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May 10, 2017

What is the reason why the Trump administration takes a hardline stance toward Iran? – The U.S. is the greatest threat to the world: Mr. Chomsky’s view and world opinion –

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What is the reason why the Trump administration takes a hardline stance toward Iran? – The U.S. is the greatest threat to the world: Mr. Chomsky’s view and world opinion –
The article is about a clear-cut explanation on the tension between U.S. and Iran given by Mr. Noam Chomsky. Aside from the fact that the article is very interesting, no sooner than did I read the opening paragraph that I suddenly realized why the Trump administration takes a hardline stance toward Iran. Since Mr. Kissinger who operates the administration behind the scenes is nobody’s fool, we have to carefully study with what purpose the Trump administration acts.

This is related with the article before this. If North Korea is removed, the next target is Israel. Many people may well consider that the greatest threat to the world is the U.S. However, a good group of U.S. forces have realized that they were deceived by the CIA and Mossad and almost got involve in a conspiracy to destroy the earth. Therefore, reading Fulford reports, we can see that he trusts the group most. Such people support President Trump in the Trump administration.

It is Israel and North Korea that consider Mr. Kissinger and a good group of U.S. forces are threat to the world. If they succeed in disarmament of North Korea, the next target is Israel. Mr. Kissinger knows better than anyone else that those who control Israel will never be persuaded. There is only one way to put them to silence: it is to oppress them with overwhelming power. As a matter of fact, Mr. Kissinger was frightened by overwhelming power of the Sphere Being Alliance and changed his attitude.

Although tension between Israel and Iran is brought about some day in the future, the Russian army, Chinese army and secretly the U.S. army will side with Iran. There is no chance that Israel can survive. I understand that Mr. Kissinger have thought on these things.

May 1, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from a Japanese article: News on the Other Side of the World – May 1, 2017 –-

The U.S. is the greatest threat to the world: Mr. Chomsky’s view and world opinion

Quoted from

Why Does U.S. Consider Iran the Greatest Threat to Peace, when Rest of World Agrees It’s the U.S.? [Noam Chomsky]

April 4 [Democracy Now]


For more on U.S.-Iranian relations, we speak with world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ (interviewer): <snip> My question: Why does the U.S. insist on setting the potential grounds for war with Iran?

NOAM CHOMSKY:  <snip> What does the world think is the greatest threat to world peace? Well, we know that, from U.S.-run polls, Gallup polls: United States.

Nobody even close, far ahead of any other threat. Pakistan, second, much lower. Iran, hardly mentioned.

Why is Iran regarded here as the greatest threat to world peace?


The conclusion, intelligence conclusion—this is a couple years ago—is: If they are developing nuclear weapons,  <snip> it would be part of their deterrent strategy.


Who’s concerned about a deterrent? Those who want to use force.

Those who want to be free to use force are deeply concerned about a potential deterrent.



(You can see the interview video on the above linked URL)

*[Blog administrator’s comment]
That’s Mr. Chomsky for you. He gives a clear and easy-to-understand explanation.
We often hear the U.S./Japanese media and government report “the world thinks this!” or “The international world thins this.” Actually, however, the “world” used there indicates only the U.S. and some allies and it seems that the rest of real world and global society has a completely different opinion.


In some countries other than listed above, we see they are at strife over old historical issue or border issue.

Reports by the Japanese mainstream media are mostly abridged copy of the U.S.–affiliated media reports, which tend to have more animosity toward neighboring countries than a far country like Iran. (However, the U.S. media often describes China unfavorably.)

And it seems that there are many Japanese who think: “The U.S. is the biggest country, maintains a stable and strong position and is proud of the strongest armament in the world.” However, we are in a very dangerous situation now because the U.S. has made desperate efforts to have the world trust the country with power centralization. It is nothing but a fantasy. President Putin made such a speech.

Anti-U.S countries led by Russia and China are getting together and they aim to have the global financial system change from the U.S.-dollar standard system to the gold standard system. Such move seems to have recently been accelerated. You can see the details on the video below.

*Note: This part is translated into English by Shanti-phula.

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