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Jul 8, 2017

What were we born in this world to do? – The way to bring about peace to the world / “False doctrine” preached by religions / The purpose for Awakened Masters to intentionally suppress sex / What are fundamental mistakes made by Awakened Masters?

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What were we born in this world to do? – The way to bring about peace to the world / “False doctrine” preached by religions / The purpose for Awakened Masters to intentionally suppress sex / What are fundamental mistakes made by Awakened Masters?
I think that this is a superb article. The article describes the reason for existence of Evil in the eyes of Evil. The philosophy described in the article is familiar to those who have deep knowledge about esotericism. It would be safe to say that the philosophy is the essence of Kabbalah. Those who belong to Darkness try to justify themselves by arming themselves with this kind of philosophy.

“(Evil) is a part of us and it is a mirror which reflects our inner evil” is the most important fact. Therefore, the only way to bring about peace to the world is to liberate “our inner evil” by “awareness.”

Everybody can understand that “to live for ourselves” is a “negative path.” However, “to live for others” is not a “positive path.” This is a “false doctrine” preached by religions. The truth is that whatever you want to do is of some help to others and makes yourself happy or that you make efforts to make all people including your happy. In a word, to begin with, it is originally wrong to distinguish between good and evil by polarizing us between “myself” and “others.”

“Life in universe is one and we are inseparable continuum body” is true. The problem is that even the Illuminati who commit evil know about it and yet, they still don’t stop committing evil. In other words, it is one thing to know philosophically and another to know really.

When you fully understand this thought in a philosophical sense, we may call it “awakening” or “awareness.” However, it is called “love” when the thought is embodied. What the most important to make love complete is the marital relationship. Sexual intercourse is an essential part of marital relationship. However, every religion on the earth conceals the essence of marital relationship.

It is natural that the Illuminati philosophy has a commonality with the “Law of One,” because both of them are the “Dark ones.” So-called Ascended Masters including the Sphere-Being Alliance create religions to intentionally suppress sex, and as a result, those who fell to Darkness become Satanists. Ascended Masters produce Satanists and pretend to play a role of the Light forces which fight against Satanists. They aimed to unify and control the galaxy by spreading such confusion all over the galaxy and orchestrating victory in the galactic wars.

Fundamental error of their philosophy is to connect good and evil to spiritual evolution. According to their world view, reaching evolutionary level of 4.0 after achieving spiritual evolution is called ascension. They consider that Evil serves as the “Catalyst” that helps humanity attain ascension. They consider that those who have reached evolutionary level of 4.0 or higher become beings of Light and can be liberated from Darkness.

The fact is completely different. Good and evil have nothing to do with evolutionary level.  Anyone who never observes Yama (universal morality) and Niyama (personal observances), who may be Ascended Master, is a being of Darkness. This is the reason why the Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy including the Sphere-Being Alliance have been destroyed and wiped out by “divine judgment.”

June 27, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

English translation of a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society – June 25, 2017 –

What were we born in this world to do? Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider (Introduction)

I want you to consider this as preliminary remarks of interpretation to my knowledge of a document titled Dialogue with “Hidden Hand”, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider (you can find it if you search, which contains dozens of pages).


To being with, I knew there was such document while I was picking up insider information from Illuminati defectors to translate it.


According to self-introduction of Hidden Hand, he comes from a family different from the 13 Families (including the Rothschild and the Rockefeller) and U.S. political big names such as the Bush family.


However, Hidden Hand also comes from an important Illuminati family and serves for Lucifer as they do. He does not come from this planet and his linage is traced back to the Age of Atlantis.


The problem is that his explanation of the relationship between Lucifer and Yahweh in the Old Testament is completely different from ours.

This Lord, Yahweh created the Garden of Eden to make humans live there. However, the garden was a “well-intended Prison.” And Yahweh was running a benign dictatorship. He prohibited humanity to take a fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to create honor students who know nothing but good. It was a wrong approach.


In order to have humans come close to Creator (which is the purpose of humanity) they should be given free will by Creator and use it properly.


Lucifer descended from the heaven (other planet) to rectify it and taught humans to break a wrong prohibition order of Yahweh. Lucifer said: If you do so, “you will become clever like God.”  The devil did not deceive humans. He rather told them the truth. (Hearing this, many people would say that they really understand this part in the Bible for the first time.)  Hidden Hand says that the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” is the “Tree of the Knowledge of Polarity” of free human activities. On the other hand, he says that “live for others” is a positive path and “live for yourself” is a negative path.

This is completely the same as what The Law of One, which is also called Ra Material, says. These two documents have a lot in common. When asked by a questioner whether he knew this book, he answered that he did not know it completely. We can safely say that his remark indicates that what the two have share the truth of the universe.

After accepting Lucifer’s advice, humans were expelled from the Garden of Eden (that is, the “shelter” where they were brought up very carefully), really knew evil, suffered from evil and got to hate Lucifer and his puppet, the Illuminati. According to Hidden Hand, however, it was Yahweh’s expedient to have humans grow up and study that if humans choose a negative path, that is, exclusively to live for themselves, it would cause irretrievable harm.


According to Hidden Head, the Illuminati came to the Earth under a directive from God and “it was a great Sacrifice for you.” It means that even if they did by order, Karmic laws, in which we have to pay for our crime, are absolute and inescapable.


Here is the most important principle of the universe. It is the truth that life in this universe is one and we are one inseparable continuous body. This refers to One in “The Law of One.” We are One with the Creator and you and I are One. Although we have stayed long on Earth to study this simple truth, the truth is beyond our comprehension. Finally the time has come to clear up our mess caused by failure to study.


We should not discard them as those guys. Even if they are our unforgivable arch-enemy, they are part of us, connected to us in terms of life. If we get mad with them and retaliated against them without learning from them, it would not only cause damage to us but also we would give up a chance of intended awakening.

A question about whether evil exists has been raised as part of theological argument. I think one answer was to highlight good or God’s glory. I can accept it. However, the answer is not as convincing as the explanation of Evil by probably the greatest philosopher, Hidden Hand – Catalysis for transmission to higher reality -.


The timing,(which is not so distant future), of a big change by this “Catalyst” is called Harvest, about which Hidden Head and the “Law of One” discuss.

“Souls can play some really mean and nasty characters, but underneath the disguise, they will always be beautiful.” How wonderful this phrase is! This is the Confession that whatever temporary appearance souls have, every soul is originally beautiful and belongs to God.

(The rest is omitted)

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider

by West Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008

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