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Sep 15, 2017

Fake channeling information: Message from Source - Warning to Freemasonry -

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Fake channeling information: Message from Source - Warning to Freemasonry -
The message below contains almost no information considered to be true. The message is never trustworthy. I am not sure in what sense the word “Source” is used in this message. If it means the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy called by Cobra, the Central Sun is an utter composter.

The person who sent this message seems to have already had no soul. When the person had soul, he is considered to have reached evolutionary level 2.0. Additionally, he is an earthling with physical body.

I have already conveyed a message that anyone who intentionally releases such fake information would be punished. This person sent this massage, which causes his vibrations to fall to Darkness and probably his remaining etheric double has disappeared though his plasma body seems to still exist.

I have picked up this absurd message in order to give a warning to those who try to intentionally release fake information.

Although this person does not realizing himself, his plasma body is a member of Freemasonry. We can see great many people on Earth who join the Freemasonry in plasma body though they have physically no connection to it.

This type of person is more likely to deny traditional marriage. They seem to believe that they have advanced thinking of an equal right for men and women by using separate family names or never submitting a notification of marriage.

As for women, for example, some women who live honestly without having affairs on the level of physical body go around with many men at the same time and have sexual relations with them on the level of plasma body. It happens often. This type of woman often has sexual relations with celebrities such as prime minister or big-shot politician. That woman, of course, is never aware of doing such a thing on the level of physical body.

Considering this, it seems to me that “freedom, equality and philanthropy” adopted as their slogan by the Freemasonry is equivalent to sexual abandon and they aim at destruction of family, the core of the society. The word Satan means “to resist God.” From this point of view, we can safely say that the Freemasonry is exactly the group created by Satan.

As I warned before, an order to disband secret societies has been issued in planes above the plasma body. Since I have written this comment, any member who won’t leave such societies would probably be punished. I suppose such members would lose the plasma body and deities would decide how they are punished.

September 9, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: GFL Service – September 3, 2017 –

SOURCE via James McConnell, September 3d, 2017


As you sit there breathing out visualize Source energy flowing into the Mother Earth and Mother Earth radiating out that energy to the surface. This is the anchoring of Source into Earth. This is the mission that you came here for – we’re here to spread that energy to all.

And I come here today to tell you that during this ascension process we are now in what is called ascension timeline. This is a timeline that is controlled by Source. There is very little movement away from this timeline that can happen now. At the beginning of this eclipse and at the end with the next eclipse which will happen in 2024. During this timeline the ascension will occur. And I can tell you now that there can be no deviation, there can be no activities of those who are self-serving that can attempt to stall or make this not happen as this will happen. And for you it is especially important to keep yourself focused on your own internal journey because As Within So Without.

As you clear the energies that do not serve from within you, you will see this manifest in the outer world. As you clear out the storms and hurricanes within your own body and mind and energy, you will see this planet have weather that is like paradise. It is the miss-qualified energies within all of humanity that is causing these disruptions and there is only one way for Mother Earth to clear this out.

(The rest is omitted)

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