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Apr 20, 2019

“Noah’s Great Blood” was brought about to wide out Satanism! – Fallen angels and their wives and children who caused such situation were judged, changed into evil spirits and reincarnated as the bloodline of Ham, a family member of Noah who survived the Great Flood

image: Enoch Wikimedia_Commons [CC0]
“Noah’s Great Blood” was brought about to wide out Satanism! – Fallen angels and their wives and children who caused such situation were judged, changed into evil spirits and reincarnated as the bloodline of Ham, a family member of Noah who survived the Great Flood
In the third article posted yesterday, an ET group called the Pre-Adamite who lived on Mars in previous times, stayed in the moon for a while, subsequently were cast out of the moon and crash-landed on Antarctic, and crossbred species (hybrids) that were made by crossing the Pre-Adamite and earthlings. The relationship between the Pre-Adamite and hybrids corresponded to that between fallen angels and Nephilim (giants) in the Book of Enoch.

I introduce the Book of Enoch here. Please watch the video below at 3:00 to 8:16 mark. According to the Book of Enoch, 200 fallen angels as watchers represented by Shemihaza and Azazel (Asael in the article below) fall down on the earth. They promise to marry human women and swear not to break their promises to each other. As a result, Nephilim (giants) are born between them and human women.

According to the Book of Enoch, “The giants eat humans …   atrocities are rampant on the earth.” It means that Satanism was rampant.

To wipe out Satanism, “Noah’s Great Flood” was brought about. Fallen angels who caused such situation were judged, Azazel was bound and was cast into the darkness and Shemihaza got tied up under the hill. However, the Book of Enoch does not describe what happened to them after that.

It is written in the article that “Fallen angels on the earth are transformed into evil spirits.” There is also description of daughters of men who had sex with fallen angels as witches and their children Nephilim as Satanists who “sucked” not only human blood but “each other’s blood.” Even if the physical body is destroyed in the Great Flood, the spirt remains. As in the case of fallen angels, Nephilim’s spirits were transformed into evil spirits. Nephilim who were transformed into evil spirits do not always continue to wander on the earth. There is a certain period of time over which they are reincarnated as humans. They were reborn as the bloodline of Ham, Noah’s family member, who survived the Great Flood.

According to Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 9, the 4th Age of Atlantic is 60,305 years ago – 15,050 years ago (fall). We can see from this that Noah’s Great Flood occurred 15,050 years ago (B.C. 13,035).

As for 60,305 years ago (B.C.58,290), Mr. Corey Goode said in yesterday’s article that the Pre-Adamite crash-landed on Antarctica “55,00 to 60,000 years ago.” From this, it is assumed that the Pre-Adamite crash-landed on Antarctic, or put it in another way, fallen angels landed on the earth.

According to the Old Testament, the genealogy of Seth is Adam, Seth, Enos, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. Therefore, it is natural to think that Adam’s birth is about 100,000 years ago. This is identical to the Theosophical theory that the Aryan race was created about 100,000 years ago.”

Incidentally, “in the context of Theosophy” Adam was born when Sanat Kumara descended on the earth about 18.5 million years ago.

April 4, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Distributed by YouTube– July 22, 2017 –

The Book of Enoch and Story about Age of Corruption

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article of Koinonia

Based on the article on Genesis 6, watcher angels (200 angels such as Shemihaza and Azazel) band together and make a vow but <snip>  Though they are supposed to be “watchers” who teach and supervise humans, they rebel against God, corrupt and make human women give birth to giants. The giants eat humans and suck blood of each other and as a result, atrocities get rampant on the earth.
When the four angels of Gabriel, Michael, Rafael and Sariel (Uriel) saw the atrocities on the earth, they report the situation to the Lord of God   <snip>   they pray for judgment of God(Chapter 9). Sacred Supreme God sends *Arsyalal Yul (Angel Uriel?) to Noah. God orders the angel to tell Noah that a great flood will occur and it will cause this land to come to end.And the Lord commands Raphael to bind Azazel and cast him into the darkness until the time of last judgment. Lord orders Michael to have Shemihaza got tied up “under the hill.”Corrupt humans are eventually destroyed by the Great Flood and children of fallen angels are tortured by fire.
Enoch descends on the earth and tells Azazel and others about judgment. They get frightened and ask Enoch to write a petition for forgiveness. However, the “holy and great one” writes a document saying no forgiveness and orders Enoch to send the document to fallen angels, because judgment is already overThey can no longer return to the heaven. The fallen angels on the earth were transformed into evil spirits on the earth because they broke the divine promise to distinguish the spirits of the heaven and the flesh of the earth. (This is slightly different from the description in Chapters 6 – 11: They were destroyed.)
<The rest is omitted>

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