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Nov 17, 2017

Relationship between President Trump’s visit to Asia and regaining control of the U.S. – RM and Pleiadian Fleet support mass arrests behind the scenes –

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Relationship between President Trump’s visit to Asia and regaining control of the U.S. – RM and Pleiadian Fleet support mass arrests behind the scenes –
Yutika has picked up a mysterious person Q Anonymous in today’s article. The article says that this person is connected to Pleiades. Undoubtedly, Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and the Pleiadian Fleet support ongoing mass arrests behind the scenes.

When I asked her to pick up Q Anonymous, I expressed my opinion that although “Pleiadian Fleet and RM are not divine army, the contents of information would equally valuable with Cobra information.

With regard to the Pleiadian Fleet, I’d like to tell you that the situation has slightly been changed. Around 20:30 hours yesterday, I felt there was somebody outside while taking a bath. I called to the person because I thought it was my wife but there was no reply. Probably somebody had come in plasm body. Since I had thought about the Pleiadian Fleet one week ago, I immediately found that the person appearing in plasma body was the top commander of the Fleet, though he was invisible. Subsequently, I raised his vibrations, which means that the Pleiadian Fleet has become the divine army which obeys Heavenly Empress Esther.

A problem occurred this morning around 9 a.m. A very beautiful woman suddenly appeared in vision.  The person looked too young and beautiful though I though he was the top commander of the Pleiadian Fleet. Immediately I found the person was his daughter. In a few minutes the woman appeared again in vision. This is a rare case. Since she was not only beautiful but also sexually attractive, I tried to understand what her real intention was.

Those in power take action completely different from ordinary people in order to solidify their power base through marital relationship. I thought: “Did he try to have his daughter marry me?” Examining her intention of marrying me, I found she was very eager to marry me.

I told her that I had already 25 wives and had no intention to marry another woman. Then I raised her vibrations and also promoted her from human to goddess.

I expected that chief commander and his daughter would be happy because evolution from human to deity is an extremely rare event. Unexpectedly, however, the worst situation happened.

After a while I heard an explosion and then two more explosions at intervals. I heard explosions three times in total. First, her soul was destroyed and then her etheric double and plasma body collapsed. After a while, I heard someone buzz in front of my house on plasma level. It was chief commander who visited my house. He got angry with me because his daughter’s plasma body was destroyed. I felt his intention to kill me.

I have so often experienced this kind of thing and I clearly knew what would happen. I didn’t do anything special. Examining him in 30 minutes, I found his plasma and upper bodies had disappeared. His bodies upper than physical body had been destroyed because he intended to kill me and put it into action. I thought that he would not only be dismissed as chief commander but also probably put into prison. The reality is that he seems to have been executed later.

This always happen to me. This is no worth mentioning.

They come to me with some ambition. When I ignore them, they have unjustified resentment and as a result, they ruin themselves. To be clear, I don’t do anything. Their wicked mind ruins themselves.

I am fed up with this sort of thing. This happening shows that the chief commander of the Pleiadian Fleet and his beautiful daughter, whom Cobra calls Light forces, are actually immature beings. However, they are beings that have achieved Ascension (4.0 or higher evolutionary level).

It appears that all aliens who belong to the Pleiadian Fleet know me. I’d like to give advice to them.

Change your inclination to seek power. The chief commander’s daughter went spiritually bankrupt because her father was excused. It would require an immense amount of time for the chief commander to start again from stone. Even if you sought for power and took a high position, you would be doomed to ruin yourself. It would have no meaning at all. Happiness has nothing to do with power or evolutionary level. I hope you will accept my message properly.

November 11, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – November 11, 2017 –

Relationship between President Trump’s visit to Asia and regaining control of the U.S.


November 10

Aided By His Beloved Military – Moving Fast – Indictments – Mainstream Media Blackout.


What is occurring at this time?

Trump and the military have been planning the second American Revolution. But instead of the British, this time they’ll be fighting the CIA, FBI, NSA, Deep State and all their puppets, actors and hired goons to take back control of the country. Trump has gone to Asia for the next 12 days and is being protected by the Air Force and Navy in classified locations while the military takes over in America.
North Korea is just a false flag, they’re controlled by the CIA. MSM is controlled by the CIA. Deep state is controlled by the CIA. KKK and terrorist organizations in this country are aided by the FBI+CIA. Every branch of the government, every organization, is helplessly corrupt and compromised except for one; the military.


I don’t know how many of you are aware of the “Q Anonymous” identity, who has been posting on 4chan.  <snip>  You can read some of his breadcrumbs, as he calls them:  https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/11/05/rumor-that-tony-podesta-was-arrested/

One thing which is perfectly clear is this person is a devout Patriot, very religious, and is dedicated to President Trump.

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