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Sep 20, 2019

Sacred marriage ritual adopted by most cults which have its roots in ancient esotericism is purely ceremony of Darkness whose origin dates back to ancient Sumer! – Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalen were temple prostitutes (sacred prostitutes)

image: Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain] 1 (Virgin Mary) & 2 (Mary Magdarane)
Sacred marriage ritual adopted by most cults which have its roots in ancient esotericism is purely ceremony of Darkness whose origin dates back to ancient Sumer! – Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalen were temple prostitutes (sacred prostitutes)
The origin of sacred marriage (Hieros Gamos) dates back to ancient Sumer. As I have already told you, Sumerian gods are actually fallen angels and masters of the Black Lodge. Sacred marriage ritual is completely a ritual of Darkness. Most cults which have its roots in ancient esotericism adopt this sacred marriage ritual. If you read several articles by Cobra, you can understand very well that they do the same thing.

Sacred marriage ritual is the concept that high-ranking members of a cult organization can gain gnosis (spiritual wisdom) by sexual intercourse with a goddess. Virgin Mary was a temple prostitute (sacred prostitute) though Christian would have difficulty in accepting it. Alexandria was the headquarters of the Essenes at that time. The high priest of the Essenes in Alexandria was Joseph of Arimataya. Mary was pregnant by Joseph (carpenter) and gave birth to Jesus. It seems that Joseph of Arimataya adopted and raised Jesus.

Another Mary, Mary of Magdalen was also a temple prostitute and the sexual partner of John the Baptist. Mary of Magdalen gave birth to Sarah, a child of John the Baptist. However, it seems that in many mythologies Sarah is misinterpreted as Jesus’ child.

When seeing the painting by Leonard da Vinci, who is said to have been the grand master of the Knights of the Templar and the Priory of Sion, I suppose that the groups would actually have considered Baptist John to be superior to Jesus. John the Baptist is exactly the master who brought about sexual alchemy from Egypt to them.

Such being the case, from my point of view, religion is rotten from the very start. I don’t accept such de facto “temple prostitution.” As seen in the article, they treat women as a tool for spiritual evolution. And yet, they think that the younger a woman they have sexual intercourse with is, the better medicine they can get. To be specific, they believe that they can gain the best effect as sexual alchemy (sexual techniques) by having sexual intercourse with a girl before the age of first menarche.  Absolutely criminal act is justified among them.

Tibetan Buddhism is much the same. As far as I know, Tibetan Buddhism is the lowest-level religion. Comparing with the level of Hinayana, I think that Tibetan Buddhism is so corrupt that it is no longer regarded as Buddhism.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 10, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: TOCANA– September 6, 2019 –

[Epstein] Thorough explanation of why global elites perform “pedophile cult ceremony”!! Intelligence operative says “Lolita is an important culture of the ruling class”


Lolita is an old custom in part of the Middle East. Its origin dates back to the era of ancient Mesopotamian civilization and according to Ancient Greek great historianHerodotus’ record, there was a culture called “temple prostitution” in the Middle East at that timeParticularly, belief in Ishtar, goddess of fertility in ancient Babylon, is famous and a priestess called temple institute performed a ritual as embodiment of divinity. 

What is important here is whether a priestess is virgin or not. Goddess Ishtar symbolizes “Eros” and it is believed that a pure virgin has this inner power of Eros and she induces the other party to ascension. In other words, a man who has sexual intercourse with a virgin priestess has the benefit of absorbing supernatural power. Such thought is actually observed also in other parts of the world and it has something in common with Tantra Yogain India and sexual secret in Taoism.

Global elites called globalists officially advocate monotheism but practiced ritual of paganism including Lolita, which originated in ancient Middle East, behind the scenes in order to expand their power.  <snip>  It should not have been allowed but Lolita has been promoted to be an important culture such as a rite of passage.


Contradiction characterized by globalists is that they are officially pious monotheists but believers in paganism including Lolita behind the scenes. In other words, if their behind-the-scenes identity is revealed, they are likely to be socially punished. The fact that the elites at the top of global pyramid have such contradiction is convenient for those involved in intelligence service to maneuver behind the scenes.

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