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Jul 5, 2017

“Ultimatum” from One Who Knows, who violated Heavenly Order What is result?

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“Ultimatum” from One Who Knows, who violated Heavenly Order What is result?
A terrible thing happened. The article below is a partial extract from yesterday’s article titled “Ultimatum from OneWho Knows", which Yutika-san translated into Japanese. With regard to the article I picked up on May 9, I commented: “In the future, their peers will be let know what the truth is. Probably they will fall into chaos.” This is exactly what has happened with them. They are in total chaos and they have no idea what has happened with them.

If my viewpoint is not wrong, “Sephora FyreByrd” who appeared in the article on May 9 and “One Who Knows” have evolutionary level of 4.0 and have achieved ascension. “Knowledge” means Jnana (spiritual wisdom). One who knows spiritually means a person who has evolutionary level of 4.0 or higher and has been liberated.

“Grandfatehr Dragon” should be a Master in the Hierarchy and has reached evolutionary level of 5.0. I think that they are good-natured people and they were in the inner circle of a group that has made efforts toward GCR (global currency reset).

It seems that the person that the White Hat (positive Knights Templar) calls “Grandfather” and this “Grandfather” are the same person. Seen in this light, I judged their message as real. I think I was not wrong.

Their confusion is caused by the Ultimatum described in yesterday’s article. The point is that it is completely against the heavenly order and illegal to send such ultimatum and order to assassination by a private army which is called special operation unit. This is equal to a mafia group issuing one-sided ultimatum to the other group in power struggle as if claiming the act was legal.

Five “Ghost Soldiers” described in the article below came to me at 5:35 a.m. today. It seems to them that I am an obstruction in GCR. In last article, I just said: “Archangel Michael is a fake.” Although I simply told the fact, it seems that my comment made them angry and consequently they put my name in their black list at least on plasma or higher level.

The fact is that I had a favorable attitude to them and I have highly evaluated their efforts in currency reform. However, when I said the truth, they put my name in black list and sent me assassins. This makes me conclude that they are the remaining Hierarchy, though they are slightly better than the Cabal.

If this level of assassination team could kill me, I would have been dead and gone. Such things have occurred on a daily basis since the Reformation of Heavenly World in 2007. All assassination teams much stronger than them had been eliminated. This time, these five assassins were killed in no time.

The problem is that those who do such thing to me, including the perpetrator and mandatory, are sure to have souls (Jiva) disappear.  Needless to say, they came to a miserable end.

I am disgusted with the stupidity of the ones that are called Ascended Masters on the earth.

June 23, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Dinar Chronicles – June 12, 2017 –

"Ultimatum: This Ends Now, One Way Or The Other" - One Who Knows - 6.12.17



To: The Remaining Cabal:


The GCR completing successfully has now become more important than you living.


I will give you your Free Will Choice right here:

#1) Stand Down form your nefarious activities, and permit the GCR to proceed unimpeded and LIVE.
#2) Continue your fruitless efforts to stop the GCR and DIE.


The Decision Has Been Made

The decision has been made that any person who stands in the way of the GCR will be executed on the spot. There will be no more discussion and no more negotiating. Not only will the perpetrator be instantly eliminated, but the ones who gave them the orders will be tracked down and executed where they stand.


The "Ghost Soldiers" will be positioned at ALL key locations on the Planet for immediate action. They have STK (Shoot To Kill) authorizations and have been trained to put down the target in the most painless way possible.


These special forces soldiers are invisible. They have technology that "Shifts" them into a higher frequency dimension where they can standing right next to a person and they will never know it. They are "Cloaked" if you will.

All key locations will be monitored and watched very closely. These Soldiers are given the order to execute their targets without questioning.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have brought a somber and yet grave message to the remaining Cabal, their minions and trolls. The order has been given to execute (on the spot) anyone who stands in the way of the GCR.


This message is VERY REAL and should be heeded by all. This is a time of war, and tolerance is no longer an option.

(The rest is omitted)

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