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Jul 28, 2017

Trump decision to end CIA-created anti-Assad forces … Can Trump administration defect the neoconservatives?

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Trump decision to end CIA-created anti-Assad forces … Can Trump administration defect the neoconservatives?
The U.S. military has provided arms to so-called “anti-Assad moderate rebels” and trained them. However, moderates are merely nominal and they are virtually Daeish pure and simple. As written in the first article, after training, they turned their weapons over and joined the Daeish. This is the CIA covert program to arm and train rebel army in Syria.”

At the G20 summit, President Trump agreed to end such intervention in Syria and cooperate with Russia. This action not only has great meaning but also is unbearable to neoconservatives who want to prolong and even escalate the conflict in Syria. So the article says that this agreement will be severely attacked and “the decision may be undermined or sabotaged.”

The second article shows Mr. Paul Craig Roberts’ opinion: Given the strong influence of interest groups, the prospect of Trump succeeding to normalize relations with Russia and withdraw from the US interventions in the Middle East is remote.

I don’t agree with these opinions. I rather think that it is an opportunity for the Trump administration to defect the neoconservatives. Although Pr. Pau Craig Robert gives an excellent opinion, I think that he seems to overvalue the power of U.S. interest groups. As a matter of fact, they have been continuously deprived of power.

The situation in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq clearly shows it. So does the fact that they cannot cause conflicts leading to World Wat III in spite of their desperate efforts. Quite recently many people including David Rockefeller have died. I have a feeling that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. who are presumably neocons or Nazi leader will not exist any longer at least in two months.

I have a feeling that it is almost 100% possible for the Trump administration to exterminate the Rockefeller faction. You are right in thinking that the Rockefeller faction is a group of neocons, Nazi, Zionists and military/industrial complex. There is no way that they would surrender. I suppose that they will be destroyed.

July 23, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society – July 21, 2017 –

'Trump decision to end CIA covert ops in Syria will be severely attacked by Neocons'



In 2014 – 2015, $500 million of US taxpayer's money was spent on training 54 so-called 'moderate rebels', most of whom immediately turned their weapons over and joined Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda, explains investigative journalist Rick Sterling.

A Washington Post article published on Wednesday says that, according to US officials, Donald Trump decided to phase out the covert CIA program to arm and train rebels in Syria in favor of working with Russia.

However, the White has declined to confirm the details.

RT:  If this report is accurate and Trump decided to shut down CIA training of rebels in Syria, how might that affect the situation on the ground?

Rick Sterling: It’ll be a significant step. One thing that should be pointed out is that the US, through the CIA, or the Defense Department, the arming of extremist groups is illegal under international law.


RT:  Assuming it's true, why do you think the White House would decline to confirm the report?

RS: I think that is indicative of the battle underway over US foreign policy. Already in the Washington Post report today, the people they quote, such as Charles Lister, are very negative on it. Lister says something like Trump’s falling into a “Russian trap.” They basically want to prolong the conflict in Syria. Lister works at the Middle East Institute, which receives significant funding from military industrial corporations, such as Raytheon. They don’t want the war and the conflict to end – they want to prolong it and even escalate it.


The decision may be undermined or sabotaged.


RT:  This isn't the first time US officials and the president have issued conflicting messages. Why isn't there a common line coming out of Washington?

RS: The mainstream media, unfortunately, has had a campaign attacking Trump’s foreign policy. The only time they cheered Trump was when he launched the missile attacks on April 6.


This plan now, or the news the CIA Train and Equip Program is being shut down, that is a very good thing. We can expect it to be severely attacked by neoconservatives, who want to prolong and even escalate the conflict much against the interests of the American people, and obviously supremely against the interests of the people of Syria and the region.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Overseas Articles Never Reported by Mass Media – July 20, 2017 –

The Reign of the Propaganda


July 20, 2017
Paul Craig Roberts


The neoconservatives, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, and the US presstitutes have succeeded in blocking Trump from withdrawing from Syria and from normalizing relations with Russia.  <snip>  If Trump were to normalize relations, thereby removing “the threat” that justifies the power and profit of the military/security complex’s budget, he would likely be impeached as a traitor to the USA. Trump’s tweets would be overwhelmed by the onslaught of the presstitutes.


The neoconservatives, who serve both the Zionist state of Israel and the US military/security complex, are another of the powerful interest groups that constrain the American government.


The total budget of the US military/security complex has been estimated at $1.1 trillion, a figure that is 70% of Russia’s estimated 2017 GDP.  <snip>  Washington’s wars in the Middle East involve many interests, including mundane ones such as who controls pipeline locations and energy flows.


If we consider the combined power of these interest groups—the US military/security complex with an annual budget greater than the GDP of most countries, the neoconservatives with their ideology of US world hegemony and alliance with both Democratic and Republican parties, and Israel which has the US government in its pocket and brags about it—how is it possible for President Trump to do as he said he would do and normalize relations with Russia and withdraw from the US interventions in the Middle East? The prospect of Trump succeeding is remote.

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