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Jul 1, 2017

Right information is disclosed to the remnants of Sphere-Being Alliance and Super Federation

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Right information is disclosed to the remnants of Sphere-Being Alliance and Super Federation
I think that the Super Federation which conducts 22 genetic experiments on humanity is under the control of what Mr. Corey Goode calls the “Sphere-Being Alliance.” Probably the Super Federation is an organization which combines the “Galactic Confederation” and the “Galactic Federation of Light.”

Probably, the seven Ancient Breaking-Away organizations follow orders from the Sphere-Being Alliance. I think that the Resistant Movement which is represented by Cobra would also follow orders from the Sphere-Being Alliance, in cooperation with the Galactic Confederation. I suspect that these organizations are not necessarily monolithic and they followed orders from their upper organization, Sphere-Being Alliance while they were opposed to each other.

On this blog, I have described the whole organization as “relative Light” and pointed out that the organization is actually “part of Darkness.” They have been observed under the guidance of Heavenly Emperor Esther of Sirius System 5th Level to see if they would make efforts toward liberation of the Earth. However, eventually they never abandoned their old agenda.

Read the first article. I think that highly compartmentalized information was never provided to members of subordinate organization such as the Resistant Movement and none of them knew the whole picture of the organization. Cobra sometimes provides wrong information on Ascended Masters such as Maitreya, because probably right information is not provided to him.

As I have told you many times on this blog, almost all Ascended Masters including Maitreya have already disappeared.  Like Brzezinski, they are “not present in this dimension/universe any more.” Most of Egyptian deities such as Isis, Osiris and Horus have disappeared. At present, anybody who intentionally conveys fake news is punished. A Cobra impersonator dares to provide wrong information even now. The only possible reason is that he never knows the truth.

It is comparatively easy to confirm whether the above is true or not. For example, try to chant the name of “Sirdi Sai Baba” several times. He has reached the evolutionary level of around 5 and he still has a soul. Therefore, you can feel all chakras on the out-of-the-body as well as on the body surface. On the other hand, as Maitreya has reached the evolutionary level of 7, you are supposed to feel all chakras on the out-of-the-body, the body surface, the nerve plexus and the spinal cord open. However, even if you chant the name of Maitreya many times, you will never feel any chakras open. It indicates that he has already disappeared. You can confirm the disappearance of Isis, Osiris and Horus with this method.

A series of articles posted this time have exposed their true identity. They claimed full disclosure of information on Earth. Disclosure of information on themselves has led to predictable results: they got confused and those who were left in dark about the truth responded to the information angrily.

This morning, I was spiritually attacked by the remnants of the Sphere-Being Alliance and the Super Federation. Such action against me would give irreversible damage to attackers. All beings that got involved in this attack fell down to Darkness and lost souls (Jiva). As is the case with Brzezinski, they will be disintegrated in the central sun at the same time as physical death. My intuition tells me that none of them still has soul (Jiva) and neither do the Resistant Movement members who were puppets of Evil.

Like this, along with extinction of the Cabal, the former “Lucifer and Dark army (relative Light forces)” will disappear from the universe some day in the future. Reproduction of Evil will never occur.

June 21, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN OFFICIAL – October 6, 2015 –

The great forgetting of 1996



Even on the highest level, intel is highly compartmentalized and on a need to know basis, so I don’t know everything and my understanding of the deepest layers of the rabbit hole evolves with time when new intel comes in.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – June 11, 2017 –

Cobra / Prepare for Change: May 2017 Interview



*Death of Brzezinski

Lynn: Was he (Zbigniew Brzezinski) of the dark?

COBRA: Yes, of course.

Lynn: What is happening to him now that his physical body is dead.

COBRA – Nothing is happening to him any more because he has been disintegrated in the central sun.  He does not exist any more.  That entity is not present in this dimension/universe any more.



Lynn – Are the RM members using star-gates to travel back and forth between their underground bases and earth and their headquarters on planet X?

COBRA – They are using teleportation chambers and actually the whole teleportation chambers basically takes maybe 10 – to maximum 20 sec to teleport from here to there.  <snip>

Lynn – What is their main focus on the planet at this time.

COBRA – The main forces on the planet right now is to guide the planet through the transition through the transition in a way that the surface population will not destroy itself.

Lynn – Cobra, can you tell us what you know about the Ascended Master Maitreya.

COBRA – Maitreya is the one that some people describe as Christ, one of the Ascended masters that came from Sirius star system and is actually bringing the consciousness of unconditional love to humanity.

*Illuminati and Egyptian gods

Aaron –Is there some connection between Illuminati and the worship of Isis, Osiris and Horus?

COBRA – I would say the Illuminati had their mystery school which had fragments of old mysteries and they have been interpreting those in their strange distorted way.  Some of them yes, they are worshipping Isis or Osiris or Horus in their own limited understanding.  That is basically for some of them that is their only connection with the light and it’s actually assisting the light forces to convert some of them into the light.

(The rest is omitted)

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