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Mar 31, 2017

Reason why Ivanka, non-expert in politics, becomes reliable adviser to President Trump – How to confirm her evolutionary level –

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Reason why Ivanka, non-expert in politics, becomes reliable adviser to President Trump – How to confirm her evolutionary level –
I made a comment on an article dated February 14: “At present, she has promoted from human to goddess.” In this comment, I explained that you can confirm it by her vibration on every body, which showed vibration on the Sahasrara chakra. There is another method for confirmation. Try to chant the name of Ivanka Trump many times. You will see seven chakras on every route open – outside the body, body surface, nerve plexus and spinal cord – on whichever route you might focus your consciousness. It proves that she has reached 7 or more evolutionary level.
In the previous comment, I urged you to examine changes in her vibration around 5:45 on February 12. Pay attention to her evolutionary level.
For example, prepare a properly sized piece of white paper, write down the name of Ivanka Trump on it and touch the paper slightly with two hands. You must sense all chakras open on whichever route you focus your consciousness while touching the paper. You will see that there is no fundamental difference between touching the paper on which the name is written down and chanting the name.
On the other hand, prepare another card, write down her name and also the past date and hour for example, February 10, 2017 at midnight, JST - in brackets. You must realize that nothing will change even though you touch the paper. In a word, she made drastic changes in physical body before and after February 12 at 5:45 am. This indirectly shows that she has promoted to goddess.
According to the second article, Ivanka will “serve as the eyes and ears of Presidnet Trump and advise her father on a wide range of issues.” Just give a little more thought about her. Though a smart lady, Ivanka knows nothing about politics. How can she become the most reliable adviser to the president, pushing away experts? As I say, she can see or hear what ordinary people can’t do. In other words, she has ability to hear the voice of deities. Since she has become a goddess herself, she is in a position to convey to President Trump the decisions made by deities because she participates in decision making in her inner body. Luckily, President Trump not only “never trusts people around him” but he trusts her more than anyone. So, I believe that it will work itself out even though there are many aides to the president who try to deceive him.

March 25, 2017
Masatoshi Takeshita

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Partial translation of an excerpt from the Japanese version of Sputnik – March 24, 2017 –

Ivanka really gives a great influence on U.S. President Trump?


The opinion of the eldest daughter of U.S. President Trump, Ivanka, has a significant influence on the U.S. leader. It has recently become known that she will take as seat in the White House. Although she will not receive an official state post or salary, Ivanka will advise her father on a wide range of issues, Politico magazine reported.

Ivanka Trump played a major role in the election campaign of her father. However, why did Mr. Trump take her daughter to the political scene now even after his winning the election? One of the main reasons is the situation where he has to work with extremely   unacceptable people around him. Honestly speaking, he does not trust people around him.


“ <snip> Ivanka is a very bright and active young woman with her own position and ability to behave in public. Therefore, many believe that she is really well prepared for this. Ivanka is more suitable than Melania Trump for First Lady, acting as a hostess at official events and meetings.  <snip> ”


Ivanka Trump has successfully mitigated Trump’s harshest public statements. Thus, she has already proved that she can have a deterrent effect on her father. Furthermore, she is capable of not only supervising her father, but also changing his position on issues of women’s rights and nature protection.


The US president is full of praise for his daughter.

(The rest is omitted)

English translation of an excerpt from the Japanese version of Sputnik – March 21, 2017 –

Ivanka Trump Gets White House Office, Access to Classified Information

The daughter of President Trump, Ivanka, will get an office in the White Hose as well as access to classified information.


Ivanka is not registered as a government official and will not take a salary. Ivanka will serve as the eyes and ears of the president and advise her father on a wide range of issues.


Although Ivanka will not hold an official position, she will be subject to the same information storage rules as president advisors.


Ivanka said: “I will continue to offer my father my candid advice, and I will voluntarily follow all of the ethics rules imposed on government officials.”

(The rest is omitted)

Most part of the above two articles is quoted from the following source:https://sputniknews.com/politics/201703231051896667-ivanka-trump-influence-politics/

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(1)   Trump daughter Ivanka to get West Wing office. She will get access to classified information.
She has become not acting First Lady but virtually a chief secretary together with her husband.  https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/843976720982138884
March 21, 2017 12:33

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