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Jun 6, 2019

Talks with seven groups of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations Mr. Corey Goode contacted with ended inconclusively – Beings belonging to the seven groups can only be described as insane

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Talks with seven groups of Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations Mr. Corey Goode contacted with ended inconclusively – Beings belonging to the seven groups can only be described as insane
The information from Mr. Corey Goode shown in the first article is one of the most important information. We can say that all of basic information is included in the article. The article describes the talks between Mr. Corey Goode and the seven groups of Ancient Earth-Breakaway Civilizations he got in touch with and the speech of Lieutenant Gonzales belonging to the SSP Alliance seemed to make the representatives of the groups uncomfortable. We can see the representatives got angry with Lieutenant Gonzales’s remarks which imply that earthlings they look down with are on an equal footing with them.

They flatly say: “those of us on the surface are uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure.” It is completely true. However, if they think like Nazi eugenicists that the population on the earth should be destroyed or should serve them as their slaves, these beings of the seven groups are insane. 

After all, this meeting seems to have broken up. The groups were divided into two groups: one is the group with Saturn rings and the group with Omega rings and the other is the remaining three groups.

Read the second article which includes older messages: a message from “the remaining three groups” and a message from “the Pleiadian High Council” which ally with these three groups. Read the reference sources, you will see that messages were sent in the name of Creator, Source, Horus, Babaji, *Jaicom Mayas or others. Of course, they are all imposters. These messages are sent to channels on the surface from underground where they live. 
*phonetic spelling

A detailed explanation about this is given in the “Cosmic Disclosure Season 3, Episode 7.” As for the population of underground inhabitants who send information to channels on the surface, Mr. Corey Goode says: “they're approaching them as ascended masters, ETs from different star systems, sometimes as religious icons from the people's belief systems, and passing on positive information.  <snip> … giving them negative information that's trying to hurt them. They're trying to help start changing society from afar, remotely - remote influencing, basically.”

The problem is “how” they are going to change society remotely. In reference source “GFL Service,” articles have already been deleted. However, massages in the past repeatedly mentioned “pole shift.” Read the two messages in the second article, you can see that both Divine Mother and a person by the name of Mira talk about ascension. 

Based on general interpretation, it is natural to think that a pole shift will occur, a great tsunami will be created, the surface of the earth will be wiped out and as a result, some people will achieve ascension. 

Mira says in a message: “I am at your service focusing full-time on the Ascension process.” I suppose that she is “thinking of how to manage to deceive earthlings with a positive message and cause a pole shift by getting their consent.

We can say that their conspiracy bore fruit in the form of the “Return to the Light Meditation” held on January 21 of this year, whose participation Cobra called for.

After the meditation was over, Cobra reported that it was a great success and yet he announced that this meditation would cause a pole shift on the earth. It’s a hoax. In other words, there are a great number of people who were completely deceived by their trick and helped destroy the earth.

That is why I criticize them by calling them scum.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 15, 2019

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Sphere Being Alliance– September 23, 2015 Corey Goode

Ancient Earth Break-Away Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Part I – “Honeycomb Earth”
Meetings of September 3rd and 4th


I realized that seven different groups were being represented-- even though three of them were obviously allied or genetically related. <snip> 
Most of the groups were made up of one or two women, except the group with the eight-pointed star symbol inside the Greek Omega character, which was made up entirely of men.

The obvious leader of this group made reference to the “Prince of Venus, the Morning Star and the Bearer of Light” several times. This was deeply unsettling to me because of obvious association of Lucifer with these terms.
The discussions between these groups then began.  <snip> I was able to make out that they were discussing attacks that had occurred against various subterranean cities, and the casualties that occurred. They also discussed the betrayals they had suffered from certain secret societies and groups on the surface that they previously thought they had under their control.  <snip> They felt vulnerable and threatened, and needed to rely upon one another for protection.   <snip>   Gonzales addressed each group by name, and thanked them for their invitation to participate as a representative of the Alliance.  <snip>  He ended his speech on the note that we are entering a new era that should involve open cooperation and honesty. I could feel the sudden rise of tension and mixed emotions and energy in the room as he said this.
We then received a very condescending lecture from each of them about how we have no right to judge them with our limited understanding and knowledge.

They each described their perceptions of those of us on the surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure. They said they were the only ones who had preserved the various original earth human bloodlines.
<The rest is omitted>

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Takisan’s homepage – March 5, 2018 

Message From The divine Mother ~Gaia Ascends To The Higher Vibrations
By Linda Li 03/05/2018


Dear ones, I come today to give you a quick update on what is happening behind the doors, and how humanity is doing. 
Yes, lately, the situation in the 3D world has been more chaos than normal. Humanity has gotten to a point where it is obvious that something is going on, even though humanity may not have a clear idea, but humanity definitely knows something is happening. As result, humanity has already started to look for answers, and started wondering what exactly is going on. Humanity knows that there is something beyond the 3D world at workand that power at work seems so potent, humanity almost feel it and wants more, and that is the good news.

A message from Mira from the Pleiadian Hight Court through Valerie Donner, January 6, 2018


Greetings I am Mira. I am at your service focusing full-time on the Ascension process that you and your planet are going through.It is quite remarkable. You have made progress with adapting to and assimilating to rapid change. We marvel at humanity’s adaptability and willingness to move through the requirements that are necessary.
<The rest is omitted>

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