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Mar 15, 2019

A photo that possibly reduces hay fever symptoms? - Pollen corona produced by divine light revealed by Kinnoyama-hikarumiya-himemiko

image: Photo by 奚暁涛(Gyoutou Kei)
- A photo that possibly reduces hay fever symptoms? -
Pollen corona produced by divine light revealed by Kinnoyama-hikarumiya-himemiko

“Pollen corona” sightings were reported on March 8 here and there probably because of a lot of pollen scattered in the air.

Pollen corona is natural phenomenon in most cases, but the pollen corona photographed by Kei Gyoutou around noon on March 8 is nevernatural phenomenon.

This light is revealed by Kinnoyama-hikarumiya-himemiko. The goddess was known as a woman called Yaśodharā in the past reincarnation. They say that she was wedded to the Shakya prince Gautama Buddha (Siddhattha Gotama) before he became a priest, and gave birth to their only child, a boy named Rāhula.

Kinnoyama-hikarumiya-himemiko appeared as an illustration drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi as early as May 2010. With some exceptions, most deities whose illustrations were drawn hold high positions in the heavenly world now. This goddess is deity “u” of three deities of auand wain the First System Earthly Deity Third Level.

For reference, I pick up the two photos of ordinary pollen corona. These two kinds of light is simply material light. On the other hand, the light photographed by Kei Gyoutou is divine light.  Concentrate your attention on your plasma body, and you will see it is divine light. This photo was reportedly taken in Akashi Ku, Yokohama City.

Looking at the photo for a while, I thought that the photo might reduce symptoms of hay fever. Although I had suffered from severe nasal congestin since the previous day, I felt physically better while looking at the photo. I hit on an idea. “I’ll go out and inhale as much pollen as possible. Then I’ll look at the photo after developing severe symptoms. I can check out whether this photo is effective or not.” Then I dashed out. Although I breathed deeply many times, I developed no symptoms of hay fever at all probably due to my impure thought. I thought: “experiment is impossible” and went back to the room and continued working. I have developed no symptoms so far. I am at a loss.

If you should have an inexplicable experience such as reduced symptoms just by looking at this photo, please let Shanti-phula know. 

March 9, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.

Kinnoyama-hikarumiya-himemiko (Yaśodharāin)

Photographed by 奚暁涛(Gyoutou Kei)
at around noon on March 3, 2019 

Distributed by YouTube – March 5, 2019

Pollen corona sighting@Osaka Hirakata 20190305 around 12:46


English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Weather News – March 8, 2019 –

“Pollen corona” sightings, which are indicative of scattering of a lot of pollen in the air, have been reported mainly in Kanto area including Tokyo

At Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture


A lot of pollen has scattered in the air from morning today on 8 (Fri.).  <snip>  “Pollen corona” sightings, in which rainbow-colored rings are seen around the sun, have been reported one after another.

<The rest is omitted>

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