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Jul 31, 2017

Einstein was apparently wrong ・・・Tachyon particles exceeding the speed of light enables immediate communication of information

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Einstein was apparently wrong ・・・Tachyon particles exceeding the speed of light enables immediate communication of information
Considering that half of Cobra information is always true, it would be useful in its own way as long as we take in only true part of the information. According to the article, Einstein was conclusively proved wrong in 2015; particles exceeding the speed of light “can communicate instantly.”

Such particles that exceed the speed of light are usually called tachyon. As I commented in the past, you can actually feel it as the light which enters from the Sahasurara chakra. Therefore, using these particles, immediate communication of information is always possible.

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has such a special ability that she can communicate with every life. The other day I asked her to communicate with Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko-sama, who is the goddess, the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy.  If there is no particle which exceeds the speed of light, such communication is impossible. It would take more than 24000 years for ordinary light to reach and get back from the destination. From our viewpoint, Einstein is apparently wrong and there is no need to discuss it.

According to the article, “the entire basis for all matter (including physics) and human existence has been proven to be 100% false.” I feel the same way. I am suspicious of the history we are told and scientific rationale; I think that both of them is almost 100% false.

Viktor Schauberger, a great natural scientist, criticizes mainstream science and put down scientists by saying that they are “too tunnel-visioned to detect interconnectivity between things.” So-called rationalism fell into a wrong view of the world by separating experience from thought and separating emotion from reason.

The theory of Schauberger is said to be very persuasive. However, it seems that the acceptance of his theory would cause a problem of rewriting all textbooks in the world.

I was science-oriented and majored in mathematics in the university. Mathematics itself is a product of fiction. Mathematical theory is based on, so to speak, religion of mathematicians. I never can believe the scientific theory of physics and engineering, which is systematized based on mathematics. I trust not theory but my intuition. I can accept theory which fits with my intuition, but I imagine that such theory would be developed based on a theory which is significantly different from the current mathematics.

July 19, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – July 18, 2019 –



Q – In fact, this report notes, Einstein was conclusively proved wrong that particles not only exceed the speed of light, but can communicate instantly though separate and by any distance (or dimension) in 2015 by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology— whose astounding findings were further confirmed this past week by Chinese scientists too.

Is this accurate Cobra?

A – Yes to a great degree it is.

Q – Is this what we do through meditation and telepathy?

A – Yes.

Basically the whole universe is interconnected on a quantum level and the speed of light is only valid for particles that travel in, I would say, ordinary space and time 4th dimensional continuum whereas, I would say, the unified quantum field goes far beyond that and that communication is always possible and not only possible it’s actually what is happening all the time.

Q: – As to what this all means in its most simple rendering, this report explains, is that the entire basis for all matter and human existence has been proven to be 100% false and built upon nothing more than falsehoods and deliberate deceptions—with the “real/true” truth being that at the instant life is created in the womb, an inseparable and instantaneous communication link between human beings and God is created.

So, it sounds like this has been the major job of the cabal: to break this communication between man and God in every way possible. It sounds like the Emperor has no clothes.

Is this right Cobra?

A – Yes, yes.

(The rest is omitted)

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