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Jan 20, 2018

Cobra information, which is of high accuracy and value, is one of the most important information – You can tell that they take part in Evil by checking out their vibrations –

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Cobra information, which is of high accuracy and value, is one of the most important information – You can tell that they take part in Evil by checking out their vibrations –
The administrator of website Now Creation was kind enough to contact Shanti-phula about the article. We are very appreciative of what is written in a message. We have just introduced the minimum quotation. Please read the whole text in the reference source.

I am very appreciative of Cobra information introduced by Now Creation, which has provided valuable information. The information has been unmeasurably useful for me. Cobra information and information by Mr. Corey Goode is one of the most important information at present when we stand at the turning point of the times. I feel greatly grateful to those who have translated such valuable information into Japanese and provided it.

However, I have been in a position to let people know their true nature though I recognize this information as important. I just told the truth. I didn’t consider them as Evil, but rather I had a favorable view of them and expected that they might cooperate with us some day. In other words, I was waiting for them to turn over a new leaf. However, I found that it was a wishful thinking. When I wrote about their identity on the blog, they started to launch spiritual attacks on me. After judging that it is unlikely that they will be born again, I concluded that they are Evil. However, some of good aliens in the organization have turned over a new leaf and worked together with us.

I commented on the blog before that the Galactic Confederation Cobra calls and the Galactic Federation of Light have become organizations of Light in the true sense of the term. It means that they are working together with deities now. Now they have realized that information from me is true.

Regrettably, RM (resistance movement) whose spokesman is Cobra is still an Evil organization and I think that they are unlikely to turn over a new leaf and if this goes on, all of them will be destroyed eventually. Their information on 3D lower planes is highly accurate and valuable. However, they take part in Evil. You can tell by checking out their vibrations.

A similar case is applied to information from Mr. Benjamin Creme. His information is highly accurate and very valuable. However, his information is directly from the inner circle of the Hierarchy. We can say that his information is valuable and has a great value for analysis in that it is the information from such inner circle of the Hierarchy.

Once I inform you of the fact, however, I get to be highly disliked by those who have believed them to be Ascended Masters and followed them. Some followers consider me as their enemy and intentionally attack me.

As I repeatedly gave a warning, if they attacked me whatever may be intentionally or unintentionally, irreparable karma would return to them. As a result, their souls would be undoubtedly destroyed. But that is not the end of the story. They will have their narrowly-defined physical vibrations decrease to the lowest point. They will spiritually go bankrupt in the end.

All I do is provide information on the blog. Therefore, you don’t need to believe what I say. I hope that the information on the blog will help you correctly understand this world.

Some people attack me in various forms just because the worldview I provide is different from what they have believed. This is exactly the same as the inquisition. In the worst case, if a leader of a sect declares to give a death sentence to a non-believer, a group of assassins are sent to the person. Apparently, this is an illegal act. It is natural that karma returns to such illegal act. At present all wicked people are being destroyed.
As a matter of fact, they destroy themselves after evil thoughts they emitted comes back to them.

January 16, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – January 11, 2018 –

To friends who hope for a peaceful world


There are people who still take part in Darkness out of good will. I have decided to write this message, hoping that it will help them stop for a while.


I think that my story is yours, too.


We gave a special prayer every time the world was in a critical situation such as the Gulf War and in the chaotic times when the Soviet Union fell, and we were happy when our prayer would help reduce the scale of great disaster. We were sure that this world would be a better place when our children grow up.

However, we have seen our organization fraying at the edges since then. After we were informed that we would never suffer from sickness or poverty, leaders have got seriously ill one after another and the world has never been a better place since then.


I found out Cobra information on such an occasion.


When translating Cobra information into Japanese, I collected information from the Internet to determine whether Cobra is Light or Darkness. I found this article posted on Shanti-phula and decided to translate Cobra information into Japanese.


I personally met Cobra. However, I cannot disclose the gender and age because I promised not to do so.


When we fix consciousness on “now, this moment”, we are filled with great silence and peacefulness. However, non-Manichean masters never talk about the social situation.  <snip>  Shanti-phula is the only site I call to mind where spiritual world is talked about and global events are correctly explained. However, when I read articles on Shanti-phula, I am devastated by negative news.  <snip>

Teachings focusing only on human divinity conflict with the worldview of Mr. Takeshita. I wonder which a true worldview is or what way of living will do good in the world.


People who used to give the same prayer say: “The time has come when everybody can understand as science of spirituality that what Mr. Takeshita says is true.” They say that there is no doubt about it because we can get an accurate figure on the evolutionary level or virtue of various people.


Deep darkness is horrified not because it is cruel.   <snip>  Darkness is really horrified because it is beautiful, flexible, thoughtful, full of love and wisdom, friendly and can touch people deeply.


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