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Jul 24, 2019

A person who has attained “enlightenment” lives just like a cat and heals others just by being there.

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A person who has attained “enlightenment” lives just like a cat and heals others just by being there.

The article below is about a person’s experience of “enlightenment.” When he was calmly gazing at his thoughts, he suddenly realized awareness and stopped thinking.   <snip> In the next instant, everything was just what it was.” he writes like this. This is the experience of “silence.” “The moment the mind races, the world returned to be the same as usual”. However, a little practice will put you into such state of mind by meditation.

You might doubt if “enlightenment” can be obtained so easily, but such awareness is suddenly brought about to those who have been prepared to attain.

However, there is a question as to whether such enlightenment is the same as the enlightenment of Buddha. It is natural that you have such a question. As a matter of fact, the enlightenment mentioned here is the same as the “enlightenment” of Buddha but the two are different in depth. For example, try to imagine that most people vibrate at the frequency of “mi” or “fa” in the solfa syllables: do, re, mi, fa, sol, ra, ti. “Silence” is the state in which you vibrate at the frequency of “mi” or “fa.” When you have racing thoughts, you make low-pitched sound. However, if you repeat training, you will be able to vibrate at the frequency of si.

As for the “depth of enlightenment”, to put it in an easily understandable form, the enlightenment of Buddha is equivalent to the frequency of four octave higher si.

I introduce the four videos about well-known Indian gurus (spiritual teachers). 

There is the List of Initiates at the back of “Maitreya’s Mission Vol. Three by Benjamin Creme published by Sheer International Foundation.” Here we can see spiritual evolutionary levels of Initiates. It says that the figures in parenthesis refer to the initiate’s exact point of development attained during his life. According to the list, Ramana Maharshi is (5.0), Jiddu Krishnamurti (4.0), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (3.2) and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (2.3).

These four gurus introduced in the videos are well-known and all of them have attained “enlightenment” but their spiritual evolutionary levels differ. Interestingly enough, their evolutionary levels are far higher than ordinary people but Rajneesh whose evolutionary level is the lowest among the four gurus, dresses up and acts like a saint. Kurshuna Murti with higher evolutionary level dresses casually. Ramana Maharishi, ascended master, is just an ordinary person wearing a loincloth and he hardly says anything at all.

However, India is a strange country. Many people feel that Ramana Maharshi is a true saint who has realized true self. This is probably because just being near him, although he says nothing, it helps people quiet disturbed mind and get a small share of bliss.  

In a word, Ramana Maharshi heals people just by being there. So, we can say that Ramana Maharshi is just like a cat for people in his ashram.

I said that a person who has attained “enlightenment” lives just like a cat. Watch the video below, and you can understand it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 29, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Non-duality Enlightenment
March 1, 2014 –

Enlightenment experience 1   True self is everything!
Don’t you think that awakening experience is something only special people who fast or practice mediation can have?   

My awakening experience is triggered by mere awareness everybody experiences.
One day I realized that I pay my attention to “women’s style.”   <snip> When I was calmly gazing at my thoughts, I suddenly thought about which part is slender and which part is thick.Finally, I thought about why I am a woman. While staring at people sitting in the train, I realized that it was “I” after all who brand a person as “slender” or “thick” or “woman” or “man.” In that time something burst.

I was filled with such overwhelming sensation that I thought that “I cannot stop it.” 
And in the next moment, everything was just what it was.
I was listening to music but I felt as if I heard it somewhere far away and I didn’t know if I was breathing. I clearly felt that everything is so-called emptiness and each individual of us is nothing but “expression” that appears inside us.  

The moment my mind raced and thought “just being there,” the world returned to be the same as usual.When I realized that everything is just being there and also there was nothing, I laughed on the train.

“The moment the mind races, the world returned to be the same as usual”

After awakening experience, I had very blissful days for a few days.   <snip> When I went to a greengrocer’s shop where I was a regular customer, I was moved by the existence of every kind of vegetable and I looked around every corner of the shop. I felt as if I were seeing a movie.
Our world is where 
Just you have already existed –
You just have a pen –
You just sit on a chair –
You just hold hands –
It is so irresistibly beautiful and miraculous.
How wonderful it is!

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1.    [Enlightenment, Awakening, Non-dulity] Ramana Hamarshi

2.    Where is crisis?”

3.    Mrv Griffin 4 “Nothing to do with religion   Introduction of Transcendental Meditation  Maharish Mahesh Yogi  “
4.    OSHO: The Value of Religious Teachings

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