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May 19, 2017

Why was Trump really forced to fire FBI Director Comey?

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Why was Trump really forced to fire FBI Director Comey?
With regard to former FBI Director Comey, I agree with the content of the article. I also think that he should have been fired by Mr. Trump on his first day in his office. I think that his firing was too late.

My opinion is that Comey is not such a malicious person as described in the article but an opportunist who bets on the right horse. Although he was forced to investigate Hillary Clinton under strong pressure from the military and FBI employees, he deliberately ignored the crime of Hillary Clinton because the Clinton Foundation held his weak point.

He waited and saw how things would turn out for a while after Mr. Trump assumed the presidency. As soon as he saw the Trump administration taken over by the Deep State, however, he stood at the forefront of a group working to remove President Trump.

However, the Trump administration pretended to be taken over by the Deep State. Director Comey’s bet on the wrong horse. That is the reason why he was fired.

In the latter half of the article, Mr. Jared Kushner is demonized as always. It is beside the point. Instead, if Mr. Steve Bannon had succeeded in carrying out his plans one after another and President Trump had got to trust Mr. Bannon with all his heart, President Trump would have faced grave danger because Mr. Bannon was sent into the Trump administration to cause World War III. Therefore, Mr. Kushner should be highly valued for his removing Mr. Bannon from the inner circle of the administration. I think that this will be clarified some day in the future.

May 14, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: Design of Creation Society – May 13, 2017 –

Why was Trump really forced to fire Comey?


SOTN (State of the Nation)
May 10, 2017

And Comey, the most dangerous swamp monster of them all, was coming right for him.

FBI Director James B. Comey destroyed the rule of law in America; hence, Trump should have removed him on his first day in office.  Comey inflicted irreparable damage on the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  <snip>

James B. Comey, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, was ignominiously fired from the FBI yesterday by President Donald Trump.  Comey’s ouster took place after he personally engaged in an unparalleled series of illicit procedures, constitutional transgressions, acts of official misconduct, as well as high crimes that some consider treason. (See: TREASON IN THE FBI, TRAITORS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT)http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=41996 )

Various legal experts have even asserted that the former FBI Director actively covered up a crime spree committed by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.  On the face of it, Comey appears to be the inside man for the Clinton crime family. What better place to strategically position an inside man than the FBI directorship?

James B. Comey: Inside Man for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family?


His willful blindness toward the unending crime spree perpetrated by the Clinton crime syndicate was stunning for its complicity…IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.


Comey had to be fired, but Trump acted too late.


First of all, Trump had every reason to fire FBI Director Comey as his first official act as POTUS.  He did not do this as he was elected to do.


Secondly, with each and every public pronouncement that Comey has made, he only further exhibited his extreme partisanship and political posturing.  More importantly, his continued unlawful initiatives and willful neglect demonstrated that he was incapable of discharging his duties as FBI director.

Thirdly, by all appearances, Trump only fired Comey after it became clear that the FBI Director was being used by Congress, as well as his hidden handlers, to legitimize the fake Russian conspiracy to alter the 2016 election outcome.


By feeding patently false information to naked warmongers like Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal, Comey substantially heightened their inflammatory war rhetoric.

In light of Comey’s groundless allegations pertaining to Russia, he ought to be considered as a menace to society and threat to world peace. 


Perceptions matter


There is no question that Comey had to be fired; however, Trump should have done it on day one in the Oval Office. 


Unfortunately for Trump, it now appears that the ouster of Comey is the result of the administration’s attempt to thwart and/or cover up the totally fake investigation of Russia.


Trump forced to “drain the swamp”

Candidate Donald Trump promised on numerous occasions to “drain the swamp”.


His loyal base took him at his word during the campaign season and he has let them down in a HUGE way!  Swamp monsters now staff all levels of the Executive Branch (e.g. PEDOGATE: Alex Acosta’s Nomination for Labor Secretary Must Be Rejected.


SPECIAL MESSAGE to President Donald J. Trump:

 If you make a promise to those who trusted and supported you,
 you break it on pain of experiencing exactly what is going on in
 D.C. at this moment.  Therefore, the best way to avoid future
 chaos and confusion is to simply “drain the swamp”.  Swamp
 monsters like Comey have no business even being there.  There
 are many others who still occupy key positions who will also
 bring ruin to the Trump administration.  So beware, and follow
 through accordingly on your most sacred promise to “drain the
 swamp”! (Your quote — and promise — not ours.)


There is no question that Donald Trump profoundly misjudged Director Comey, and his potential to bring down the whole administration.


Some White House analysts even suspect that such a disastrous move was deliberately engineered by Zionist consigliere Jared Kushner.  After all, Trump’s son-in-law is a dyed-in-the-wool globalist who has exerted tremendous influence with Trump since the very beginning.

For the uninitiated, Neocon globalists operate very much like the Bolsheviks did during the Russian Revolution of 1917.  The NWO globalists have no loyalty to anyone (including family) or anything (including country), except to that which advances their highly misguided New World Order agenda.  Likewise, they will use any individual or organizational entity which can help execute their plan toward establishing a One World Government.


Editor’s Note

Is it any wonder that the very first swamp monster to dangerously attack the chief Trumpster was a 6 foot 8 inch Frankenstein by the name of James B. Comey?  Truly, there is no one scarier than an FBI Director who literally makes up stories and fabricates evidence out of thin air.  <snip>  If that investigation by Comey & Company was left to its natural progression, it would have undoubtedly led to Trump’s impeachment for conspiring with the Russians (i.e. for seditious acts which never even occurred).

(The rest is omitted)

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