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May 15, 2017

About a chaos to be caused by full disclosure of information – Severe reality to be confronted even to those who want full disclosure –

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About a chaos to be caused by full disclosure of information – Severe reality to be confronted even to those who want full disclosure –
According to Mr. Corey Goode, the Earth Alliance seem to take an approach to take time to slowly and gradually disclose information in order to reduce social confusion arising from information disclosure as much as possible through negotiations with the Cabal.  In actuality, full disclosure will put them on the trial as is the case with the Cabal, which they are afraid of. Mr. Corey Good also says that the Alliance got involved in many crimes against humanity, which “people wouldn’t feel very forgiving.”

Mr. Corey Goode says that if there’s a Full Disclosure event, it is going to be “more than a dark night of the souls and many people are going to die in the process.

This is probably true and I don’t think it is overstatement. On this blog I conveyed that beings such as Jesus and Buddha have already disappeared during the process of reformation of the heavenly world. I can convey this only because I am in Japan. In Western Christianity culture sphere, people have a lively and emotional image of Christ. Many people worship Jesus as Son of God. When they are told that Jesus is actually a more demonic being than Reptilian or Draconian, how on earth would they respond to it? Mr. Corey Goode describes such situation as a chaos. No doubt, such situation will occur.

Mr. Corey Goode says: he wants even those in the UFO community to be careful what they wish for because it’s going to be a lot more difficult than what we think.” This will undoubtedly occur as he says. Although those in the UFO community don’t accept Jesus as holy writ, they believe that they stand for justice. When they are informed of reality, they will be astounded at it. As a practical matter, it is not known exactly how many people of the UFO community are not utilized as a tool for the dark Ones. As I see it, almost all of them are collaborators for the dark Ones.

I think that those who see information from Mr. Corey Goode and accept it will get confused a lot. On this blog I conveyed that highly advanced aliens called Raw-Tear-Eir or Golden Triangle-Head (Blue Avians) have already disappeared. Additionally, Kali, a priestess who Corey place complete reliance in, also has already disappeared.

Mr. Corey Goode seemed to be shocked to be informed that he has not evolved to such a degree that he can achieve ascension as he expected. Those in the UFO community seem to believe with confidence that they will achieve ascension in this life. Ascension is far in the distance even for Mr. Corey Goode.

It’s quite contrary. Most of them have no souls. As I conveyed on this blog, 999 out of 1,000 people have their souls disappear. Therefore, they cannot be reincarnated after death. They will take a long time to evolve to humans again.

I often tell you that Japan is a rare country where true deities, Hotsuma deities, are worshipped. However, only a few deities who are worshipped at shrines still survive. Almost all of well-known deities have already disappeared. In a word, power-oriented people, even if they may be deities, are not allowed to survive in the universe.

April 27, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from Sphere-Being Alliance – April 11, 2017 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 7
Season 7, Episode 15



I am confused as to why the Alliance is more concerned about the Cabal exposing the dirt that the Cabal has on them than they are about giving humanity Full Disclosure. Should we care what individual factions of the Alliance have done more than our own ascension?
Also, why, Corey, are you concerned about the social effects of Full Disclosure? Society's already broken. We experience a dark night of the soul for a reason, don't we?”


Corey: Well, because they will be standing next to them in tribunals. They were carrying out orders that were given to them for a long time. And in the process, many crimes against humanity were committed.

David: Stuff that would be so extremely compromising that people wouldn't feel very forgiving?

Corey: Absolutely not.

David: So regarding this idea that the social effects of Full Disclosure, the question seems to be confronting you as if you are concerned about Full Disclosure breaking down society, and they're saying society is already broken. This is just going to give us a useful dark night of the soul if we get Full Disclosure.

Corey: People have all these ideas about what disclosure is going to be if there's a Full Disclosure event. And it is going to be more than a dark night of the souls. Many people are going to die in the process. It's going to be chaos.
It's not going to be people holding hands singing “Kumbaya”.


We're demanding we need this disclosure, but we don't fully understand how difficult it's going to be.
I mean, there are countries that have been victimized by the Cabal are going to find out a bunch of information. They're going to want to go to war with Cabal countries.

It's going to be a mess. It's not just going to be people that won't get out of bed and eat because their religion has been basically proven as wrong.

David: Right.

Corey: It's far more reaching than that.

David: So it would seem, then, that even a Full Disclosure, the most ethical way to do it would be in a series of stages where there's some acclimation along the way.

Corey: That's what the negotiations have been all about. The Alliance, the Earth Alliance, they believe that it's irresponsible to just drop it all on the people. They think it should be, you know, put out in a slow way.
But in that case, if you don't put it all out at once, then you're always going to have somebody that's wanting to hold back little bits and pieces.
So I'm for Full Disclosure, but what I'm saying is, everyone out there, be careful what you wish for because it's going to be a lot more difficult even for those in the UFO community than what we think.

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