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Aug 1, 2017

Confusion of the “Light Forces” – Warning against those who claim to be the “Light Forces”

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Confusion of the “Light Forces” – Warning against those who claim to be the “Light Forces”
As expected, this Cobra information shows that so-called “Light Forces” in the words of Cobra are quite confused. This article is the summary of the July 6 interview with Cobra. I quote only the minimum necessary part of the text. Reading the original article, you can see more clearly how they are confused; as of July 6, the Light Forces made no progress in the battle against the Dark forces. However, they have been probably thrown into significant confusion now.

This is recorded in detail in my journal. Even if I released what happens to them here, few people would believe it. So I’ve decided not to write it here. Both the Light Forces and the Dark Forces have simultaneously been destroyed one after another from around July 6 up to the present time. The article says that The Light Forces’ “communication with the Source is never perfect in this dimension of the Universe.” However, this is not accurate. Communication with the Source is not possible unless beings have reached 9 or higher evolutionary level. Among the Light Forces are there no beings that have reached this level. That’s because all of the uppers have been destroyed.

The article also says that the Source with its all-seeing eye was not able to deliver important information to the Light Forces because hostages were held. This is absolutely untrue.

It was last Central Sun goddess (Source) that was the key figure in the current confusion in the universe. It is right in thinking that she was the Evil of Evils. The subordinate who was faithful to the Source considered to be Evil itself was Sanat Kumara who also goes by the name of Lucifer, and Lucifer-led corps were the Hierarchy including the Sphere-Being Alliance and its subordinate organization. Cobra’s RM (Resistance Movement) is the marginal organization of the Hierarchy.

The RM which provided this information does not let inferior combatants know the truth. So they don’t know that Sanat Kumara and Ascended Masters have been destroyed and no longer exist. A secret society is ruled with superiors never having subordinates know nothing, although it is extremely important information.

The article says: “Be sincere with yourself.” The organization also has to be sincere. It is a sin to provide fake information to subordinates.  Every time people act against Yama (universal morality) and Niyama (personal observances) , they would be destroyed one after another.

Those who provide fake information by pretending to be Cobra have been destroyed one after another. This must make you realize what I say is true.

This message is not to earthlings but a warning against so-called self-styled “Light Forces.”

They never believe the information from me. It does not matter to me if they never believe it. The information I provide seems to be very inconvenient to them and they have kept attacking me from around July 6 until now. As I have warned you many times, your bad karma will immediately return to you in the form of disappearance of soul every time you attack me. Your soul will disappear but physical body in the broadest sense of the word will remain. If you continue attack on me, the etheric double, plasma body will be destroyed and only the physical body in the narrow sense will remain and vibrations will fell to Darkness. A great number of so-called Light Forces are among such people. Even so, if you never get out of crime, your physical body itself will be destroyed.

I give this warning because I think that one or two people might survive. Stop such deception now.

July 21, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – July 20, 2017 –

My interview summary notebook 14



Q: Is it true that even for Resistance Members, they themselves also underestimated the quarantine Earth status, and are as shocked as we are? 

A: Yes, it was quite a surprise for them as well. Not as much as for the surface population but still they were not expecting this to be so difficult and they were not expecting this to be taking so long.

Q: What about Source?

A: Source – of course the Source was and is aware of this. But communication with the Source is never perfect in this dimension of the Universe. And understanding of the cosmic situation is never perfect because of the primary anomaly so this is why this perception from the Source did not completely transmit into the manifested Universe.


Q: Is it true that Source with its all-seeing eye knows every scheme of the Dark Forces, but with hostages being held, the Source has to allow the control of the intel flow? Correct?

A: Unfortunately, yes, that is true.


*Integrate shadows

Q: Have the Light Forces also been integrating their own shadows over these years to help shut down this hologram of separation?

A: The Light Forces are always integrating their shadow as much as possible.

Q: Even Source, the Ancient Guardian Races and the Ascended Masters?

A: Yes. Their shadow does not manifest as darkness but simply as a lack of complete cosmic understanding and they’re always working on improving their understanding of the situation and doing whatever they can.

Q: What are the methods of shadow integration? Could you give us some examples?

A: Basically the principle is very simple. It’s to be honest with yourself, acknowledging all shadow aspects within and just observing them and being a loving witness to them and then they will get transformed.

(The rest is omitted)

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