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Jun 17, 2017

Is the moon a gift from aliens? Russian astronomer’s ingenious theory / Information on the moon conveyed by Mr. Corey Goode – The moon was carried by the Orion people 500,000 years ago –

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Is the moon a gift from aliens? Russian astronomer’s ingenious theory / Information on the moon conveyed by Mr. Corey Goode – The moon was carried by the Orion people 500,000 years ago –
A Russian astronomer proposed a hypothesis: “the moon was carried to the Earth by aliens several hundred million years ago.” Reading the article, the astronomer thinks that there existed the moon between Mars and Jupiter and the moon was carried to the Earth. He thinks: “The moon used to be a satellite.”

Mr. Corey Goode said that the moon was trapped by the gravitational pull of the Earth. He seems to think that Super Earth which used to exist between Mars and Jupiter exploded and became the asteroid belt and the moon which was a satellite of the Super Earth was thrown and captured by the gravity of the earth.

According to the third article, however, the newest information is that “Earth's moon was put into position around the Earth 60 million years ago.” Probably, scientists in the SSP (Secret Space Program) have gained new information and modified the past hypothesis.

This indicates that a story about formation of the universe conveyed by Mr. Corey Goode is nothing but a hypothesis of scientists and it is not the fact.

However, they share a common belief that considering the fact that the components of the moon are different from those of our solar system, the moon was carried from another place. We received information directly from “Kiramekinowadachi”-sama, stellar deity, who has reincarnated as Saturn’s rings. You can see the information in Heavenly Messages by Mrs.Seiko Nakanishi 19 and 20 on this blog. According to her, the moon was carried from outside the solar system by an alien race called the Orion people from Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion about 500,000 years ago, and there was no astrological body like Super Earth between Mars and Saturn. She also told that Asteroid Belt was debris when Earth was formed. For details, please refer to Heavenly Messages.

June 12, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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English translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – June 11, 2017 –

Russian astronomer Vladimir Kovali proposed an interesting hypothesis that the moon is not only a satellite of Earth but it is a mysterious monument which alien civilization left to us, Russian media reported.

Sputnik Japan

Although Earth had no satellite at first, it is believed that collision of Earth against other astronomical body produced a satellite.

According to Mr. Kovali’s hypothesis, it is impossible that a big satellite like the moon is naturally produced as a satellite of rather small Earth. Both Mercury and Venus have no satellite and Mars’s satellite is small but the moon is as large as a fourth of the diameter of the earth.

Mr. Kovali presumes that the moon was carried to Earth by aliens several hundred million years ago and the moon was a satellite of Earth.

According to Mr. Kovali, the moon existed between Mars and Jupiter.  There is an academic hypothesis that there was a planet “Phaeton” but it exploded.

Mr. Kovali thinks: “There was Phaeton, but did not explode. Phaeton was carried to Earth. The moon is Phaeton.”

Mr. Kovali shows his viewpoint that aliens recognized the potentiality of birth of life on Earth and “carried” the moon to Earth, which caused high and low tides and formed volcanos which are considered to have contributed to life development.

According to earlier report, *astronomers watching small asteroids have found that the moon constantly receives “rains” from small debris of asteroids that are virtually continuously bombarding its surface, the press service of the European Space Agency reports.

Note: *This part is quoted from:

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – March 28, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Super earth   Season 4, Episode 1


David: Where did the moon come from?  <snip>

Corey: Okay. According to the smart glass pads and what was reported, is that – and this is very controversial – that the moon arrived right around that also 500,000 year time period.

David: Arrived?

Corey: Well, it arrived and formed some sort of tidal lock with the core of the Earth.  <snip> And it came here from the explosion from the Super Earth.  <snip>  Some of the information was that it was under intelligent control, that it was artificial, and that it was bringing refugees here.  <snip>

David: So not all the information said the same thing?

Corey: Right.  <snip>  And they (scientists) try to stay away from a lot of the mythology from the different groups.   <snip>  There's different narratives from different groups.

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – June 3, 2016 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Celestial Timeline    Season 5, Episode 1


David: Okay. Now, the next thing that I'm aware of from Hoagland's insider, Bruce, is he said the newest information is that Earth's moon was put into position around the Earth 60 million years ago after the fall of the dinosaurs.   <snip>  That it was positioned 60 million years ago.

Corey: The information that I read on the smart glass pad, from what I remember, 500,000 years ago was the timeline that I seem to remember the best.

David: Bruce said that was the prevailing theory up until recently, and now they've had new information that makes them say the moon is 60 million years old.

Corey: His information's probably updated from the information I was reading.

(The rest is omitted)

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