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Apr 4, 2018

[China-North Korea meeting]China and North Korea moves toward peace in the Korean Peninsula and Korean unification – Abe Administration can never keep up with significant global changes –

image: Twitter 
[China-North Korea meeting]China and North Korea moves toward peace in the Korean Peninsula and Korean unification – Abe Administration can never keep up with significant global changes –
With regard to the North Korea situation, I think that accurate information had been provide only on Mr. Eiken Itagaki’s blog from a very early stage. In that sense, I think that the information below is basically true.

Reading the article, you must understand that the Goldman Family’s Group (Committee of 200) is moving toward peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula under the direction of Dr. Kissinger. This move will simultaneously lead to peace in the Middle East. However, I suppose that tremendous tension will be caused between U.S. and Iran before it.

The move of the U.S. is seemingly advantageous to Israel. However, I suppose that like Abe-pyon, Israel will be forsaken by the U.S.

The Abe administration can never keep up with significant global changes.

According to the tweet below, Kim Jong Un says: “a bigs change has recently occurred in the Korean peninsula. In my view, it means a secret meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un has got successful, as suggested in Q series.

The Trump administration has carried out an operation to eliminate the Deep State. We will see underlings wiped out from now on. It is Abe-pyon and his friends who work for the Deep State destined to be wiped out and enjoyed eating Sushi with former President Obama the other day. It seems that they fail to understand under what circumstances they are.

March 29, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: Eiken Itagaki “Inside Story about Politicsand Economy Never Reported by Mass Media – March 29, 2018 –

Today’s “Eiken Itagaki Information Agency”
The first summit meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping is the move in anticipation of distribution of huge amounts of funds by Emperor and Liberal Party Leader Ichiro Ozawa.

[Special Information 1]

Emperor and Empress visited Okinawa from March 27 to March 29. Seventy three years has passed since the last battle of Okinawa (fought at Ginoza Village, Okinawa during April 1 – June 22, 1945, leaving one out of four locals dead) ended the battle organized by the Imperial Japanese Navy. This visit was realized based on their strong desire to pay a requiescat visit to the site before abdication of Emperor scheduled to be held on April 30, 2019. This visit will be the 11th visit to Okinawa. Around the same time, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited Peking from 26 – 27 March to meet with “Emperor” Chinese President Xi Jinping. This move has as its backdrop some anticipation: Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement between Japan and the United States of America (MSA) allows World Bank and IMF to use investment profits in the futures-transactions. The profits are held in trust by Emperor and Mr. Ozawa. When the investment profits are shared by G20, it is likely that eight hundred trillion yen out of the profits will be shared by a new state “Korea” which is due to be built at the time of Korean unification. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has worked behind the scenes to strengthen military power and stipulate the “Self Defense Force” in Article 9 of the Constitution in preparation for a big war or nuclear war. This is totally opposite to the move.

Distributed by Twitter


Soh Bunshu

With regard to the reason of visit to China, Kim Jong Un says:
It is natural to celebrate (reappointment of Mr. Xi Jinping as president) following the tradition of friendship between China and North Korea.
And a serious change has recently occurred in the Korean peninsula. I should report it to President Xi Jinping.”
15:40 – March 28, 2018



More detailed illustrated explanationAbe “collects information”.

China: President Xi Jinping:
"I praise North Korea efforts."

↓Xi accepted to visit to North Korea / ↑Visit to China indicates Kim wants support by China?

North Korea: Leader Kim Jong Un:
"Denuclearization issue can be solved,  (which depends on US/Korea attitude)"

↑↓ They will meet in the middle of April

U.S.: President Trump:
"(North Korea) wants something.  I think the country wants to achieve peace.  Aim to have a meeting by the end of May"

South Korea: President Kim-Moon:
"Denuclearization will start in full swing"
He will meet with Jong Un at the end of April. He will serve as an intermediary on the meeting above.

Japan: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:
"We will collect information."
We will have a Japan/China/Korea summit meeting in May



It’s over. In Far Eastern Asia, history is moving vigorously, hotly and vividly.
Only Japan is out of the loop due to foolish Abe.
While Japan is shouting by saying “Beautiful country,” “Encirclement of China” or “Pressure of a different dimension on North Korea,” China, South Korea and North Korea has reached for each other’s hands toward peace and future.
18:22 – March 28, 2018


Kou Suzuki

I wonder what “Abe diplomacy” was all about. Japan has not joined exemption from customs yet. Russia has jointly developed the Northern territories with another country. China completely ignores Japan. Japan is out of the loop in the US/Korea/North Korea summit meeting. Japan cannot find a favorable chance in negotiations on the abduction issue and as a result the issue will be finally used only for political purposes. This is the Abe diplomacy.
11:54 – March 23, 2018

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