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Mar 19, 2018

Sacred prostitution, the custom created by the Devil, is spiritual crime and those who commit this are all to be judged.

image: pixabay [CC0]
Sacred prostitution, the custom created by the Devil, is spiritual crime and those who commit this are all to be judged.
I’d like to introduce false message related to channeling information. I have always advised you to never get involved in channeling information. Since almost all of messages from a person such as “Creator” or “Divine Mother” are undoubtedly wrong, it is vital to ignore such messages.

Print out a message in the first article and slightly touch it with your hands, and you will realize that you cannot be attuned to the vibrations of the message unless you focus your consciousness on far below the Muladhara chakra. This woman who claims herself as “Mother God” has been judged together with her company because she provided false information. She has been driven into a terrible situation.

This woman is a self-proclaimed member of the self-proclaimed Pleiadian High Council (of Seven) and yet the only female member. I saw a vison of ten members of the organization. They looked like a group of beautiful men and women in Hollywood. Though they had the physical body, I thought that they did not gain the physical body through natural birth. They are probably a group of aliens who have evolutionary level of around 2.0.

I can say that all members had been practically destroyed in terms of vibrations after I saw the vision. Obviously, their souls had already been destroyed a long time ago and they should start again from scratch. However, it is likely that the situation will get worse for them.

Reading a message from Cobra (definitely imposter) in the second article, we can see that they affirm sacredprostitution. The woman above who claimed herself “Divine Mother” has sexual relationship with all male members. In a word, the goddess they call her is a prostitute who are shared among male members to satisfy their sexual desire within the organization. They justify themselves by claiming that use of such prostitute is the key to immortality and Ascension. I find this kind of deception disgusting.

They give such a plausible reason that “the purpose of sexual energy is merger of female and male polarities into the One.” From my viewpoint, “merger of female and male polarities into the One cannot be possible unless the two persons love each other, and these morons cannot understand it.”

I definitely say here that sacred prostitution is a spiritual crime. Every person on whichever level will be judged if committing this crime. They can never understand that this sickening custom was created by the Devil and they say that this immoral behavior is female self-expression. I believe that they will never be awakened.

Just so there is no confusion, I totally know what is far beyond sexual alchemy written here. I have already published on video lectures the information which can be disclosed. On the blog I commented that my wives and I never get old in our inner bodies. That’s because all of us have been totally merged into the One and accomplished alchemy. I’ll let you know that there can be no such thing unless maternal love is completed.

March 12, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service Takisan’s Home Page –March 11, 2018 –

Message From The Divine Mother Gaia Ascends To The Higher Vibrations March 5, 2018

Message From The Divine Mother Gaia Ascends To The Higher Vibrations
By Linda Li 03/05/2018

Dear Ones, I come today to give you a quite update on what is happening behind the doors and how humanity is doing.


Humanity knows that there is something beyond the 3D world, and that power at work seems so potent, humanity almost feels it and wants more, that is the good news.


The Divine power which is at work, not only the Divine masculine, but also the Divine Feminine, the Mother God of all creation. Humanity needs to know that there is a Mother God, Mother of all creation, on earth, in human body, and her solo purpose here on earth is to wake up the sleepers and take them home.

I love you dear children on earth, I am Divine Mother on earth, also known as Mother of all creation. It is I who created all, including the planet herself. The reason I have created you and Gaia, the planet, is that I want us to have a play ground, a place we can come and go, learn about living on a planet, as a human and gaining wisdom along the way. Now, that play time is over. We need to ascend to a higher place so that Mother Gia can have a better condition and better treatment.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN – March 6, 2018 –

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is connected to one of the deepest Goddess mysteries.


In the timeframe between 3000 BCE and 300 CE women were still able to express themselves as sexual healers in Goddess temples:


Then the Khazarian Kurgan invasion in the 4th century brutally ended this tradition and sexually suppressed women even further.

Many Cabal members have a twisted and distorted access to some of the lesser Goddess mysteries which they have received as part of their occult training. Many Cabal members were dropouts of ancient mystery schools in antiquity in past incarnations when they failed to pass the tests to gain access to greater mysteries and then kept, misused and distorted the lesser mysteries they already had access to:


The purpose of sexual energy is merger of female and male polarities into the One. It is the key to immortality and Ascension. 

This was perfectly described in Spiritus Eros, a secret doctrine of a positive Templar group named Ordo Bucintoro:


Many secrets of sexual merger into the One are locked away deeply in the Kaula Tantra system:

(The rest is omitted)

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