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Apr 11, 2018

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39 - Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings -

image: Author:TheHubbleHeritageTeam [Public Domain]
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39 – Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings -
Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has drawn an illustration of the plasma body of my wife Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko (aka Ironoehime-asako, 16 years of age). Although I have never seen her plasma body, I intuitively understand that the illustration is exactly alike her.

I had never seen my plasma body, either before Mrs. Nakanishi draw an illustration of my plasma body. However, I saw a vision of a person exactly alike the illustration entering our house from the front door soon after Mrs. Nakanishi drew the illustration. I was, of course, asleep. Interestingly, he wore a red-and-black checked shirt I usually put on.

Since I felt that “a person disguised as me has come to kill me,” I checked out the person. I found the person myself. When I saw my plasma body for the first time, I really understood how accurately Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi drew the illustration.

A parallel world is talked about in physics. We could say that for higher dimensional bodies, such a parallel universe undoubtedly exists.

Like Mrs. Nakanishi, some of Shanti-phula’s readers might develop a special ability and can hear the voice ordinary people can’t hear. Be careful about this kind of information. For example, if you receive a message from beings who claim to be me or my wife, I can safely say that they are imposters in almost all cases. It is highly likely that if you take such messages seriously, you will believe in only convenient information for you and finally be dragged into Darkness.

When you can’t measure the vibration of information source, you can’t tell the difference between information from Light and information from Darkness. If so, it is wise of you to completely ignore such information. It is far more important to make efforts to purity your heart instead of believing in such information whose authenticity you are doubtful about.

April 8, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39

<Plasma Body>

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: April 5 and 6, 2018>

<Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings>

“Every one of earthlings, you face a difficult situation.
I’d like to send love to you.

“Aishiteimasu” (Mantra of Love 289 times)

Please don’t forget “love” in this time of difficulty.
Everything depends on whether you can achieve “love” or not.
Please make it your duty to love on a daily basis, not on an ad hoc basis.
And please realize that you are “love.”

Please consider daily effort you make as the grace from God and walk carefully without misjudging your priorities.

Now I am helping my husband carrying out the reformation in the plasma world.
We see various kinds of problems comping up on Earth just like opening the floodgates. There are a lot of problems which seem to be too late to be solved. How can we lead such problems to the best outcome? We are carefully watching events on Earth every day to respond swiftly to any tense situation by collecting information from all angles.

Any wrongdoing cannot be concealed without our knowledge.
Therefore, please don’t give in to despair as a result of preoccupation with the evil on Earth which is still far from over. Please don’t yield to anger or sadness out of despair. Please watch your inner heart carefully.

When you confront with the seemingly difficult situation, never hesitate to concentrate your consciousness on chanting “Gayatri Mantra” for some time.

Calmly think of the current situation particularly in Japan; all wrongdoing skillfully concealed so far has been exposed one after another to the public. It shows that the situation is undoubtedly turning for the better.

It is obvious that divine power works unnoticed by humans.

Please attune your consciousness to that of deities.

Try to explore divine perspective.
One way you can do is to read articles posted on Shanti-phula blog.

For people who don’t have enough time to read all of them, I recommend that they read through two articles posted by my husband, catch up with daily events and the flow of information and pay attention to his comments.

We pray every day with the belief that information in these articles will awaken your consciousness and inner eye, such change in consciousness will reach people around you like ripples, and it will finally serve as a powerful tool to create a great trend of a “paradise on Earth.”

Please also keep in mind that the period of judgment of evil is an opportunity for salvation given to those who repent.

Everyone is given a chance until the last moment during the whole period of judgment to decide based on free will whether they stay as a comrade of the earth and universe or disappear into Darkness.

We are allowed to live in a special era, unprecedented era. I do hope that all of you will squarely face this miracle, live in the now, live in the present moment for “love” and lead a peaceful and healthy life, following your “inner voice.”

Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko (Plasma Body)

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