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Jul 19, 2017

Blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia is pressure on Israel as predicted

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Blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia is pressure on Israel as predicted
From the beginning, I made a comment that there would be no war in North Korea and Middle East, on this blog. This is because I knew from the information from Mr. Eiken Itagaki that Dr. Kissinger who produced the Trump administration moved around behind the scenes to establish global peace. I also knew through the information from Mr. Fulford that the military forces of Russia, China and the U.S. formed an alliance and reached an agreement not to cause World War III.

For this reason, I predicted that with regard to the blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, this would lead to suffering of Saudi Arabia, breakup of the Gulf Corporation Council and pressure on Israel. Reading a series of tweets by Mr. Naoyo Fujiwara, we will see that the situation is exactly the same as what I predicted.

There are many opinions on global situation on the Internet. I feel that every opinion misses the point. You can’t tell a book by its cover. It is an important step in future prediction to know who provides correct information.

In this sense, I think that Mr. Fulford, Mr. Eiken Itagai and Mr. Corey Goode provide reliable information.

July 14, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Naoya Fujiwara
In Israel, extreme right-winger Prime Minister Netanyafu
is accused of bribery in purchasing submarine, tax evasion
and money laundering. In both Japan and Israel, extreme right
prime ministers are accused. Is it coincidence?
July 13, 2017 21:01

Naoya Fujiwara
US may have upgraded ties with Palestinians.
July 13, 2017

Naoya Fujiwara
Netanyafu’s submarine scandal is worst corruption case
in Israeli history
July 13, 2017 21:10

Naoya Fujiwara
Israeli communication minster also under house arrest.
PM Netanyafu claims that submarine suspicion is left-wingers’ campaign
Extreme right-wingers say the same thing in any country
July 13, 2017 21:16

Naoya Fujiwara
About 670,000 foreign workers are expected to leave Saudi Arabia
by 2020
July 13, 2017 21:25

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