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Apr 21, 2017

Exposition of contradictory information about the top leader of the Committee of 300 released from Mr. Fulford and Mr. Itagaki

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Exposition of contradictory information about the top leader of the Committee of 300 released from Mr. Fulford and Mr. Itagaki
Mr. Benjamin Fulford has recently released information some of which overlaps with information from Mr. Eiken Itagak. However, his information differs from that of Mr. Itagaki on many things. Please watch the video below from 10:04 to 13:28. Mr. Fulford talks about something astonishing.

He says that the top leader of Goldman Families Group (the Committee of 300) is Queen Elizabeth and Mr. Fulford is chosen as a messenger of the Committee by the queen. Mr. Fulfrod is the last person to tell a lie. Judging it from the context, I suppose it means that he heard about this information from a person concerned in the Public Safety Commission or somebody else.

I think that Mr. Fulford has favorably received Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis as reformists. If this information from Mr. Fulford is the fact, I am right in thinking that the White Dragon Society has formed an alliance with the Committee of 300 and messages from Mr. Fulford mostly overlap with those from the Committee of 300.

Information from Mr. Itagaki differs in that he considers Henry Kissinger as the top leader of the Committee. However, this discrepancy can be resolved by thinking that Queen Elizabeth is the chairperson of the Committee of 300, the president emperor honorary chairperson, Henry Kissinger secretary general and Mr. Ichiro Ozawa secretary general in Japan.

I think that they had a plan to unify Japan, North and South Korea and Manchukuo to form a unified state. According to Fulford Report dated April 10, they seem to have abandoned the plan.

In the second article, we see a country name, Malaysia, but I think Malaysia would be wrong and the country may be Manchukuo. However, considering that the crown prince is on a visit to Malaysia, it may be true. The Trump administration is seriously working on disarmament of North Korea, which would shatter the ambition of descendants of those who founded Manchukuo in the past.

April 16, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Distributed by YouTube – April 13, 2017 –

Stoppage of 200 trillion yen from Japan will change the world [Net TV News report] National Emergency Task Force

The part Mr. Takeshita picks up is 10:04 – 14:28.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: HowSad! – April 12, 2017 –

Benjamin Fulford, April 10, 2017


When Xi Jinping visited the US last week, Trump asked him why China did not crack down on North Korea. Xi explained to him that North Korea and Northern China were under control of a military group that he had no ability to influence, Japanese military intelligence sources say.


No matter what though, “Trump will not be allowed to wage war,” Pentagon sources promise.


We can confirm that Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa has now given up his claim that he is the new boss and that he has permission from Henry Kissinger to unify North and South Korea plus Japan and Malaysia to form a new country run by him.

(The rest is omitted)

Distributed by Shanti-phula – April 17, 2017 –

Benjamin Fulford, April 3: US and Japan are close to civil war as Rockefeller death leaves power vacuum


Mr. Ichiro Ozawa appointed as successor by Kissinger

The Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa, for his part, has been travelling around Asia saying that Henry Kissinger has anointed him and that once Naruhito takes the throne he will unite Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan into a single country under his control, the Japanese right wing sources say. What Ozawa and the Japanese old establishment slave politicians fail to realize is that Kissinger has no power and that they are all destined for the trash can of history.

North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un, meanwhile, is in such a funk about the situation that he is permanently high on amphetamines and sleeping in a different location every night worried about being taken out by US drones, Japanese military intelligence sources say.

(The rest is omitted)

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