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Jun 23, 2017

Sphere-Being Alliance plans to cause Earth supernova explosion – Light workers who take part in Evil are utilized as a tool for Evil –

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Sphere-Being Alliance plans to cause Earth supernova explosion – Light workers who take part in Evil are utilized as a tool for Evil –
At first, please read Cobra information described in the second and subsequent articles. Cobra says that primary anomaly began to be accumulated around the Earth 25K years ago. The problem is what primary anomaly is all about. According to Cobra terminology dictionary, it is the root cause which triggered the emergence of Darkness in the universe.”

In the interview with Cobra by RobPotter dated on November 12, 2015, Cobra explains about primary anomaly. This explanation indicates that Cobra does not understand at all what primary anomaly is all about. However, undoubtedly primary anomaly is significantly associated with Darkness.

In yesterday’s article, I explained that the Cintamani Stone emits “vibrations of absolute Darkness” and I told that it is likely that fragments dropped as meteorites to Earth about 26,000 years ago. It turns out that immediately after this stone was brought to Earth, primary anomaly began to be accumulated drastically.

The Cintamani Stone, which is believed to be significantly associated with this primary anomaly, is considered as a “holy stone” by Cobra and he recommended light workers to hold stones and called for them to position stones in important key vortex points on the planet.

According to Cobra’s statement, Cintamani stones positioned under the ground serve as conduits which lead galactic superwave emitted by the Central Sun of the Milky Way down to the Earth through important grids on the Earth. In the third article, titled “Cintamani Grid Guideline,” how to visualize is written in red letters.

One of important vortex points where Cintamani stones are positioned is Long Island. Black stone is located in the Chimera underground facility on Long Island.  Cobra says: “if you change the condition of this condensate, it can turn the planet into a super nova.”

According to the last article, the plasma body of planet Earth at the moment of the Event will be very similar to the simulation of “an exploding supernova.”

Based on the above information, it turns out that if the black stone is not removed at the moment of the Event, it would be exploded, which leads to Earth supernova explosion.

In an article titled “History of the Earth”Cobra says: “Every 25,000 years, there is a galactic pulse where the sun emits energy.    <snip>  At the moment of the Event, special light spreads from the sun to the earth and humanity.” From his description what Cobra calls the Galactic Superwave is thought to be equal to what Mr. Corey Goode calls the Great Solar Flash. The sun relays the Superwave the Central Sun emits to the Earth.

According to the first article, the solar flash power of change is so tremendous that “major rearrangements in the orientation of the planets and the satellites within the Solar System will occur” and “the moon is expected to leave the orbit of the Earth and become its own planet.”

This is the future the Sphere-Being Alliance expects to come. I find it impossible to think that such massive change that can change planetary orbit will be caused simply by light relayed to the sun. I think that such massive change will never occur unless the Earth explodes. Reading these articles, we reach a logical deduction that the Sphere-Being Alliance plans to intentionally destroy the Earth.  

They use Mr. Corey Goode as a messenger and convey the “hippie message of love and healing” to earthlings, while they are steadily preparing for Earth supernova explosion by mobilizing the unit, which is called Resistant Movement by Cobra.

This is the true identity of useless aliens. Spiritually immature people who are called light workers on the Earth are cleverly deceived into believing fake information and take part in destruction of the Earth, which is incredible Evil. Furthermore, they look forward to the Event, which they call ascension.

It seems that they don’t understand what irreversibly significant karma it is to destroy planet. This will make you understand why the Blue Avians have no human physical appearance.  

June 17, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from the Japanese version of Sphere-BeingAlliance – February 21, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Transformation Power of The Great Solar Flash
Season 7 Episode 6



David: Now, Corey, do you think, based on this, that if the Sphere Alliance is putting up an outer barrier around the Solar System, and these ETs, these Draco, Orion-types can't get out, do you think that, based on this kind of information, that they're just not even going to be able to exist if they stay in here once this happens?  <snip>

Corey: That's exactly what the Sphere Being Alliance communicated to me.  <snip> Not only the Draco, but other non-terrestrials that are here intervening. They will not be compatible with the new vibration, or energy.

David: <snip> Don't you think it's possible that, for people in the Cabal, that if they're looking at these benevolent ETs, or allegedly benevolent ETs, as actually facilitating things like the fall of Atlantis, things like this, in which there actually is a mass death of negative beings, don't you think that the negative beings could see these benevolent beings as terrorists?  <snip>

Corey: And according to their theologies and philosophies, they're doing what is 'good'. So they see these, what we call benevolent beings, they see them as evil.  <snip>

David: So once again, they're reiterating that everybody has to learn this, and if you don't get it, you continue your education on another planet somewhere else. And again, this seems totally to be what's happening with these Spheres.  <snip> they all kind of come in at the last minute right before this thing's going to happen. <snip>

David: So now what we have here is this book by Baird Wallace that summarizes all of what these different contactees were saying in the 1950s and '60s. He puts it all together in one unified message.
And I'm going to show you the publication date, June 1972. <snip> we're not going to read it off the paper.  <snip>  [the solar flash] “. . . major rearrangements in the orientation of the planets and the satellites within the Solar System will occur.” <snip>
Corey, have you heard about planetary orbits changing, like maybe the Earth's orbit extending in the number of days it takes, things like that, once this happens?

Corey: Yeah. And also about the orbits of the planets, that unlike some other solar systems, the planets are all askew. They're not in harmony at all. That's . . . Yeah, that's very interesting.

David: Isn't this crazy? 1972. <snip>
. . . Pluto will be [kicked out of our Solar System]; . . .”  <snip>
. . . our Moon is expected to leave [the] orbit of [the] Earth and become [its own] planet; . . .” <snip>
. . . and there will be major changes in the orbital paths of the remaining planets.”  <snip>
A new balance will come about, which will result in many advantages to the expression of a more spiritualized life within the Solar System.”
<snip>  That is Ascension, obviously.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: NowCreation – June 12, 2016 –



*Primary anomaly


LynnHow long ago did primary anomaly begin to be accumulated around the Earth?

COBRA – OK, this process was happening through millions upon millions of years slowly but began to accelerate drastically 25K years ago.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN OFFICIAL

Cintamani Grid Guideline



As requested by Cobra, the stones should be buried by themselves, not mixed with any type of other stone or material, to avoid energy pattern interference.


In terms of location,   <snip>  If I don't reply you, simply follow your own guidance and connection to the Source.


You can also add to it of course, with any meditation you feel guided to. For example visualize a pillar of brilliant Light coming from the Central Sun through the area down to the Earth, and back up to the sky.

 (The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – October 8, 2014 –

Plasma and the Planetary Situation Update


There are quantum singularity wormholes within the plasmatic plane and in the occult terminology they are called the Tunnels of Set. Those wormholes contain strangelet and toplet bombs and they are tied to the physical Black Stone in the Long Island location.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – August 17, 2014 –

2014 August 1 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter



Black Stone


COBRA – It (what the chimera beings have) was artificially created. You have those CERN accelerators on planet earth. Imagine this technology much more advanced and it was existing millions of years ago and this top quark condensate is dangerous potentially. It is not dangerous now but if you change the condition of this condensate, it can turn the planet into a super nova, basically.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Now Creation – June 23, 2016 –

Situation Update June 22, 2016



The Light forces then apply the ATVOR technology again until the critical mass of the primary anomaly gets resolved, and then they will annihilate the remaining toplet bombs once and for all.

That will be the moment of Compression Breakthrough, the Event. If you could see the etheric and plasma body of planet Earth at the moment of the Event, you would see something like this:

Animation: The Early Flash of an Exploding Star, Caught by Kepler

Although the above simulation actually depicts an exploding supernova, the energy dynamics of the Compression Breakthrough on Earth will be very similar. 

(The rest is omitted)

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