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Jul 18, 2017

Cosmic Disclosure: Faster than Light Technology – Principle in which spacecraft can travel faster than the speed of ligh –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Faster than Light Technology – Principle in which spacecraft can travel faster than the speed of ligh –
You can see a photo of Mr. Mark McCandish who exposed astounding information, in the original source. I thought I have seen his face before. I realize that he was one of the witnesses who came forward at the Disclosure Project event launched by Dr. Steven Greer in 2001.

The article shows what Mr. McCandish saw at an exhibition hall in U.S. Air Force base in 1988. According to him, there were three flying saucers.

In the original article, Mr. Corey Goode says that these spaceships Mr. MaCandish saw were “flying saucers developed by the Nazi and they are called ARV.” It would seem that they are early spaceships.

And yet, according to Mr. Corey Goode, “this aircraft can travel faster than the speed of light.” This is the fact that those who studied physics seriously at a university have difficulty in accepting. It turns out that at an earlier time all the people that engaged in the most advanced technology knew Einstein’s theory of relativity is wrong and that physicians who are delighted to win the Nobel Prize have been excluded from such technology as well as those inferior to these physicians don’t know about it at all.

The article deals with the principle in which spacecraft can travel faster than the speed of light. It gives a very convincing explanation. First of all, I have no trust in modern physics, and therefore, a lot of insider information told in this Cosmic Disclosure is much more trustworthy. According to the original article, electron can eternally move around nucleus without any decrease in speed because electron absorbs zero-energy. This explanation makes great sense to me. Think that zero-energy is almost the same as free energy.

Modern physics has finally started to speak about unknown material object and unknown energy by using the term such as dark matter and dark energy. In actuality, however, such energy has been used to accomplish faster speed that the speed of light.

Particle exceeding light speed is often called tachyon. The light sent by the central sun, Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko-sama, should be tachyon. When repeatedly chanting her name, you will feel light entering from the Sahasrara chakra. The light is tachyon.

Therefore, you can sense that tachyon is real light whose speed exceeds the speed of light. It is easy to transfer information much faster than the speed of light with this tachyon.

I sometimes see a vision of what is happening in the universe far away from earth. I see a vision by using this light. I can easily accept the fact that there is particle whose speed exceeds the speed of light. However, I never would have thought that a spacecraft can travel faster than the speed of light. The information from Mr. Mark McCandish really stunned me.

July 17, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – May 16, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Faster than Light Technology Season 7, Episode 20



Mark McCandlish: There was also a separate display that was presented after all of the people, the attendees of this exhibit, showed up. They brought back the curtains, and there were here the three flying saucers.

Not only were they on display, but these craft were hovering off the floor.  <snip> The smallest one was approximately 24 feet in diameter. The next one up was 60 feet in diameter, and the largest of the three was approximately 120 feet in diameter.  <snip>
These aircraft looked like they'd been around for a very long time. And this was in 1988 – November 12, 1988.


The system was using an unusual technology to create electrical power, drawing it right out of the vacuum of space-time called scalar energy or zero-point energy.


The thing was able to accomplish things like traveling faster than the speed of light – superluminal speeds.  <snip>  A lot of people think that it's just hogwash, that it's not possible. And you have to look at Einstein, his original equations, and all the things that he said about the utter impossibility of ever exceeding the speed of light.  <snip>  as an object is accelerating through space-time, that its mass begins to increase. But the key to that whole thing, the thing that nobody talks about, is the reason that the mass of a vehicle increases is because the interaction that the atomic structure of that vehicle has with the zero-point energy in the environment.


And so as an object, you know, made of atoms, goes through space-time and is accelerating faster or faster, it's absorbing more and more of this energy, and all the parts are spinning faster and faster like a gyroscope that gets spinning faster and faster.   <snip>  once they get going really fast, it's hard to move them around.  <snip>  It's kind of like it's developing its own kind of gravity, in a way.  <snip>  And so what the engineers figured out was that if you used that same energy in the environment that would increase your mass, but you used it as a propulsive energy source to power your system, it means that the faster you go, the more energy you have to propel your craft even faster.  <snip>  that's how you actually break the light-speed barrier, because your mass never really becomes anything greater than what you started out with. But you have this tremendous, almost limitless, amount of energy that you can draw from as a propulsive force.

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