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Jun 8, 2018

“Remote Viewing” which is fallen into the category of common sense by CIA and Secret Space Program … Remote influencers who prevent intruders from trying to see through military bases by using remote viewing techniques

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“Remote Viewing” which is fallen into the category of common sense by CIA and Secret Space Program … Remote influencers who prevent intruders from trying to see through military bases by using remote viewing techniques
The Cosmic Disclosure has two guests – Ms. Emery Smith and Mr. Corey Goode – who are intelligencers of top secret information.

This story is about secret underground facility. They say that there are 300 underground facilities in the U.S. They talk about interesting subjects such as where the facilities are and how to enter such facilities.

This article would consist of about 30 pages in printed form. I have just quoted from the topic of remote viewers who are in charge of monitoring bases.

According to an article dated May 23, priests have “remote viewing” ability and can predict even future, and they maintain close relations with leaders with state power.

Probably many people are skeptical about such story, but reading the information from Mr. Corey Goode, it seems that such ability is categorized as common sense by CIA or Secret Space Program.

I once introduced the remote viewing by Major Ed Dames on the blog. According to the major, everybody can master this ability by training and he taught ordinary people how to gain this ability.

If it is so, it is no wonder that priests who have gone through rigorous training have such ability. Actually, this ability seems to be very effective in stock price prediction. I have read an article which says that leading investors do not predict stock price based on their own economic theory but they depend on reliable psychics.

In the article I pick up, there is a word of remote influencers. According to the article, it would seem that remote influences prevent intruders from seeing through military bases by using remote viewing techniques and that they can attack intruders by feeding back energy.

I really understand well these things, because I am energetically attacked on a daily basis and I send back energy to attackers. It happens every time. In most cases, I know who attackers are.

Although people are interested in such psychic power, it is nothing to do with inner peace. This is rudimentary psychic power. We can say that as long as you are interested in such ability, you are far away from the path of true happiness (liberation).

May 28, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – May 23, 2018 –

Season11, Episode1



Corey: Did you ever hear of any security measures to protect against “psychic spying” or remoteviewing?

Emery: Absolutely. All the bases have dedicated remote viewers on board. <snip> They could be far away and still protecting the bases. And you get two good remote viewers – and that's one of my specialties that I actually get paid for - . . . is you have a remote viewer, let's say, that's 90% effective. And then you get another remote viewer that's, like, 90% effective. And they both come up with the exact same thing. So you only need a few of those guys on board to check out surveillance. Now, they do have people that are advanced remote viewers that are using . . .


Corey: Remote influencers.

Emery: Right, remote influencers that also use consciousness-assisted technology and electronics that they hook up to.


Corey: There's either a pole or aplate that they put their palms on.
<snip> Well, one is copper, and one looks like it's a stainless looking steel. And it's hooked up to wires. And they'll sit there, and it enhances their ability.
The remote viewers that try to view military bases, they'll begin to see a view of the base, and then all of a sudden, their thoughts are scattered.
And what they were being called in the smart-glass pads, which is an awkward way to label them, but they called them, “Those that Scatter”, because they were scattering the thoughts of anyone coming in.
And they were also sending energetic feedback through the connection and giving people what they called “ethereal headaches”, which for days you have a huge headache. And I'm sure you know what that's . . .

(The rest is omitted)

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