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Dec 20, 2018

Not only the Cabal but also the Pleiadian High Council, Cobra Resistance Movement, Group of extraterrestrial beings under a false name of Ashtar or others, and INTEL support the New World Order symbolized by the French Rothschild family

image: pixabay [CC0]
Not only the Cabal but also the Pleiadian High Council, Cobra Resistance Movement, Group of extraterrestrial beings under a false name of Ashtar or others, and INTEL support the New World Order symbolized by the French Rothschild family
I never fail to read articles and tweets by PFC-JAPAN. That’s because they make me easily understand the movement of bad extraterrestrial beings that parasitize the Galactic Confederation and Galactic Light of Federation. Both the Galactic Confederation and Galactic Light of Federation were subsidiary organizations of the White Lodge. I use the past tense “were” because the Hierarchy has been completely disbanded and it has been absorbed into the organization of deities.

However, there are some evil remnants of extraterrestrial beings that try to put the agenda of the Hierarchy into action. One group is the “Pleiadian High Council” inside the Galactic Confederation and another is the Cobra Resistance Movement, which is the subsidiary organization of the Galactic Confederation.

And the other group is leading members of the Galactic Federation of Light, who send messages under a false name of Sananda, St. Germain, Ashtar or Archangel Michael. INTEL conveys their messages. As seen in France, anti-globalism wave and movement denying the New World Order have conspicuously appeared. Now we can say that the French Rothschild family has been under incessant attack.

However, the New World Order symbolized by the French Rothschild family is supported not only by Hilary Clinton and Obama who represent the Cabal but also by the above-mentioned Pleiadian High Council, Cobra Resistance Movement, a group of extraterrestrial beings under a false name of Ashtar or others, and INTEL.

As seen in the tweets below, PFC-JAPAN picks up mainly Cobra and INTEL information. You can understand that INTEL information is a series of fake information, practically delusion.

On the other hand, they also provide information of Qanon, anti-New World Order flag bearer. This is a mixture of right and wrong information. In the latter half of tweets, a proper question is asked: “Is the truth is that you are a fake resistance group of the Cabal?”

I think that most of people who get involved in this PFC are good people because they emit vibrations completely different from those of Cobra and Ashtar. Reading the messages from Cobra and Ashtar, which deceive the public, good people have the false impression that they are a group of Light forces that bravely fights against the Cabal. Cobra and Ashtar are actually a group which strongly moves forward with the New World Order, mainly led by the Rothschild family.

Various problems such as chemtrails, earthquake weapons, vaccination and genetically modified food, which destroy the environment of the planet, still continue to exist as global depopulation program. The underlying cause is their behind-the-scenes manipulation of the covert Illuminati with the Rothschild family at the top. This manipulation has continued.

Therefore, these problems are not confined to earthlings who easily believe false information from Cobra, INTEL and evil extraterrestrial beings. Extraterrestrial beings of the Galactic Confederation and the Galactic Light of Federation have to realize that there are evil beings inside their organizations that try to destroy the environment of the earth in cooperation with the Cabal. It is my opinion that good extraterrestrial beings should eliminate such evil beings from divine organizations and punish them by law.

December 10, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from PFC-JAPAN 18/12/7

Brazil Ascension Conference Report and Situation Update

The weekend of our Ascension conference in Sao Paulo was full of monumental changes for the planet. It is not a coincidence that just a few hours beforethe start of the conference, the leader of the unholy four, George Bush Sr. has been put to death:
The meditation and the operation of the Light Forces were successful, he was captured by the Light and escorted into the Galactic Central Sun, where he is going through a disintegration process right now.
This week brings many changes. Since Goddess Vortex activations which were taking place behind the scenes in Paris from November 9th to November 11th,the Yellow Vest liberation movement in France is gaining momentum:  <snip> To prevent infiltrators from hijacking the movement and to ensure a peaceful transitionwe have issued a peace meditation for Paris on Saturday:
(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from PFC-JAPAN 18/11/29 Translated into Japanese by Atsuko Kimijima

SANANDAthrough Dancing Dolphin

I AM SANANDAand I do have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth at this time. 
What does this mean, you ask? Well, it does mean that your planet and all her peoples have ascended into the next stage of your development. You have broken free from your slavery!The grand experiment that we have all been working on for ages and ages has finally and truly been successful in earnest.
(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from PFC-JAPAN 18/11/21 Translated into Japanese by Atsuko Kimijima

Wake up Call: St. Germaine, November 20, 2018

There is something coming that is going to wipe clean all of what is being projected for all of the planet.
I will give you one more piece of news and it is that there is coming an outbreak of action that will give you all the idea that what I have told you is where you must go in order to be able to see what the truth is,
(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from PFC-JAPAN 18/11/15 Translated into Japanese by Atsuko Kimijima

Ashtar via James McConnell, November 11th, 2018

I am Ashtar.  It is always wonderful to be with you in these times and moments in the midst of these many changes that are occurring and are about to occur.
the Pleiadian fleet that is preparing not only a great celebration, but they are planning an operation, you might say, an operation that will bring this even closer—disclosure–closure and closer to you.

Key to Freedom Meditation
There is a request from Light forces to change current weekly ascension meditation to key to freedom mediation. The reason is that the latter mediation, which focuses more on real issues, has great influence on liberation of the planet.
Mediation starts at midnight on December 10.

(Note: Translation of the quoted information is omitted.)
RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 7, 2018

The world is undergoing a massive transition.
Everything the Cabal has created is being destroyed.
Their global fiat economy is being deflated.
Their global financial control relinquished.
Their fiat financial system replaced.
The foundation is being built for a Post-GESARA world.

(Note: Translation of the quoted information is omitted.)
[Startling] QAnon’s plan to save the world “Kennedy Secret Space Development and UFO”: Energy revolution, Nazi UFO technology, 2016 Trump speech on NWO promoters and Qplan and Kennedy speech.
World Bank Committee of 300
Intel: Restored Republic 11/27
Nov. 27: 800#s, QFS released?, Funds unlocked, Assange released to testify 
Nov. 30: Stock Market crash 
Dec. 1: Global Currency Reset announced. 
Dec. 5: Social Media Blackout
End of Dec: Eliminate Central Banks, Federal Reserve, IRS; Global Elite Hollywood and D.C. Politician CIA/Vatican Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Ring Exposed 
Dec. to April 2019: Martial Law likely until new elections. 
Jan. 2019: Military Tribunals to begin.

Hello. I’m Tommy.
Can I ask a favor?
I have a question.
PFC, NSA and QAnon collaborate?
It seems that QAnon and NSA collaborate.
PFC is a group to prepare for changes by supporting Resistance Movement and its spokesman Cobra. Therefore, PFC is far from working together with them.
PFC thinks that it is good to share information with them in the sense of preparation for changes.
This is a very important question.
Let me get this straight.

It is easy to understand that NSA and Qanon collaborate.
NSA is a state organ and we can trust it.
And we can trust Qanon, too.
However, PFC is not a state organ.
Therefore, we can’t trust it.

You’ve just said: “PFC is far from NSA.”
I am all the more dubious about you.

Is the truth is that you are a fake resistance group of the Cabal that takes advantage of the resistance group of NSA and Qanon?

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