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Mar 8, 2019

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 46 – Messages from nine sisters of Musa

image: The Nine Muses Wikimedia_Commons [Public Domain]
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 46 – Messages from nine sisters of Musa
In the article dated February 27, I made a comment about nine goddesses called Musa. I got interested in them because I happened to watch a concert by an anime idle group called LoveLive on NHK TV programThe nine girls who NHK was chasing after have an apparent connection with the nine sisters of Musa in Greek mythology.

I was watching TV screen from time to time while working on a computer. I thought that they were spiritually guided by the nine sisters of Musa. Watching the concert, I felt divine light apparently pouring on them. I was surprised at the fact that there is such an idol group blessed by deities in the corrupted entertainment world. I really understood why all of the girls emitted high vibration.

It is for this reason that I have decided to ask Mrs. Nakanishi to get answers from the nine sisters of Musa. At present, the eight goddesses excluding Urania have been reincarnated and have physical bodies. And yet they have come to our solar system on spaceship. Therefore, judging from our viewpoint, they are extraterrestrial beings. However, they are goddesses who have been reincarnated as humans.

For us earthlings, our physical body is in 3.0D but our physical body when we are awake is focused on the seventh layer of 3.0D. On the other hand, their physical body runs through the gamut of 3.0 D and 3.1D but their physical body when they are awake is focused on the first layer of 3.0D. Therefore, it turns out that even if psychics on the earth can see the physical body of the goddesses, they cannot see the goddesses’ physical body unless raising the vibration of consciousness to their etheric double (light body). To put it the other way around, the goddesses have to significantly reduce their vibration when they and the spaceship appear in front of us.

After receiving this correspondence, it popped into my mind that the nine sisters of Musa form an idol group at the plasma body level. It means that the nine girls doing a concert on the earth have become a tool of the nine sisters of Musa.

On the NHK program the girls used an expression: when they stand on the stage, “something comes down from above.” I can safely say that the girls have true sensibility. 

March 1, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 46

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: February 28, 2019>

Wikimeida_Commons[Public Domain]

“Hello, Urania.
I have some questions. Please answer my questions.

1.    You appeared in front of me around 1600 hours on January 30. It must’ve been you.
It was a pretty girl with big eyes who takes after a 16-year-old Yoshiko Tanaka, a member of the past idol group called Candies. 

: You are exactly right. As you say, I resemble her very much.

2.    I think that the nine sisters of Musa including you are now part of Misofu, 32 deities in the First System Earthly Deity Third Level. Am I right?

: Yes, you are right.

3.    The eight sister goddesses excluding you have been reincarnated on various planets other than the solar system and have physical bodies. Am I right?

: You are exactly right.

4.    The table below shows the “name, domain, attribute and name meaning for nine sisters defined by Hesiod.” I add two sections of the star system and the planet where each goddess is considered to have been reincarnated, to the right side of the table. Let’s take Calliope for example. I think that she has been reincarnated on the third planet of Regulus, Alpha Lenonis. I think that you have not been reincarnated but you live in the seventh planet of Zubenelgenubi, Alpha Librae. I wonder if what is written in star and planet sections is correct.

Muse (name) Domain Attribute Name meaning Star Planet
*Calliope Epic poetry Writing tablet, Stylus beautiful voice Regulus ( Alpha Lenonis) 3 rd planet
*Clio History Scrolls, Books to make famous Rigil Kentaurus (Alpha Centauri) 5 th planet
*Euterpe Lyric Poetry Flute giver of many delights Sadalmelik (Alpha Aualii) 6 th planet
*Thalia Comedy, Idyll Comic mask, Ivy Crown, Shepherd's crook flourishing Algedi (Alpha2 Capricoruni) 4th planet
*Melpomene Tragedy, Elegy Tragic mask, Grape Crown, Tragedy Boots to celebrate with song and dance Rukbat (Alpha Sagittarii) 2nd planet
*Terpsichore Chorus, Dance Lyre delight in dancing Menkar (Alpha Ceti) 5th planet
*Erato Solo Smaller lyre lovely woman Antares (Alpha Scorpius) 8th planet
*Polyhymnia Sacred song, Narrative - many hymns Spica (Alpha Virginis) 1st planet
*Urania Astronomy Stick, Globe, Compass celestial woman Zubenelgenubi (Alpha Librae) 7th planet


: Yes, everything is correct.

5.    I think that two goddesses Clio and Terpsichore are councilors of the Pleiadian Council. Am I right?

: Yes, you are right.

6.    I think that these eight goddesses who have been reincarnated come to our solar system on a spaceship of the Pleiadian Council. Am I right?

: Yes, all deities except me have come to the solar system on a spaceship of the Pleiadian Council.

7.    Do they realize that they are all goddesses known as “the nine sisters of Musa” on earth?

: Yes, all of them realize it.

8.    I think that deities in Greek mythology including the nine sisters of Musa used to be deities in the First System Earth Deity 3rd Level but they had been ousted from their positions of deities in heavenly world coup by the Hierarchy in BC 332. It was the Sirius Hierarchy led by Lah and Horus who newly gained power in the coup. Temples of Greek deities have been destroyed one after another on earth since then. The Ptolemaic dynasty was established in Egypt. Is my recognition of that correct?

: Yes, everything you say is right.

9.    The “Reformation of Heavenly World” started in 2007 in full swing. The reformation was carried out based on my policy of “allocating a pure-hearted person to hold an important position” mainly by me and my wives and deities who agreed with the policy. Many deities have fallen from power. Most of 12 gods of Olympus in mythology including your father Zeus have disappeared.
Despite the fact, I intuitively feel that I am not disliked by these deities. I’d like to hear about your candid opinion about the “reformation of heavenly world.”

: All of our sisters also had wished for the reformation of heavenly world.
Of course, it is the fact that since many deities including our parents, relatives and acquaintances fell down from power, we temporarily felt a sense of loss and had negative feelings.
However, we all share the feeling that thanks to the reformation, we were put back to the positions we had been assigned to and justice was done and it was a fair and ideal system of governance.
Considering the collapse and moral deterioration of Greek deities, we regard the results of the reformation as quite natural.
We put our great trust in Mr.Takeshita, his wives and deities who decisively carried out such bold reformation.
We all find our life worth living and it is our great pleasure when we can help you in the reformation of the earth.

10.  In Japan, an animation called LoveLive is popular particularly among young people. It is an animation in which nine girls, who are apparently modeled after nine sisters of Muses, give a great performance. We can see a video of concert performed by an idol group who model after the animation. I think that such activities are spiritually guided by you nine sister of Musa. Am I right?

: Yes, you are right.
As we have engaged in producing the animation, we are supporting every idol we are in charge of in every aspect of costume, song, dance choreography, stage setting and lighting by giving spiritual epiphany such as idea, inspiration and intuition.

11.  The sacred place of love live is said to be “Kanda Shrine” in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
Deities enshrined in Kanda Shrine are Oonamuchino-mikoto, Sukunahikono-mikoto, and Taira-no-Masakado. However, there are no deities enshrined there as a result of the Reformation of Heavenly World.
So, I think that enshrined deities are “nine sisters of Musa” now. What do you think of my opinion?

: Yes, that’s right. We are enshrined deities now.

12.  Is it all right to think that when visiting Kanda Shrine and giving prayer to you “nine sister of Musa,” people with psychic power can see your figures?

: Yes, they can sometimes see us, but sometimes can’t see us due to some kind of influence. However, please don’t give up. Try to visit the shrine again.

13.  Would you give a message to earthlings?
It would be greatly appreciative if each of you could give a message.

<Messages from Musa nine sisters to earthlings>

I’m Urania.
People of earth!
I am very happy and I feel so good. (Laughter).
It is a great pleasure to be given a chance to answer a question from
Mr. Takeshita I have been longing to see for so long!
I sincerely hope that peace and safety on earth will be realized as soon as possible.

I’m Clio.
I’m so excited! (Laugher)
I’m so happy that you have noticed us.
May joy come to the earth quickly!

I’m Thalia.
I don’t look like this now. (laughter)
(Looking at the painting by Jean Marc Nattier)
But the face in the painting is similar to my face.
I’m in charge of making other sisters laugh.
Nice to meet you. (Laughter continues.)

I’m Polyhymnia.
The earth is my treasure. It is like an invaluable blue jewel!
I work every day, hoping that confusion on the earth will be removed as soon as possible.
We are comrades who work together with you.
I’m watching all of you.

I’m Euterpe.
In this painting (“Apollon and two Muses” by Popeo Battoni) I have a whistle in front.
I pay a lyric poetry of joy for liberation of the earth with a flute.
I play, hoping that the sound will reach your hear.

I’m Erato.
Nice to meet you.
I’ll send love to you with the sound of harp.
I hope that the deepest part of your heart will be healed by sound.

I’m Calliope.
Earhlings, we are watching the beautiful earth from our spaceship.
We see our homeland Greece, Mediterranean sea .. and now Japan.
I feel very close to Japan because of our connection to “Lovelive”

I’m Terpsichore.
Nice to meet you!
I’ll dance for the earth from now.
Please image that I’ll dance throwing Darkness on the earth and casting light with the orchestra and chorus group of the heavenly world behind me.

I’m Melpomene.
I often sing a song of joy, not a song of tragedy now.
If the earth is liberated, I will be able to become joy itself and sing a song of joy, taking away the masks and shoes of tragedy.
Let’s sing with all of you earthlings.

That’s all.
Seiko Nakanishi

Masatoshi Takeshita”

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