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Apr 3, 2019

Complete synchronicity between solar activity and economic outlook! - It’s not surprising whatever may happen in global economic situation!

Complete synchronicity between solar activity and economic outlook! - It’s not surprising whatever may happen in global economic situation!

The article by In Deep below is very interesting. According to it, solar activity is completely linked to business conditions. Reference source below shows that not only stock price and business investment ratio but also a change in the number of marriages are synchronized with solar activity.

Many people get an inkling of the uncertain future and nobody can tell what will happen to economic situation in Japan as well as in the world. 

The article says that given the fact that solar activity and economic outlook completely synchronize, “basically, now the sun is in the same state of activity as in 1929 and 2008 (or in brisker state of activity), and therefore, it is not surprising whatever may happen.

Watch the attached video by Beppanman below, and you will understand well that Japan is in a critical situation. Globalism no longer has an exit. We need to get back to former Japanese style economy. For those who can look into the future, seemingly hopeless situation is nothing but a process leading to glorious world in the future.

March 26, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: In Deep– March 24, 2019 –

Using the past data of solar activity and economic and financial situations, I dare to emphasize that the countdown to the great crash and the great depression has started in actuality.
U.S. “production index” and “sun spot number” completely linked

Change in sun spot number and non-agriculture production index 

- Solar and Economic Relationships -
Upper line: Change in sun spot number
Lower line: U.S. gross production index 


While studying about the sun, I knew writings and researches by the following two people. They made me fundamentally rethink about the meaning of “existence of the sun”

Yuji Shimanaka (Advisor of Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Holdings Co., Ltd., Director of Business Cycle Research Institute, published “Solar Activity and Economy” in 1987.)

Alxander Chizhevsky (Russian scientist established an academic field called “solar biology” at the beginning of the 20th century, and then sent to Siberia by Stalin, who hated Chizhevsky’s solar research.)

Dr. Alxander Chizhevsky continued to study the “relationship between solar activity and the war and violence in the society.” On this blog, I tended to write about the “relationship between social violence and solar activity.” However, it was actually “economy and finance” that “solar activity” had the most direct influence in the history on.


Change in stock prices and amount of solar radiation during a period from January through December in “certain year”

- Solar and Economic Relationships -
Top line: New York stock price
Middle line: Amount of solar radiation
Bottom line: London stock price

Look at the graph above, you can see that the stock price and amount of solar radiation are completely synchronized. This is the “graph indicating the correlation between the sun and the stock price in 1929 when the Great Depression began.”


This time, I’d like to introduce some other graphs in the past on “the sun and the economy.” You might ask why I try to do such thing “now.” That’s becausebasically, now the sun is in the same state of activity as in 1929 and 2008 (or in brisker state of activity).”

With regard to solar radiation, I wrote the following article in March this year.

It has been found that the sun now is “the dimmest over the past 40 years.”
It is predicted that it will get darker from here on out.

The sun nowis the dimmest over the past 40 years.
In light of the past situation, the data show that it is not surprising that from this year 2019 to next year, something like the Great Depression in 1929 or the financial crisis in 2008 may occur.

<The rest is omitted>

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Mr. Kazuhiro Haraguchi, House of Representatives member, and M. Naoya Fujiwara, economy analyst, pointed out the current financial fraud one year ago. #kokkai
Private central bank and money lenders gambled and intended to pay off their debt with the money siphoned from the people but their plan failed. They developed a policy. It is obvious that they try to make up a loss by heavy taxes, wars, drugs and human trafficking.

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