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Jul 29, 2019

Seventy thousand pedophile offenders has been indicted – Finally, the movement to make mass arrest has started

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Seventy thousand pedophile offenders has been indicted – Finally, the movement to make mass arrest has started
Finally, it seems that the movement to make mass arrest has started. Mr. Fulford also says: “The tribunals have started opening the over 110,000 sealed indictments from across the U.S., they say.”

The article below says: “2,000 documents from Epstein’s case are about to be revealed.” It is clear that this has been promoted by President Trump and the Q group.

According to the tweet by Mr. Naoya Fujiwara, “Deutsche Bank has helped Jeffrey Epstein manage his fortune.” It is likely to be the finishing blow to the bank that is in a critical situation now. It means that the current financial system will collapse in the near future.

I have conveyed many times on this blog that the Earth Alliance represented by the Q group fights against the Cabal to liberate the earth from their control. They are true warriors of Light and army of deities.

However, the remnants of the Hierarchy who send various channeling information are completely part of evil. More specifically, the Sphere Being Alliance, Galactic Confederation, Galactic Federation of Light, Pleiadian High Court, Ancient Earth-breakaway Civilization, Cobra Resistance Movement (RM) are remnants of the Hierarchy and they are beings that try to colonize the earth instead of liberating it. 

Remember, for example, the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. According to information from Fulford, “Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir has officially announced that the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared in March 2014 and the Flight 17 which was shot down in July 2014 are the same plane.”

Remember once again what persons named Saint Germain, Mathew and Sananda had said about the incident at that time. In the article dated May 6, 2014, Sananda says: “the Malaysian Flight 370 has been rescued and safely taken on a spaceship in the galaxy. And the airplane was rescued by a huge spaceship that came from the Sirius, which is part of Galactic Fleet, and taken aboard.

I wonder how many people will trust such obviously ridiculous lie. Why do they distribute such fake information for the apparent purpose of covering up the truth? That’s because they are nothing less than the organization of evil that manipulates the Cabal. 

I wonder if people will realize that beings named Sananda and Ashtar Command are fakes and enemies of God that visit the earth to colonize it by using the Cabal, instead of liberating the earth.

Some good remnants of the Hierarchy have joined the Global Galactic League of Nations. It is a matter of time before their identity is revealed. If they don’t give in, they will be destroyed.

The only way to be forgiven is to confess every sin and officially apologize to earthlings as I repeatedly say.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 24, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe– July 24, 2019 –

70,000 Sealed Indictments Connected to Satan's Pedophile Network Worldwide Collapsing

July 20, 2019
Over 100,000 sealed indictments are about to be unsealedwith 70,000 revealed as directly connected to worldwide trafficking of children.

It appears that ‘Papa Bush’ was a major ring leader….and Epstein was the Mossad / CIA asset facilitatorthat might not live long enough to even see the court room unless Trump’s DoJ send him to GITMO.

Blackmailing officials into wars and other political adventures, financially filling the pockets ofthose at the top of the pyramid and/or to force the sale of weapons worldwide to facilitate the Military Industrial Complex and the (Secret Space Program)……blackmailinghas been the key to success for participants of pedophilia to force decisions that cannot be deviated from by those implicated.
Satanic worship is common and far more worse than kidnapping children or coercing them into sex with an important person, it involves sacrificial murder of children, the consumption of their bodies   <snip> (which causes the body to shake and known as the Kuru disease)……the drinking of blood (andrenochrome) to get an immediate high from the Adrenalin produced within the tortured child.  These sick people also believe they can extend their life and look younger by drinking Adrenochrome. 
All of this is coming-out soon as 2,000 documents from Epstein’s caseare about to be revealed.
<The rest is omitted>

Distributed by Twitter

Hit girl
Epstein’s friend, Rachel Chandler seems to have made a catalog of children on her Instagram and procured to her customers. Although she seems to be detained, we want her to confess to a crime obediently.
(Translation omitted)
(Translation omitted)
President Trump signed an extension of National Emergency Act on July 22. It is allied to international criminal organizations. Reportedly, many military helicopters are flying above Washington D.C. I suppose that something will break out.

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