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Jun 7, 2017

Cosmic Disclosure: Allying with MIC SSP – Secret Space Program belongs to Kimera Group-affiliated Air Force and another Secret Space Program belongs to “Galactic Federation of Light-affiliated Navy –

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Cosmic Disclosure: Allying with MIC SSP – Secret Space Program belongs to Kimera Group-affiliated Air Force and another Secret Space Program belongs to “Galactic Federation of Light-affiliated Navy –
Information from Mr. Corey Goode is very accurate but too complicated to grasp what is going on. If he gave a brief explanation of the whole picture, we could easily understand the information. Regrettably, all Mr. Corey Goode does in an interview is speak of his personal experience and explain past information. So it is difficult to understand exactly what is going on.

In this interview excerpt there is a word we have never seen, “Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP).” It seems to be a low-level Secret Space Program that Air Force has control of. It seems that there is another low-level Secret Space Program that Navy have control of. Information from Mr. Corey Goode has finally made Navy realize that they have been deceived into believing that they have top level classified information. They were too proud to believe information from Mr. Corey Goode at first. They abducted him, tortured him and made an analysis of his hair. Finally they had to admit that Mr. Corey Goode told the truth. Then they got confused and began the “investigation to establish the details and existence of a Navy secret space program.”

At the start of an interview with Mr. Corey Goode, David says: “You have started to interact with an Air Force Secret Space Program.” This suggests that Air Force, the Cabal, are likely to side with Mr. Corey Goode, depending on the result of investigation. Air Force are probably a group affiliated with what Cobra calls Kimera Group. On the other hand, Nordic group seems to get involved with a Navy Secret Space Program. If so, this group is affiliated with “Galactic Federation of Light.”

There is another group, which is what Mr. Corey Goode calls Earth Alliance. This group seems to be a group of BRICS nations represented by Russia and China. Probably this group is supported by “Galactic Alliance” (Fake Galactic Federation). Since I have not closely examined it, I will make corrections, if any.

We can say that “Galactic Alliance” and “Galactic Federation of Light” belong to the Light ones because both groups obey the heavenly empress represented by Esther. If a MIC SSP gets to trust Mr. Corey Goode, a pretty big change will occur. Such change is highly likely to occur. We look forward to future information.

According to the article, Mr. Corey Goode who contacted with them was attacked and transported to an emergency room. Probably, this was not a physical attack. Somebody invisibly poisoned my food or drink many times. I know from my past experience what such attack is like.  I suppose that after they confirmed that Mr. Corey Goode became ill and decreased resistance because of poison, they intensively made spiritual attacks on him. Probably Kimera Group did it.

If Mr. Corey Goode had known about thePrayers of Exorcism and Purification with Gayatri Mantra, he would have managed to minimize damage. However, he can do nothing about poison put into food. Before eating food, he has to remove a poison, using Gayatri Mantra. Even if it is troublesome to do this, he needs to do it every time he takes a meal.

Although I made above-mentioned comment that “Galactic Alliance” and “Galactic Federation of Light,” both of which were substructures of the Hierarchy, belong to the Light ones, it does not necessarily mean that all of them are the good or all groups they belong stand up for justice. For example, the Resistance Movement mentioned by Cobra has never stopped wrongdoing and kept on giving directions to Kimera Group. I suppose that many Light workers who knew nothing about the truth were deceived into helping Evil out of good will. People are easily deceived by information which sounds plausible. If they realize that they and the Chintamani Stone which they call a holy stone emit vibrations of sheer Darkness, they should clearly understand their true identity.

June 2, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – April 26, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Allying with MIC SSP  Season 7, Episode 17



David: More recently, you have started to interact with a Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program. <snip>  And they're putting it out in the open – a movie like “The Avengers” that has a flying aircraft carrier. <snip>

Corey: <snip>  they are planning on doing a slow, I guess, disclosure of a certain type of secret space program that, as I stated before, the DIA, NSA and Air Force have control of.  And they plan on making this program known, which most of the activity happens within 500 miles of the Earth. They have space stations and manned satellites within that 500 mile range. <snip> Our President <snip> received a very low-level briefing and was upset. <snip>  he sent a secret presidential memo, <snip> to the Department of Energy, to the DoD and another group, requesting that, or basically demanding that they declassify over 1,000 patents . . .  <snip>

David: You've mentioned Sigmund and that he has started to, perhaps, believe that what you're saying is true. He's taken hair samples from you. He's proven that you were at these places that you say that you were.  <snip>

Corey: He basically hit the roof. <snip> He approached his superiors in a very upset manner and told them, “Listen. I feel like you're not giving me the full information.”  <snip> His superiors have then authorized him to begin this investigation, which he's been undertaking.  <snip> To establish the details and existence of a Navy secret space program that is more active in the outer Solar System and other solar systems. <snip>

David: So the MIC group is Air Force.  <snip>  to inform others who may be curious about whether this Navy Secret Space Program is real?

Corey: <snip> And the last time we were here shooting Cosmic Disclosure,  <snip> in the same hotel we were staying in, this SAS forum was there. It's a Human Spaceflight and Exploration Forum.  <snip> And I was very shocked early in the morning  <snip> I had a knock at the door, and there was a person standing there. And he greeted me with the proper information that would signify that he was in contact with Sigmund's group, . . . <snip>  And I looked, and there were four other people in the hallway.   <snip> And they all started looking very nervous and bewildered when I started with my story.  <snip> The person who started hitting me with the most questions was the physicist engineer guy.  <snip>  And Ka'Aree had told me that she would assist me in these briefings when needed. <snip> All of a sudden, she started basically speaking through me and answering all of these questions. His eyes were getting bigger and bigger. And, finally, he stood up and threw his hands up in the air and said, “I cannot accept any of this.” And he turned around and stormed out of the room.

David: So just so we're clear and people don't make things up online, you were still speaking in your own voice.  <snip>

Corey: Right.  <snip>

David: So then you go home the day after you have this meeting, and what happens to you then?

Corey: I was feeling a little weird before I flew home, and I started coughing up this . . . <snip>  I started coughing up this really weird uniform black stuff.   <snip>  But hours after I got home, I ended up in the emergency room. I started having all these weird pains in my body.   <snip>

David: <snip> Obviously, it looks like somebody might have given you some kind of attack weapon. <snip>

Corey: <snip> Ka'Aree did tell me that there was some sort of an attack that was orchestrated – something was most likely put in my food or water – <snip>

David: Do they know about extraterrestrials? Do they know about Atlantis and Antarctica?  <snip>  Pre-Adamites?

Corey: No. They don't know any of that. <snip>  And those usually don't go anywhere further than this MIC SSP group.    <snip>  many, especially in the control structure, they want to know the results of the investigation Sigmund's doing.

(The rest is omitted)

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