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Jun 2, 2017

Plot of pre-Adamites sleeping in a gigantic mothership under the ice of Antarctica and the ruling royal families

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Plot of pre-Adamites sleeping in a gigantic mothership under the ice of Antarctica and the ruling royal families
This article is about Antarctica. There was news that a gigantic mothership buried in Antarctica has been discovered. This report made a correction to the size of mothership. If I remember correctly, the gigantic mothership was 50 kilometers across. According to this report, however, the craft is “up to three miles (4.8 kilometers) and oval shaped.”

They say that giants called the pre-Adamites presumably from Mars are in long sleep state (in stasis). According to the article, there are a dozen of beings. In the article, the word Cabal is used but I think they are probably the elite royal families in the Committee of 300. They seem to boast of their royal bloodline since the kingdom of Atlantis. It seems that the Cabal thinks the royal families are hybrids of the pre-Adamites from Mars and humanity. The article reads that they want to be able to genetically tie themselves to this pre-Adamite race and then they would be demi-gods.”

It seems that this is the plot of the Goldman Family’s Group (Committee of 300). Although the problem is whether his claim is right or not, their (Cabal’s) intension is more important. I think that they try to convince humanity that ‘they are special so that it is undoubtedly the will of God to hold power.’ In a word, they have absolutely no intention to give up their power.

Even if they are genetically descended from the pre-Adamites, the pre-Admite race is merely aliens and not god. As pointed out before, I find it natural to think that they are evil beings though there are some exceptions; rather their ancestor is a hybrid of fallen angel and humanity from religious point of view. Regrettably, however, the pre-Adamites are even not fallen angels. In a word, they are merely humanity and they have never been angels.

I think that Mr. Corey Goode provides highly accurate information. However, even such information is only about aliens and it never deals with god. Aliens engaging in earth seem to put the core of their thought at esotericism the same way as the Cabal. Esotericism is represented by the Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky.

The core idea is “humanity evolves into god.” This idea is not wrong. However, most people get to consider themselves as gods after possessing some psychic abilities.

According to esoteric idea, beings below animals have no souls (Monad). Beings represented by Sanat Kumara (Lucifer) lost their souls (Monad) as a result of their rebellion in the heavenly world and Satanism. Therefore, they are called evil deities or Evil. Esotericism has a contradictory concept that gods they call have no souls (Monad).

The truth is that they did not lose souls (Monad) but they were cast down to the Animal System. If so, their concept that every being below other animals has soul in respective system and only humanity can evolve and has soul (Monad) is basically wrong.

To sum it up, most people on Earth, including aliens, remain at such immature level of awareness that they worship beings which are never gods as gods and get to think themselves as gods after gaining some psychic abilities in reward for serving non-gods.

With regard to the reformation in the heavenly world, I let you know that the mastermind of Evil, whose soul (Monad) had been just cast down to the Animal System, has it completely destroyed.

May 24, 2107
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-being Alliance – May 8, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Antarctica – The New Area 51 Season 7 Episode 19



David: Everybody is talking about Antarctica.  <snip> your information is that there is a very interesting new finding or series of findings down there.  <snip>

Corey: <snip> It turns out that during the 1950s, there was a project called Project Ice Worm, and they were basically in icecaps building launch silos.  <snip> And these research and development bases are where companies like Lockheed Martin are doing reverse engineering of a lot of the technology they have found under the ice.  <snip>  There is also a very large former Nazi base that was turned over to the military-industrial complex, if you want to say that, more like the shadow government. <snip>

David: <snip> What would be the tactical or strategic significance of having a big spaceport in Antarctica?  <snip>

Corey: Well, it is (inconvenient), but the electromagnetics you have to deal with from the atmosphere and the gravitational field is more conducive  <snip>. A lot of the times, when they fire rockets, they try to fire them close to the equator . . .

David: We have this idea that we talked about before, that Pete Peterson said there was one mothership that he estimated, based on his intel, as being 30 miles across and having a kind of elongated oval shape.

Corey: Yes, but . . . <snip> there was one miles-long craft that was up to three miles and oval shaped, and then there were two smaller, I guess, support-type craft that would be in a fleet that survived the attack and trip down from the Moon to here.  <snip>  And in the largest craft, there have indeed been located a bunch of beings in stasis, and they are the original beings from, I guess, Mars, that had come here – the original pre-Adamites.  <snip>

David: When we're dealing with this subject of Antarctica, something comes up for me, very interesting, which is that one of my other insiders, Daniel, said that there was one natural ancient stargate on Earth. <snip>

Corey: they (the Cabal) were trying to control was that there was a very powerful Supergate that is in Antarctica. And it was built by the Ancient Builder Race. <snip>
A Supergate has the ability to travel from one end to the other through the cosmic web, no matter how far it is – anywhere within our galaxy or to local galaxies. <snip>

David: So who's in control of the Supergate right now?

Corey: This same shadow government group that has control over the spaceport and this Antarctic Area 51 area.  <snip>

David: Now, in our previous update, you mentioned Ka'Aree and others bringing you to some kind of library in Antarctica.  <snip>  And you witnessed the extraction of scrolls from this library,  <snip>

Corey: Well, you know according to Sigmund, what they were looking for down there were files, basically, that had, I guess, a multigenerational bloodline list that traced way, way back – back . . . <snip> They also wanted to be able to genetically tie themselves to this pre-Adamite race and then set up this pre-Adamite race as being basically gods, and they would be demi-gods.  <snip>
I have met mainly with Ka'Aree in The Construct. <snip> The reason that they took the documents was to disrupt operations by the Cabal group, and also prevent them from being able to do a divine right of kings kind of thing. <snip>

David: So let's talk a little bit about these stasis beings. <snip> How many of these beings are there, and is there any way to wake them?

Corey: Well, I don't know the exact number. <snip>  I think it's maybe a handful, a dozen. And they have figured a way to awaken them. <snip> But in case they decide to wake them, they have these little mini-nukes, like these fifth-generation type nuke weapons that they have sitting right in the middle of all these beings in stasis. <snip>
If the pre-Adamites become violent or hostile, then they can be eradicated very quickly with a large nuclear explosion.

(The rest is omitted)

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