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Nov 16, 2018

President Trump seriously considers declassifying many documents concerning Russiagate / Corey Goode says: “Operation to gather evidence to take down the cabal in highly secret courts.”

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President Trump seriously considers declassifying many documents concerning Russiagate / Corey Goode says: “Operation to gather evidence to take down the cabal in highly secret courts.”
According to the first article, President Trump “seriously considers” declassification of a lot of documents concerning so-called Russiagate. If these documents are disclosed, rascals of Obama and Clinton cannot do anything. Since they know it, they try to stall for time with the intention of initiating a civil war or World War 3, I think. French President Macron is making a fuss in vain.

According to the second article posted by Mr. Corey Goode, operation to gather evidence to take down the cabal in secret courts has already begun.

The last sentence in boldface type is interesting. According to Mr. Corey Goode, most of his Alliance contacts are betrayers and will be brought for justice in such secret courts.

I believe that Mr. Corey Goode is a truthful person and honestly speaks about his experiences. I have thought that he is provided wrong information and unknowingly takes part in an agenda that aims at destruction of Earth. Probably he does not know about the truth even now. He would be shocked if he knew the truth.

He naturally knows the truth on deeper level of consciousness though he does not realize it in superficial consciousness.  This is the reason why his vibrations have rapidly decreased temporarily and the Sphere-Being Alliance and Anshar could not contact him.

November 11, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Donald Trump NEWS– November 10, 2018 –

Trump “Seriously” Considering Declassifying Key Russia Investigation Documents

<Reference source: SaraACarter.com November 7, 2018>
President Donald Trump said Wednesday thathe is “seriously” considering declassifying a slew of documentsrequested by former Republican House leaders investigating the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe.
In October, concerning information about Rosenstein surfaced during a deposition of former FBI General Counsel James Baker.    <snip>    Baker said that McCabe, Page and Rosenstein had discussed the possibility of secretly recording President Trump.    <snip>   Baker said that Rosenstein also discussed the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment on the president in an effort to remove him from office for being unfit.
We’re looking at that very seriously, declassification very seriously,” said Trump. “It’s amazing how people on the other side just don’t want those documents declassified…we’re looking at that very carefully. I certainly wanted to wait until after the midterm.
(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Cosmic Disclosure re-boot November 10 2018 

Alliance Update and Mass Mediation on November 11


One of the most sensitive phases of the Alliance takedown of the cabalis said tohave begun within the last few days to a week.  <snip> all of the people training in hangars with floor plans taped to the floors and practicing breaching certain facilities and bunkers have been deployed to the field. These operatives are not making as many arrests as one would think but are mainly gathering vast quantities of last-minute evidencebefore they bring cases before secret grand juries to be accepted into evidence. They are preparing for highly secret and coordinated military and civilian trials
After most of my Alliance contacts became compromised and were placed in custody, I found out that many of them will be going through the same trial process as the elites that they had pledged to defeat.
Corey Goode

Reference source:

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