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Sep 23, 2019

Core members of the Earth Alliance, President Trump, Q group and President Putin, make efforts behind the scenes for smooth transition into a new financial system

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Core members of the Earth Alliance, President Trump, Q group and President Putin, make efforts behind the scenes for smooth transition into a new financial system
This is an excellent article. It is clear that President Trump is fighting against the Deep State. Reading the article, we can see very well what he tries to do particularly in the field of economy.

I think that President Trump, Q group and President Putin are core members of the Earth Alliance. They seem to make efforts behind the scenes for smooth transition to a new financial system. However, there is no information regarding this available for now.

In an article dated September 9, I introduced valuable information from Mr. David Wilcock, which says “regarding the ratification of treaty between the West and the East to establish a new financial system,   …both parties have reached the agreement and have signed it.”

However, as far as I see Mr. Fulford’s remarks in yesterday’s Earth News (Editor's Note: Translation of this video is the main portion of this post.),  I thought that Mr. Fulford does not know this information. However, I think that what Mr. David Wilcock calls as the agreement between the West and the East is only within the Earth Alliance.

I think that at present, the Earth Alliance gains a huge advantage in armed forces with the Deep State, but the Deep State has still power in finance and media. So, if a market crash happens at this stage, leaders and finance minister and central bank presidents of countries around the world will never do anything to ordinary people because most of them belong to the Deep State. 

According to the article below, “the Deep State is trying to collapse the stock market bubble ……. trying to create helicopter money.” 

Those who misunderstand Commander Ashtar and Galactic Confederation as the Light forces often talk about GESARA. They seem to believe that the financial system will be renewed and 30 million yen per person will be transferred annually to them for thirty years. Have a quick thought about what will happen if money far above real economy is transferred to your deposit books. Hyperinflation will be caused at once. Currency will completely lose its value.

As the Venezuelan people have experienced little earlier, it is obvious that fights against hunger will occur on the global scale. However, this will be the best plan for those who want to reduce the global population to 500 million. 

The article says that the Deep State is trying to collapse the stock market bubble and trying to create helicopter money. This is exactly what GERERA is all about, isn’t it?

Of course, the Earth Alliance is making their best effort to shift to a new financial system so as not to cause such global-scale confusion or damage real economy. They follow the guidance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, not the Galactic Federation. However, most of channeling followers cannot make such a basic distinction.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 20, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

Cross translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend in Japan, World and Universe– September 20, 2019 –

European Union Goes First - Then, House of Cards Collapses!– Video


September 19, 2019

What the background to the Trump campaign is to end constant warfarestop globalization (Free Trade Agreement) that harms U.S. industrial economy and revive Glass-Stegall Act (total separation of city banking from investment banking).

In 1999, President Bill Clinton’s Democratic government abolished the Glass-Stegall Act.As a result, the economic bubble occurred in the first half of the 2000s. Furthermore, city banks started speculating on mortgage-backed securities using depositors’ savings. However, when the bubble burst, the banks with bad loans were bailed out (without their responsibility being pursued).
Now, a fight between the two conflicting groups (Trump and anti-Trum) is ongoing.
The anti-Trump group is <snip> a financial interest group centered on the City of London and Wall Street.
They promoted globalization in the U.S., moved domestic factories outside the country, hollowed out the industry at home, created a large number of unemployed people, and shifted the economy from High-Tech industry based economy to financial and consumption-based economy.  <snip> The Western economies that have done such things will collapse soon.
What the Deep State and the Establishment is trying to do:
The FRB, the European Central Bank, Wall Street banks are trying to collapse the stock market bubble and make Trump’s economic policy fail.If the stock market bubble collapses, Trump’s approval rate will drop sharply. 
The FRB is trying to create helicopter money. The Bank of England is trying to create a virtual currency which will replace the U.S. dollar.
We need banking reform to prevent banks from speculation. The purpose of city banks is to protect depositors’ savings and invest the savings for the construction industry, the infrastructure industry, the retailing industry, small and tiny companies and cutting-edge technologies. This is what Trump appealed to the American people. However, when Trump tries to carry out the right policy, the anti-Trump group prevents him from doing so.
<The rest is omitted>

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