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Feb 15, 2019

President Maduro has showed a strong interest in the new financial system backed by a group of President Putin! – Pope Francis is the real culprit behind the incident, who volunteers to act as a mediator

image: Wikipedia [Public Domain] & Author:Jorge_Andrés_Paparoni_Bruzual [CC BY-SA]
President Maduro has showed a strong interest in the new financial system backed by a group of President Putin! – Pope Francis is the real culprit behind the incident, who volunteers to act as a mediator
The first article of REUTERS discusses how much it will cost to rebuild Venezuela after the collapse of the Maduro regime and how to rebuild it. According to the article, large investment in Venezuela would become profitable because it is rich in oil. The point is that it would be the best way “to adopt the U.S. dollar” to cope with hyperinflation.

Reuters seems to say that the U.S. dollar-control regime should be maintained by collapsing the Maduro regime, stealing oil and resources and introducing U.S. dollar into Venezuela.

Pope Francis “said that the Vatican is ‘available to mediate’ if both sides request for help.” It means that the real culprit behind the incident who volunteered to serve as a mediator can discourage Venezuela from drawing from the U.S. dollar settlement system or induce Venezuela to go in the direction Reuters claims

Reading the twitter and third article of Sputnik, we can understand that President Maduro introduced the oil-backed cryptocurrency and held an important meeting with President Putin last December.

Reportedly, after the coup attempt in Venezuela, President Putin immediately expressed support for Venezuela and dispatched mercenaries to protect President Maduro. It turns out that President Maduro showed a strong interest in the new financial system proposed by the group of President Putin. 

Now, please read the Intel Alert in the last article. They have finally revealed their true identity by saying “the New World Order and GESARA are the same thing” and “Venezuela must agree to comply with GESARA or face a geopolitical onslaught.”

In a word, they have confessed that Intel GESARA is different from the new financial system proposed by the group of President Putin. Considering this and Red Dragon Ambassador’s remarks that “currencies or NESAR is [now] Cabal’s operation, and it’s a type of false information,” it is apparent that Intel is the organization of the Cabal.

Q is trusted because he provides highly accurate information. On the other hand, there are people who still believe in Intel Alert which provides false information all the year round. I am surprised at that. 

I say that the Rothschild family in France tries to create a new financial system by GESERA which is the same as this New World Order and that Cobra Resistance Movement supports them. I also have pointed out many times that the Rothschild family has been spiritually guided by the former Hierarchy Cobra calls as thePleiadian Fleetor evil extraterrestrials that have been expelled by deities.

I have finished my explanation. I think here are all parts we need. Mr. Fulfod also says that the crisis in Venezuela is a battle over the new financial system. If you know who the key person in the battle is, you can get a rough idea of what is happening in the world. 

February 8, 2019
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from REUTERS– February 6, 2019 by Martin Langfield

4 February 2019 By Martin Langfield  BREAKINGNEWS
Venezuela will need the help of friends abroad to restore basic functions if Maduro departs.That will best be provided by loans and investment.

How much would it cost?
 Some $15 billion to $20 billion a year seems a reasonable starting point.   <snip> More recently, former Planning Minister Ricardo Hausmann, now at Harvard University, has put the funding need at $60 billion or more over several years, perhaps as much as $80 billion.

That sounds like a lot
 Yes and no. Venezuela has a lot of oil: 300 billion barrels of proven reserves, the world’s biggest.

How will it address hyperinflation?
Some economists have suggested adopting the U.S. dollarto replace the discredited bolívar would be the best way to kill inflation, which the IMF reckons could reach 10 million percent this year. 
<The rest is omitted>

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Asahi Shimbun DIGITAL
February 6, 2019 Rome, Shinichi Kawarada

Pope Francis offers to mediate in confused Venezuela “if both sides ask for help”

On 5 Pope Francis held a historic mass at a sports stadium in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates(UAE). <snip>   On the return flight to Vatican after staying in UAE for three days from 3rd to 5th, Pope Francis mentioned Venezuela, South America, which has suffered political crisis. He said that the Vatican is “available to mediate” if both of the head of the National Assembly Guido who declared himself interim president and President Maduro request for help. Mr. Maduro had written to Pope Francis “asking for help in dialogue with Mr. Guido.” (Rome, Shinichi Kawahara) 

Distributed by Twitter

Venezuela also aimed to conduct a transaction by oil-backed cryptocurrency. As a result, Venezuela has been got to where it is.

Naoya Fujiwara
Iran Unveils Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Excerpt from the Japanese version of Sputnik– December 4, 2018 –

Venezuelan President Maduro to hold a “very important” meeting with President Putin 

Venezuelan President Maduro revealed on 3 that hewould visit to Russia to hold a meeting with President Putin.

Sputnik Japan

President Maduro posted on Twitter “I am headed to Russia to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Venezuela and Russia. Tomorrow, I will hold a very important meeting with President Putin.”

Machine translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Economy saves Earth” – RV/CGR information by spiritual-lighter February 6, 2019 

Intel Alert on February 26, 2019

Machine-translated Part
The situation in Venezuela is only about compliance with GESARA. Venezuela must agree to comply with GESARA or face a geopolitical onslaught.

Trump also informally announced the gold standard system with recent tweets about the U.S. economy. Everything related to GESARA will never be officially announced

Ironically, the New World Order and GESARA are the same thing.Both were executed secretly behind the scenes. The only difference is that one (NWO) is designed to enslave humanity and the other (GESAARA) is completely opposed.

<The rest is omitted>

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