoushin-makotonaru-kami.” Subsequently, I reported that my name changed to “Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami” and then to “Takaki-uchuno-hikarino-mikoto,” about which I reported in the article dated May 3, 2015. This name changed to “Harukana-uchuno-hikarino-mikoto” on January 1, 2017.

Mrs. Nakanishi had already let me know that although my name was “Shoushin-makotonaru-kami” when the Reformation started, the name before the Reformation was “正真神”in Chinese characters. Therefore, in the above-mentioned comment on January 1, 2017, I put furiganaof “Shoushinnaru-kami” to this name to indicate its pronunciation but I have realized it was wrong.

Correct reading seems to be “Makotono-kami.” According to Mrs. Nakanishi, this is the name when I descended to the Sirius System from Creator God of Love Fifth System 450 million years ago. So it turns out that my name had been “Makotono-kami” for 450 million years.

If so, I think that the name of Asako who descended together with me would be “正真皇女(Makotono-himemiko)”in Chinese characters. She is described in Hotsumatutaeas Ironouehime-asako, one of the twelve wives of Amaterasu-omikami. 

According to Mrs. Nakanishi, when she met me in the Reformation of Heavenly World and became my wife, her name changed to “Kagayakiwataru-ureshikimiya-himemiko.” Subsequently, at the same time as my name changed, her name changed to “Takakiuchuno-hikarino-himemiko”, “Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko” and “Takakimikurano-himemiko” this time.

Incidentally, the goddess of the Central Sun of the Universe, who sends light to the earth, refers to herself as “Takakiuchuno-hikarino-himemiko.”

I predict that my name will change again at least one more time in or around 2022.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 24, 2019

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 51

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: October 22, 2019>

Belatedly, I’d like to let you know that after checking out your names before the Reformation of Heavenly World in 2007, I have found your names were as follows:

The name when you descended from Love Creation God Fifth System to the Sirius System:
The name of goddess “Asako”

It seemed to me that the word “makotono” sounds like an adjective which modifies “kami” or “himemiko” and I contacted akashic records about it many times, but no name as proper name appeared.

Surprisingly, I realized that at the same time as the new emperor ascended to the throne yesterday, the names of both of you changed to new ones.

From Harukanauchuno-hikarino-mikoto
To “Takaki-mikurano-mikoto”
From Harukanauchuno-hikarino-himemiko
To “Takaki-mikurano-himemiko”

Yesterday I had seen the emperor and the empress go up to Takaki-mikura or the thrones. Therefore, when I knew that the names of both of you start with “Takaki-mikura,” I strongly felt synchronicity. 
More surprisingly, your names changed at the same time as the enthronement ceremony started.       

Just to be sure, I checked out your vibrations with your previous names but the vibrations had already disappeared. And when I checked out your vibrations with new names, I felt extremely strong energy rise up.

These names were taught by access to akashic records.
I am not sure if this information is correct. Please fully examine it.

Seiko Nakanishi

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