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Apr 25, 2017

President Assad: “The U.S. and other Western countries hamper every attempt to investigate the Khan Sheikhoun incident”

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President Assad: “The U.S. and other Western countries hamper every attempt to investigate the Khan Sheikhoun incident”
The article is about an interview with President Assad by Sputnik. Reading the contents of the article, we can see that President Assad accurately grasps the situation. We really understand that the president garners the trust of the people as the leader of Syria.

The last paragraph of the article says that North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-un sent a telegram of congratulation to President Assad and criticized U.S. attack on a Syrian airbase. This is the same stance as Russia takes on the U.S. However, I can’t find it in my heart to highly evaluate him like President Putin and President Assad. We might be excessively instilled a bad image of Kim Jong-un by the media. However, I can’t convince myself that Kim Jong-un is supported by the people in the truest sense because he controls people with fear by purging so many political opponents.

Unless Sputnik succeeds in having an interview with Kim Jong-un, we can hardly change image of Kim Jong-un so easily.

April 21, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Partial translation of the Japanese version of Sputnik – April 21, 2017 –

President Assad:The U.S. and other Western countries hamper every attempt to investigate the Khan Sheikhoun incident”

Sputnik Japan

Syrian President Assad pointed out in an interview with ‘Sputnik’ that “there was no chemical weapons attack on Khan Sheikhoun. It was a false flag play.”

Sputnik released the contents of an interview with Syrian president as follows:

*Journalist: Yesterday, there were reports that al-Baghdadi was captured by the Russian and Syrian military at the border of Syria and Iraq. Can you confirm it?

President Assad: No, no. That’s not true.

Journalist: That’s not true?

President Assad: No, no. That’s not true. Anyway, those borders are under the control of ISIS till this moment., it’s neither Syrian nor Russian, not even Western or American or any other one; it’s only ISIS who’s controlling those borders, so it’s safe for al-Baghdadi to be in that area.

Journalist: Alright. So, Damascus has said that it is ready for the mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to come and to investigate the Khan Sheikhoun incident. Have there been any contacts between you and this organization, and what are the possible dates for the arrival of the first team of experts?

President Assad: Actually, since the first attack a few years ago that happened in Aleppo by the terrorists against our army, we asked the United Nations to send investigation delegation in order to prove what we said about the terrorists having gases used against our army, and later many incidents happened in that way, and they didn’t send any delegation. It’s the same now. We formally sent a letter to the United Nations, we asked them in that letter to send a delegation in order to investigate what happened in Khan Sheikhoun. Of course till this moment they didn’t send, because the West and the United States blocked any delegation from coming, because if they come, they will find that all their narratives about what happened in Khan Sheikhoun and then the attack on Shairat airport was a false flag, was a lie. That’s why they didn’t send. Now the only contact I think is between Russia and maybe the other countries in order to send that delegation. Till this moment, we didn’t have any positive news regarding any delegation coming.

Journalist: What is your view of what happened there? Because there were a lot of different reports of different kinds, and misinterpretation and accusation of fake news. So, what happened there according to your information?

President Assad: Actually, that area is under the control of al-Nusra Front which is Al Qaeda. The only information the whole world has is what this organization or this group – which is al-Nusra – published on YouTube, on the internet in general, and in different outlets, mainly Western outlets, so we cannot base our judgment on their reports. First of all, we don’t know if the site that we attacked that day half an hour before noon, about 11:30, was a chemical warehouse or depot or anything like this. And their story said that the attack happened at 6, 6:30 in the morning. We didn’t launch any attack at that time. So, you have two possibilities: the first one is that there was an attack at lunch time or at about 11:30. The other possibility that we believe in is that it was a false flag, there was no attack, all what we saw as pictures and videos was like the videos we’ve been seeing for the last year or two years or more regarding the White Helmets, the humanitarian Al Qaeda which is an elusive story, let’s say, it doesn’t exist anyway, and the picture that shows children being killed by Russian airstrike to discover later that it wasn’t a real picture, they put a boy, they covered him with mud and blood, fake blood of course, and so on. All these ploys could be part of them. That’s what we believe in, because the attack was already prepared, and they didn’t want to listen, they didn’t want to investigate; they only wanted to launch the attack. We believe it was a false flag for one reason and a simple reason: if there was gas leakage or attack, and you’re talking about 60 dead in that city, how could the city continue its life normally? They didn’t evacuate the city. No-one left the city, life continued as normal, and this is mass destruction. The other day, they attacked Shairat where they said there was the gas depots, and they attacked all the depots, and there was no gas coming out of that airport. No-one of our army officers or military staff, was affected by any gas. So, for us, there was no gas attack and no gas depot, it was a false flag play just to justify the attack on the Shairat base. That’s what happened.**

According to the earlier report, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a telegram of congratulation to Syrian President Assad and condemned the U.S. for its missile strike on a Syrian airbase by saying “reckless act of invasion” on Syria.

The interview part (from * to **) is quoted from

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