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Jun 28, 2019

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 48 – “Visit by Lunaria and flower spirits” – From the Love Creation Deity Fifth System

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Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 48 – “Visit by Lunaria and flower spirits” – From the Love Creation Deity Fifth System
Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has drawn Lunaria annua which bloom in her garden and flower spirits. The illustration is posted at the beginning of the message below. To tell the truth, I asked her to redraw the illustration. That’s because I thought it would be unfit to post the first illustration on the blog because of its low vibrations.

The Linga Sariraof “spirits of Lunaria” sank down for some obscure reason. According to the message below, they come from the Love Creation Deity Fifth SystemSandy might have watched them grow. Without knowing it, I raised her vibrations. I think that it might cause the flower spirits to decrease vibrations.

I slept, worrying about them. In dream I descended to where they were in order to save them. It was on May 25. Their soul (Monad) was in the Plant System before the date, but it is now in the First System. I think that they are not flower spirits but flower fairies now. I think that when they are reincarnated next time, they will become humans. 

The message sent to Mrs. Nakanishi at Orugoru (Music Box) tea salon in Hiroshima, which is shown in Heavenly Message 48 below, seems to have been from my Linga Sarira. I usually don’t speak in this way. I feel that my inner body is far different from myself.

Mrs. Nakanishi intuitively knew that she had been in the Love Creation Deity Fifth System about 450 million years ago. It’s exactly true. She seems to have been a fairy in Earthly Deity Fifth Level.

At present, all of 25 goddesses, my wives, come from the “Love Creation Deity Fifth System.” I introduce some examples here. Harukanaru-chu-no-hikarino-himemiko (Ironoehime-asako) and Utsushiki-hikarimi come from the First Level; Utsurimasu-akaki-hime and Eneruee from the Second Level.Uitsu-hime-haruko and Iosyokafrom the Third Level, Hikarihanatsumi and Narumi from the Fourth Level; most Hotsumadeities from the Fifth Level. All of them are Heavenly deities. Arukaida-himemiko-no-ookami and my wife Yasuko come from the Earthly Deity First Level and Risa from the Earthly Deity Second Level.

Actually, with some exceptions, most of deities who played a central role in the reformation of heavenly world that started from 2007 come from the “Love Creation Deity Fifth System.” For example, in Reformation of Heavenly World 22, the goddesses I conferred Brahman on appear. Most of them descended from this system.

And I think that subsequently the goddesses conferred Brahman on suitable persons. For example, Archangel Azrael, husband of Miyotsukusumi (Eve in the Old Testament) should have been conferred Brahman on by her.

Achievement of Brahman means achievement of “liberation” in the true sense. In other words, it means no need of reincarnation in physical form. I may talk about this on video lecture: advanced class on religious studies at some time in the future.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 25, 2019

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 48

 “Visit by Lunaria and flower spirits”
     From the Love Creation Fifth System –

Communication date: April through May, 2019
Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi

The event full of wonder and mystery for me
started with a meeting held at Orugoru- kan (Music Box Tea Salon) 
on July 9, 2007.
I received a message through Mr. N as follows:

“When you lead life, there is one thing you should always remember.

Spend time without forgetting this beautiful land,
the land you left in the past where beautiful flowers bloomed.

It will make you happy.”

The message which I received about 12 years ago have consoled and supported me when I suffer, but simultaneously it has been full of mystery.

When is the time of “I left in the past”?
“In this beautiful place where flowers bloomed”:
I wonder where the place was and what kind of flowers bloomed.
Even though the message says: Spend time without forgetting,”
I have no recollection of what happened and I have totally forgot about it.
I don’t know what to do.

Above all, who is the sender of this message?

Like this, everything was mystery and full of questions.
However, when I experienced a lot of suffering later, this message always encouraged me and made me behave positively when I was depressed.
This message was my hope and source of my comfort.

And finally the time came when the question was solved.

It originated in April, 2017, about two years ago.
I found a dark magenta flower I had never seen before or never recalled planting in the corner of our garden.

The color of the flower reminded me of the nostalgic color of Chinese milk vetches extending as far as the eye could see, which burned into my memory at the moment when I saw in spring at the age of two.
I immediately asked my friend to check out the name of the flower on the Internet.
Then I found that it was “Lunaria” derived from Latin Luna (moon).

Why did “Lunaria” bloom in my garden?
As I was interested in this mysterious event, I took out as many seeds as possible from ripen pods and sowed the seeds with expectation in the best place of our small garden.

About one and half a years after the first sprout appeared, the flower started beautifully blooming in April this year. I was so moved that I talked to them in a spontaneous way:

“Oh, so many flowers are in bloom! “How beautiful!
Thank you. I’m so happy.”

And all of sudden, I heard buzzle of voices:
“We are Lunaria’s spirits”
“We come here because we want to meet you, Seiko…”
“Thank you!”
“How happy we are!”

After such conversation with them, they talked to me about a story that was hard to believe.
They said that before coming to my garden they lived in the “Love Creation Deity Fifth System and they would go back there.
I couldn’t believe it for a moment and asked them many times. 

However, at that time, I realized that Lunaria and 25 fairies gave an answer to my question about the message.

I had the question for 12 years. But I felt the ice thaw in a flash of understanding.

“I lived in the Love Creation Deity Fifth System 450 million years ago. There was my favorite place I named “Lunaria’s Hill” on my property, where many flowers including Lunaria bloomed profusely.”

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