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May 8, 2019

Lights revealed by Kino Zenshi, Ninomiya Sontoku (Kiyoki-tokunomiya-no-mikoto) and Ra Tesh (Kiyoki-hikari-no-miya-no-himemiko)

image: Ninomiya Sontoku and Ra Tesh
Lights revealed by Kino Zenshi, Ninomiya Sontoku (Kiyoki-tokunomiya-no-mikoto) and Ra Tesh (Kiyoki-hikari-no-miya-no-himemiko)

It is *Kino Zenshi who revealed the first light shown in the article by Manimu-san. She has become a deity of Misofu(32) deities in the First System Earth Deity Third Level.

The parhelic circle and the circumhorizontal arc in the video and tweet below are co-created by Ninomiya Sontoku (Kiyoki-tokunomiya-no-mikoto) and Ra Tesh (Kiyoki-hikari-no-miya-no-himemiko).

The parhelic circle looking like a diamond ring and the circumhorizontal arc are revealed by Kiyoki-tokunomiya-no-mikoto and Kiyoki-hikari-no-miya-no-himemiko, respectively.

On November 24, 2017 when “Message from Ra Tesh to Eearthlings” was released, the two deities had already got married in causal body, Linga Sariraand etheric double and plasma body of physical body in the broad sense of the term. They do not seem to have got married in narrowly-defined physical body but on April 28 they happily got married in physical body, too. I suppose that they might inform me about it.

It turns out that the two deities get married in every body and it is quite rare. Most couples on Earth are married only in (narrowly-defined) physical body and few couples are married in subtle bodies. The two are still the couple after death if they get married in subtle bodies.

However, it is also true that actually on Earth, there are many women who feel in their heart: “I do not want to be buried in my husband’s grave after death.” Why is Earth so miserable?  It is because “there is no love.”

Note: * She was a court lady in Heian Period and a foster mother of Emperor Yozei.

April 29, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita


Reprinted from Shanti-phula– April 28, 2019 –

Mamimu’s Memo (18) <Vegetable Certification>


Solar halo observed on April 19, 2019

<The rest is omitted>

[Rare phenomena] The parhelic circle and the circumhorizontal arc observed in National Observatory Nobeyama

Weather News
[Fairly rare phenomenon ‘parhelic circle’ observed]

There are filmy clouds in the sky in west Japan and east Japan.
Atmospheric optical phenomena such as “circumhorizontal arc” and “parhelic circle” can be observed there. Please look up at the sky! 
Ra Tesh

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