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Sep 25, 2019

Thought of Cobra Resistance Movement (RM) based on theosophy – Initiations and evolutionary levels

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Thought of Cobra Resistance Movement (RM) based on theosophy – Initiations and evolutionary levels
Please read the article below, and you will understand that the thought of Cobra Resistance Movement (RM) is based on theosophy. Due to a copyright issue, I keep quotations at a minimum. If you are interested, please read the reference source.

According to a concept in theosophy, there are nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through. This is correct.

Please see the table in System of Heavenly World 1. We belong to the First System Earthly Deity Fifth Level (which belongs to the fourth dimension). The evolutionary level of those who belong to this level is more than 0 and less than 10. When they reach evolutionary level of 10.0 or higher, they inevitably belong to higher level or system.

In theosophy, the initiation level is divided as shown in the article: First initiation ("birth"), Second initiation (“baptism”), Third initiation ("the transfiguration"), Fourth initiation ("the crucifixion"), Fifth initiation ("the resurrection") and Sixth initiation ("the ascension"). The initiation level corresponds to the evolutionary level. This information is described in detail in books by Mr. Benjamin Creme.

The article states that “an individual reaching the fourth initiation achieves enlightenment and has no need to be reincarnated after that.” This is wrong. Enlightenment can occur at any level of initiation. Liberation is far away for merely the level of fourth initiation. 

To give a specific example, Helena Blavatsky died after she achieved the fourth initiation but she has been reincarnated now. Mataji, wife (not elder sister) of Mahavatar Babaji and Shirdi Saibaba are Masters (evolutionary level 5.0 or higher) and they have been reincarnated. The level where you don’t have to be reincarnated in physical form is “liberation.” This has nothing to do with evolutionary level. There is no one except for me on this planet who knows how to achieve liberation in the true sense.

The article states that the beings reaching the fifth initiation are the Ascended Masters, but Mr. Benjamin Creme calls the sixth initiation the level of the ascension. In other words, I think that the fifth initiation is the level of Master and the sixth initiation is the level of Ascended Master.

According to the article, the Lords of the Seven Rays are leading Ascended Masters. This is wrong. None of these people has reached evolutionary level of 6.0 as of New Year’s Day 2007, when the reformation of heavenly world started.

As for beyond the 7th initiation, what is explained there is wrong. World Teacher Maitreya has not reached the evolutionary level of 7 as of New Year’s Day 2007. The evolutionary levels for Eighth and Ninth Initiations are also wrong. Eighth initiation corresponds to the level of the Lord of World. Ninth initiation is the level of what theosophy says the “Silent Watcher.” As of New Year’s Day 2007, the Lord of the World was Sanat Kumara and the Silent Watcher was Sanaka.

Tenth initiation is not Planet Logos. As I have already told, it is Hanatachibanano-himemiko (aka Saotome)who owns our Earth as the body. In the article dated June 14, 2019, I wrote down the “date and time when the goddess raised her vibrations.” Please read the article, and you can see that her evolutionary level was 184 before New Year’s Day 2014.

Please see the part of Stellar Deity (the eighth table) in System of Heavenly World 10.You can see that the dimension First System Fifth Level stellar deity belongs to is the 184th dimension. In this way, from the dimension each deity belongs to, which is described in the table, we can learn approximate evolutionary levels of deities from all Systems all Levels.  

Please read the reference source below, and you will find the description which says “Perhaps several dozen or a couple of hundred of levels above the Solar Logos would be the Galactic Logos.” Please see the Galactic Deities in the before-mentioned table. You can understand that First System Galactic Deity Fifth Level belongs to the 604th dimension. Therefore, you can understand that any galactic deity should have the evolutionary level of at least 604 or higher.

As described above, the concept of theosophy is very narrow and has many errors. I’m going to correct all errors of theosophy in video lecture series of religious science, intermediate course, delivered on the Internet. I hope that aliens who are here on Earth will study what I say in these lecture series and have correct view of the world. 

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 18, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

An excerpt from a Japanese article: ADAMANTINE– August 29, 2018 –

Reprinted from NOGI

*I have partially translated and summarized the article “Initiation (theosophy) – Wikipedia” introduced in “Planetary Ascension Process” dated July 17, 2018

*Note: Only this sentence is translated by Shanti-phula.


Initiation (Theosophy)
August 28, 2018

Initiation is a concept in Theosophy that there are nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can progress upward through. <snip> 
It is believed that when souls have advanced to the fourth level of initiation, they have reached enlightenment and have no further need to reincarnate. 
First initiation ("birth" to the spiritual life)
Second initiation ("baptism")
Third initiation ("the transfiguration")
Fourth initiation ("the crucifixion")
An individual reaching the fourth initiation is known as the perfected one, or an Arhat (Pali) or a Paramahamsa (Sanskrit).
Fifth initiation ("the resurrection")
The fifth initiation, beings designated in Theosophy as Masters of the Ancient Wisdom and in the Ascended Master Teachings as Ascended masters.
Sixth initiation("the ascension"or "masterhood")
The Chohans (Lords) of the Seven Rays – Morya(1st Ray), Master Koot Hoomi(2nd Ray), Paul the Venetian(3rd Ray), Serapis Bey(4th Ray), Master Hilarion(5th Ray), Master Jesus(6th Ray), and the Master Rakoczi(7th Ray) – are seven of the beings at the level of the sixth initiation, while their coordinator and communications director Djwal Khulis another, making a total of eight at this level.
Seventh initiation("bodhisattva" , "avatar", or "christhood")
The Maitreya or World Teacher (known as Krishna by Hindus, the Christ by Christians, Maitreya by Buddhists, Messiah by the Jews, the Iman Mahdi by Muslims, and the Peshotan by the Zoroastrians) is at this level. At this level also are said to be the Chakshusha Manuthe Vaivasvatu Manu and the Maha Chohan
Eighth initiation ("buddhahood")
Level eight is the level of the Buddha. At this level also, according to C.W. Leadbeater, are The Three Pratyeka Buddhas.
Ninth initiation ("godhood")
Level nine is the "Lord of the World": Sanat Kumara– "The Eternal Youth" and "The Ancient of Days", the Nordic alien that is believed by Theosophists to be the "Lord of the World", i.e., the governing deity of Earth.
Tenth initiation ("planetary logos")
The tenth initiation is called the Spirit of the Earth, and specifically denoted as the Planetary Logos of Earth.
Levels of initiation beyond the tenth level
<The rest is omitted>

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