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Oct 5, 2018

Sananda, one of Kumaras who descended to Earth from Venus approximately 18.5 million years ago is completely different from Jesus, a soul who came from Sirius

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Sananda, one of Kumaras who descended to Earth from Venus approximately 18.5 million years ago is completely different from Jesus, a soul who came from Sirius
As I have already conveyed, the message shown in the first tweet below is from an imposter and the person who sent the message has been destroyed. The second and third tweets include a lot of wrong information. I’d like to give a little explanation of it.Sananda is a completely different person from Jesus. The commentary of “Secret Doctrine” by Helena Blavatsky” stanza XI-43 (a) writes the seven Kumaras (Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana, Sanatkumara, Jata, Vodhu, and Panchika) in the White Island. They are Kumaras who descended to Earth from Venus about18.5 million years ago. According to Theosophical concept, they are Logos (deities). Therefore, their evolutionary level is more than 7.0.

However, Jesus is a soul who came from Sirius, achieved the initiation of crucifixion in the story of the Bible (evolutionary level 4) and became a Master in subsequent reincarnation. Jesus is adifferent being from Kumaras.

According to channeled information, Masters such as Jesus, St. Jermain, Morya and Kuthumi are considered as Ascended Masters. However, they are not Ascended Masters.

Ascended Masters are those who achieved the initiation ofascension(evolutionary level 6.0). However, their evolutionary level was no more than 5.5.

If the definition of God differs among people, it causes great confusion. Watch a humorous video posted today. Watch the video below from the mark of 1:50. Even if the parrot claims: “I am a human,” we regret to say that it is not true.

According to the explanation given in the third tweet below, “God is the beings that reside in more than 6D. This is wrong. That is because humans, fairies, animals, flowers and minerals also exist in higher dimensions.

In an article posted on January 22, 2016, I introduced the figure of “seven planes of solar system” based on Theosophical concept. According to Cobra’s world view, he seems to consider that the physical plane is 3D, the astral plane is 4D and the mental plane is 5D. Regrettably, I have never seen any description which clearly explains the relationship between these Lokas (planes) and dimensions. It is not clear whether 6D means the Buddhic plane or the Causal plane (1st to 4th sub-planes of the Mental plane). Therefore, it is unclear what 6D beings mean.

Let’s take Raw-Tear-Eir of the Blue Avians Mr. Corey Goode had contact with for example. His physical body exists in the same dimension 3D where we exist. The highest plane where he was able to enter in causal body is the 3rd sub-plane of the Mental plane.

What is the difference between him and ordinary earthlings? Unlike him, we cannot freely teleport or intentionally enter the Causal plane. However, his physical structure is completely the same as earthlings. Therefore, we can’t understand what 6D beings mean.

As a matter of fact, the structure of the “seven planes of solar system” is applicable only to the “humans” of 1st System Earthly Deity 5th Level.

Seeing the figure, you can see that the causal body of humans is above the mental plane. However, as for deities (divine spirits) in the Futomani figure, the causal body exists in the Buddhic plane. Five dieties of ki, tsu, wo, sa and ne are ranked higher than deities in the Futomani figure. The current five deities are all women and their causal bodies exist across the Logos plane and the Anupadak plane (Monadic Plane).

Like this, deity, divine spirit and human have different body structure. In other words, physical constituent element is different among the three.

As for humans, only physical body (in a broad sense) is distinguished between male and female. Linga-sariraand causal body are bisexual. If humans evolve to deities, the sex of Linga-sarirais determined. Otherwise causal body is still bisexual. Only in case of promotion to deity, the sex of the subtlest body, causal body, is determined.

However, unhappily, there is a deity whose causal body and Linga-sarira are reversed, the reason for which is unknown. The deity is a goddess who is well-known in Japanese mythology. As a matter of fact, the causal body of the goddess is male. It is not her fault. This plunged the heavenly world into chaos. Luckily, everything has been settled nicely in the reformation of the heavenly world. Since the goddess was lucky enough to acquire the grace of deity in higher system, her casual body changed from male to female and she was liberated from suffering.  

September 26, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Message from Sananda on September 23

My dear one you are riding the storm currently you are in the Centre of this Great storm, but remember all storms will eventually diminish for light to Cometh again.
The Great event it’s just on the horizon , keep your chin above the waters edge, my dear one, I love you beyond measure Lord Sananda 



What is Sananda?



It means Jesus Christ.
They say that Sananda is the name of external universe.
Sananda seems to be being that will assume the leadership of Event to come.



There are different definitions even for God or Savor.
Answer will differ depending on what it is defined by. 

I personally think that God is the concept or word which means high-dimensional life form. But there is God unphysically (conceptually) created by humans.
There may be humans or other races who call themselves God. 

The definition of God differs among people.



I also recognize that God in the universe and being beyond 6D is God.
Apart from it, there is another being primary being like creator. It is energy of love and that love creates the universe as far as I know.

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