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Nov 28, 2018

Fires in California are the deliberate crime committed by using sort of Directed Energy Weapons – It is part of New World Order’s plan aiming at reduction of world population by 90 percent and Agenda 21 is promoted mainly by the Rothschild family –

image: pixabay [CC0]
Fires in California are the deliberate crime committed by using sort of Directed Energy Weapons – It is part of New World Order’s plan aiming at reduction of world population by 90 percent and Agenda 21 is promoted mainly by the Rothschild family –
It has been speculated from numerous pieces of circumstantial evidence that fires in California are man-made by using sort of directed energy weapons (DEWs). Fulford report seems to support the opinion.

Watch the first one minute of the video below.  The video shows that laser weapon use is the only possibility we can come up with. 

With regard to light pillar seen in the photos, some people say that it was created when a rocket was launched. However, it cannot explain the situation seen in the video. It would be better to accept that the light pillar was caused by lasers.

The article says something interesting: “The French branch of this family (Rothschild family) is being held responsible for many of these crimes.” According to the articles on California wildfires we have picked up, these fires are probably related to Agenda 21, which is New World Order agenda aiming at reduction of world population by 90 percent. It’s only natural considering that the head of Agenda 21 advocators is the Rothschild family.

The Earth Alliance makes efforts to eliminate the Cabal to thwart such a devilish agenda. According to Mr. David Wilcock, many white hats of the U.S. military join the Alliance. QAnon undoubtedly belongs to the Alliance. Therefore, he strongly supports President Trump.

Such being the case, this is a war between the Earth Alliance and the Cabal, which is symbolized by sour relations between President Trump and President Macron. Visibly, it looks like a battle between the Trump administration and the Rothschild family.

The second article is an open letter to President Trump which requests the president to take immediate action against the present situation in California. It is rumored that President Trump is ready to declare martial law. Reading this open letter, I suppose that the rumor can be true.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 11, 2018

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: How Sad!– November 20, 2018 –

Fulford Report (November 19)

The Khazarian mafia, losing power in Washington, D.C., is making futile attempts to prevent further prosecution by attacking California with Directed Energy Weapons, or DEWs.See the definition below from a Global Research article.

A DEW is a system using a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy (including but not limited to lasers and high power microwave systems), or atomic or subatomic particles primarily as a direct means to kill, injure, disable, or temporarily incapacitate people or destroy, damage, or temporarily incapacitate property or materiel.  <snip> 
There is overwhelming evidencethat such weapons are being used against Californiaby the Khazarians.


It is highly likely that large-scale fires in California were caused by DEW (directed energy weapon)! Evidence photos and videos are uploaded everywhere in the U.S.
The tweet is added by Shanti-phula.

Not only that, whistleblower Deborah Tavaresis providing evidence that blames these attacks on the Rothschild family and their company Pacific Gas & Electric.

What these high-level criminals fail to realize is that they are no longer operating in secret or with impunity. In particular, we are hearing that the French branch of this family is being held responsible for many of these crimes.

This means roles have now been reversed and they are now the ones under threat. This can be seen in the desperate calls from their French slave president Emmanuel Macron for a European army (as we mentioned last week) to protect the EU from “China, Russia, and the U.S.” 

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society– November 21, 2018 –

ATTACK ON CALIFORNIA: An Open Letter to President Trump

November 17, 2018
Dear Mr. President:

We are writing this open letter to you out of grave concern for our fellow Americans in California.  <snip> In the aftermath of this year’s two wildfire seasons in Californiaconclusive evidence has emerged which showsthatthese fires were manmadeIn fact, not a day passes that firsthand testimony is not authoritatively presented about this calculated attackon our neighbors.


An abundance of photographic evidence clearly demonstrates that vehicles were literally torched by some sort of directed energy weapon (DEW).  Likewise, homes have been shown to have collapsed in on themselves after being imploded by a DEW.

Many of our fellow citizens have been burned alive in their vehicles and homesby a form a warfare never seen before in the 50 states.  <snip> Countless Californians are now homeless with nowhere to go.  Still others have been rendered bankrupt and without any resources…only the clothes on their back.
President Trump, We the People ARE UNDER SERIOUS ATTACK!
We the People demand action from the U.S. Federal Government now. We also demand expeditious remedy and relief for those who are suffering terribly in the wake of this unparalleled catastrophe.  The killing must end; the deliberate damage must be compensated.
Lastly, may we say that many good souls have sacrificed themselves so that these bold attacks on American sovereignty can be brought to light. <snip>  Please, President Trump, act decisively— in this very moment — so “that these dead shall not have died in vain”.

Most respectfully,

We the People

P.S. The following attachments provide plenty of hard evidence — scientific, circumstantial and anecdotal — which corroborate the categorical statements made in this open letter about the attack on California.

Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs
Here’s how the globalists and geoengineers conspired to manufacture the apocalyptic California firestorms
SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms
OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation
Who is firebombing California and why?
Firestorm Apocalypse in California (Video)

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