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Mar 10, 2017

Stasis beings categorized as the Devil: They emit vibrations of Darkness and their souls decrease to the level of the Animal System

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Stasis beings categorized as the Devil: They emit vibrations of Darkness and their souls decrease to the level of the Animal System
I picked up an article on stasis beings yesterday. I have found video pictures which are probably what Mr. Corey Goode mentioned in the conversation. The first video shows a stasis being who had perished and the second video shows a stasis being in the process of being revived. Please watch the last video from 5:10 to 5:26. You see that a man sleeping in the stone coffin is a giant.
All these three giant beings emit worst vibrations. As for the stasis being in the process of being revived, who are shown in the third video, I can measure the vibration of all the bodies; each body vibrates on the Muladhara chakra, which means the vibration of Darkness. And his soul fell into the Animal System. It is safe to say that such stasis beings are categorized as the Devil because they are not gods or saints.
When I discovered the second video, the stasis being in the process of being revived seems to have run out of his luck. He lost his soul this morning.

March 4, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Excerpt from SPHERE-BEING ALLIANCE August 4, 2015

Cosmic Disclosure: Sleeping giants Season 1, Episode 6


DW: So you sent me a couple of links to some videos that you claim may actually be stasis beings?

CG: Correct. Yes. These were images – there were two different videos. One was of a stasis being in a chamber that had apparently failed and the stasis being had perished. And the other was of a stasis being still in stasis that was in the process of being revived, I am told.

DW: What are we going to see here, with this first stasis being?

CG: The first one, we’re going to see is the one of the failed stasis chamber, and the one where the stasis being had perished.

DW: So, let's check that out now. So, what’s up with the gold fish on his chest that’s got the Sumerian cuneiform writing on it? Is there a connection to Sumerian somehow?

CG: Yeah, there seems to be going back into the distant past, a steady progression from a root tongue or a root language that was kind of a proto-ancient Sumerian language that has popped in a very few places in modern archeology.

DW: Is it normal for these stasis beings to be buried with gold iconography like this, gold artifacts?

CG: Not all of them, no.

DW: Alright. Now, let’s check out the second video.

In this one, it’s different because there’s no coins over his eyes. He’s got a really long beard. So, what are people about to see in this video? Do you think this guy actually is in stasis, or do you think this is another failed one?

CG: This appears, if it is indeed genuine that they’re in the process of coming out of stasis, as they’re being revived.

DW: So one of the things that struck me about this was the Egyptian, clearly Egyptian female head on that golden plate that’s in there. And then, this very strange little statue, of this guy that has two snakes coming up from the sides, almost like something out of Hinduism. So it’s like we’re seeing different religions being blended in. When you look at the newspaper with the Arabic on it, there’s some Sumerian cuneiform on the gold text to that. So, we’ve got Hindu, Egyptian, and Sumerian all represented in this one guy.

CG: It’s not uncommon. And some of the – there have been some cave-type structures that were once inhabited by these tall red-head, red-bearded beings that are very tall that especially inhabited North America a long time ago. And there have been artifacts of crossover civilizations been found.

DW: Wow. That’s very significant.

CG: UmHmm (yes)

DW: Well, these videos were quite fascinating and I’m glad that you found them and sent them to me. They had all Russian titles on them, but they’re obviously not from Russia. It’s Middle Eastern, most likely. Turkey and somewhere, maybe Egypt.

CG: Right. Like I said, these have been found across the world.

(The rest is omitted)

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