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Nov 1, 2017

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 33 - Message from Narumi-hime-sama to Earthlings

image: Narumi-hime-sama & pixabay [CC0]
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi - Message from Narumi-hime-sama to Earthlings
Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has drawn Narumi-hime, my wife in the heavenly world. The well-drawn portrait looks exactly the same as Narumi-hime. Mrs. Nakanishi never imaginarily draws any illustrations but she is spiritually guided to draw illustrations. Therefore, every illustration is drawn so excellently that we can say that it is a divine portrait. Since this illustration copies out even the vibration of Narumi-hime’s Linga Sarira, it is more excellent one.

I think you can feel the vibration of Linga Sarira more easily by getting slightly conscious about the body-surface chakras.

I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get in contact with Narumi-hime in order to ask her to send a message to earthlings.

October 29, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 33

(16 years of age) <Linga Sarira>

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: October 28, 2017>

<Message to Earthlings>

“Hello, all of earthlings!
In the midst of repeated disasters and global-scale confusion, you have endured many hardships with great patience and compassion.
I am warmly and admiringly watching over you.

Deities never overlook or miss any extraordinarily outrageous wrongdoings of evil organizations, which are made look like natural disasters or accidents.

To bring global networks of crimes committed over a long period of time to justice fairly and completely, justice should not be superficial, temporary or manipulative.

To bring back the world filled with peace, safety and calm, it is necessary to completely eliminate not only puppets of evil or marginal organizations but Satan’s organization, which is the root of all evils.

Since every possible investigation and search has been made, evil is gradually being driven into a corner.

You might feel that nothing has been improved but rather everything seems to be getting worse by the day on Earth.

I hope that you will see what is happening on Earth as an inevitable process leading to peace and security. Don’t lose hope. I hope you will try to keep inner peace and love.

Organizations of deities are orderly driving wrongdoings into a corner in accordance with Mr. Takeshita’s wishes.

Evils on Earth link to each other just like spider’s web which stretches in a finely meshed pattern. They have a very complicated, pyramid organizational structure.

Careful preparation, effective way or proper timing is necessary to thoroughly destroy evil organizations.
Deities and friends in the universe are making every effort day and night for reformation on Earth and for peace and security on Earth.

Furthermore, I hope each of you on Earth will be more awakened to the truth and raise your awareness, which is also very important for reformation on Earth.

Please stick to your resolution to walk together with deities and friends in the universe with love and perseverance.

I pray that divine light of love and blessing will always be showered on each and every one of you on Earth I love.


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  1. Hey, I want an illustration of Goddess Wo to happen. Really. Seiko Nakanishi must do that. People like me have gotta see it, you know. It's cool. Good luck and have fun!